The Central America: State Terror.. (1981)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Sveshnikova I.

Script writers: Losev S., Timofeev I.

Operators: Minaev A.

Anouncers: Tatarskiy V.


About the international terrorism of the USA, whose victimes were countries of Latin America: Salvador, Cuba, Nikaragua.

Temporary description

Nicaragua. City of Managua. Speech by former Central Intelligence Agency F. Eydzhina at a press conference. Speech by Fidel Castro at a rally in front of the Cuban people. The demonstrations in the cities of Nicaragua, El Salvador. Camps. The destroyed buildings, dead people. The stories of victims of the dictatorial power of A. Somoza. Guerrillas make weapons. USA. The building of the Central Intelligence Agency. The meeting of the Senate Committee. Speech by former CIA director R. Helms. Performers are mercenaries, mercenary questioning captured insurgents captured.

Reel №1

The Hotel “Continental” in Managua.

At a press conference Philip Adgy, who used to be a professional spy in the past, a former officer of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is telling about the CIA activities aimed against Latin America.

Maps of Cuba, Nicaragua, Salvador

Fidel Castro, Prime Minister of Cuba, is appearing on a square in Havana.

People are applauding.

Nicaraguan people are applauding.

A Salvadorian demonstration against the dictatorial regime.

The White House.

R. Reagan, United Nations President, is passing by.

Guard of honor.

General A.Hague, US State Secretary, is speaking.

Caspar Weinberger, United Nations Defense Minister, is appearing at a meeting.

The CIA Headquarters, CIA agents are passing by.

Cuban counter-revolutionary mercenaries are speaking.

Mercenaries’ arms.

The leader of Cuban counter-revolutionaries, CIA agent Enchenique is speaking.

Cuban refugees, a camp, policemen in the camp.

Interrogation of mercenaries.

Reel №2

American weapons.

The border between Nicaragua and Honduras; mountains.

A Nicaraguan frontier guard is speaking.

Training, mercenaries are crawling.

A recruiter of mercenaries is answering correspondents’ questions.


The Cuban Revolution; F.Castro is passing by.

A meeting of the Senate Committee on investigating CIA activities, the former CIA director Richard Helms is speaking.

A pistol, target, range.

A CIA mercenary is speaking.

Soldiers of the Guatemalan National Guard are passing by.

They are putting orders on the Guatemalan dictator.

Coffins are being carried out, killed persons are lying, people are crying.

Nicaraguan guardians are training.

The Nicaraguan dictator Somosa is speaking.

A destroyed building.


A young person is speaking about tortures in the Somosa security department.

A volcano; killed patriots’ bodies in the crater; a cross in the mountain.

The sister of charity Anjela Valle is telling about crimes committed by the security department.

A cemetery, dead bodies in Salvador.

People are crying; coffins are being carried.

A bus is passing by.

Reel №3

The former CIA officer Ph.

Adgy is speaking.

The United Nations Ambassador to Salvador is getting out of the car.

The Salvadorian dictator Napoleon Duarte is passing by.

Apprehended persons are going, soldiers are carrying out searches.

A representative of the Revolutionary Democratic Front of Salvador Mario is appearing.

American councils are standing.

Soldiers are standing.

Handing out food to empty stomachs.

The reactionary Salvadorian leaders Paloma and Castandi are speaking.

An announcement in a newspaper on recruiting mercenaries.

Mercenaries are smearing their faces with black paint, going by bus.

A recruiter of mercenaries is speaking.

Mercenaries are pulling a partisan’s dead body.

Soldiers are guiding the way for an apprehended partisan, people are watching.

Partisans are manufacturing and cleaning weapons.

Fighters of the National Liberation Front named after Farabundo Marti are shooting, handing round arms.

An armored motor car is going.

Soldiers are running.

A guerrilla broadcasting station, an announcer of the radio station “Venceremos” is speaking.

Salvadorians’ faces.