Extreme sports. (1975 - 1985)

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Scene №1

Out of the cave, the view from the bottom up.

Cavers go underground.

The study of caves and underground waters, scuba diving.

Zip-line through the underground abyss.

Climb up the wall.

Flying gliders of various models.

Panorama of the mountains.

Ski slalom.


Athletes on the slopes lubricate ski.

Preparations for the starts, descending from the mountains.

Athletes shake hands.

General view of the track.

The mountain ridge.





Different kinds of sports; Geography and Nature

Scene №2

Stuntmen perform stunts on cars.

Flight in a homemade aircraft over water.

Jumping on a running pole.

Stunts with skateboards (jumping over obstacles, figure the drive).

Car stunts (riding through fire, coups, riding on one pair of wheels).


Climbing the wall of the building (klimbing).

People watching the rise.

People on the wall talking on the radio (shooting from the window, outside of the helicopter).

The rise of the factory pipe.

Operator with a camera.

Shooting the master at work on the pipe.

Acrobatics on bikes.

Young people dancing breakdance.

The lizard slips out of his hands and buries itself in the sand.

Stunts on water skis, the construction of the pyramid.

Flying on an improvised aircraft landing on water.

The winners with prizes.

Horse Rodeo.


Jumping over obstacles and freestyle skateboarding.



Different kinds of sports

Scene №3

Walking on the roof edge (feet closeup).

Kinoakademii stunts (jumps, falls, fights, auto).

Stunts on motorcycles, crosses on mountain roads and marked tracks.

The winner shake their hands.

The hang gliding.

Stuntmen, stunt cars and motorcycles.

The wooded slope of the mountains, shot from a cable car.

Skiing down the mountain on skis and on boards, replacing the sleigh.

Ski freestyle.


Cross-country skiing.

Jumping on the roller ski jumping into the water.

Homemade aircraft in the form of birds.

Bike race.



The coach picks the athlete on his hands.

The final of the rowing.

The winner of the female race.


Rafting on mountain rivers in canoes.

Different kinds of sports