Comrade Man. (1981)

Documentary №8587, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:06
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Mikrikov A.
Screenwriters:Ovchinnikova I.
Camera operators:Nikonov V.


About the role of a man in the family, at school, about education the growing up generation.

Temporary description:

Children playing in the sandbox. The boy answers a reporter's question, as it considers necessary to treat the girl. Students in class, at recess. The principal speaker at the parent meeting and spoke about the important role of fathers in child rearing, the need to prepare the children of independence. Mothers, grandmothers of the children buttoning buttons are for them portfolios. Another story tells about a Ukrainian family, where two brothers caring for melenkoy sister, helping her father to cut firewood, dig the garden, pick apples, lay the table. Young people molested the girl. Tourists in the campaign, put up tents, cook dinner. Head hike AA Ostapets talked about helping the boys to girls in a campaign - helping to carry heavy things, help with the crossings. Girls and boys talk to journalists about what they represent their future husbands and wives. Contempt for the man tells his wife, playing dominoes with friends on the street. A man with a pram at the beer stand, gives beer a child. Visitors at the hospital. A woman shows her husband the baby. The father carries a carriage with a child is a child in her arms.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Baby in the sandbox, the boys talk about girls (synchronous), the girl was crying - CU.

Children running around.

First-grade students ran out of the class, running down the hall.

Boys fight, rob girls chair.

Teachers with children.

PTA meeting.

Director of the Moscow school LD Lobanov, discusses the problems of education (synchronous).

Parents dress children, lead them out of school, have portfolios.

River near Kiev, the children on the bridge.

Boys driven sister in a stroller.

Father and son sawing wood.

Boys dig, remove apples, cycling, set the table.

View of the village.

Moscow intersection.

Guys stick to the girl, rob her bag, smoke.

Passing train.

Boys help the girls to come down from the mountain, carry their backpacks.

Tourists on the bridge, put up a tent.


Boys chop wood, girls prepare dinner.

Head hike, Ph.D. AA Ostapets tells Touring Club (synchronously).

The guys in the car train, sing.

Those children, girls - CU.

Girls talk about what would like to see future life (synchronously).

Trees reflected in water.


Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Street of the city.

Are young men and women who came to the appointment, waiting.

Couple kisses.

Young people in the cafe, dancing.

The young man said about his plans (synchronously).

Stand and are young couples, young girl stroking her hair.

Kissing bride and groom, wedding car rides.

Hands-smoking, playing dominoes.

They say the domino players (simultaneously).

Men with children at beer stand, the child is given a beer.

Women hang laundry, carry bags.

A mother with a crying baby.

Passes an elderly woman with flowers.

Visitors at the hospital, the window shows the baby's mother, talking young parents (synchronously).

The baby in the stroller.

Fathers with children on a walk.


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