Frontline newsreel of the great Patriotic war (1941-1945)

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Scene №1 Frontline newsreel of the great Patriotic war

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Fighting on the Black Sea, flying German torpedo bomber.

Navigator, look out the window.

Burning warships (top).

Red Navy gunners fire from a deck gun.

The onboard guns of the Soviet warship are firing.

The commander of the 30th coastal battery of Sevastopol, Major Alexander, watches the results of the shooting through binoculars, gives the target designation.

Giving the command using the ship's phone.

The guns of the 30th battery are firing at the enemy.

Shell bursts on German positions.

The ship's artillery is firing, exploding shells.

Shells explode on the positions of the German troops, the soldiers crouch.

German spotters control the fire of a heavy gun, leading the shelling of Sevastopol.

Shell burst.

The German artillery crew is firing.

Loading a heavy gun.

General Manstein at the command post, a self-propelled German mortar is preparing to open fire.

Shot, shell bursts on the positions of the Soviet troops.

Panorama of the burning part of Sevastopol in June 1942.

The face of a captured German soldier, wrapped in a headscarf.

A Soviet cameraman is shooting from the plane.

Views of the destroyed Stalingrad (top).

Ruins of Soviet cities, sculpture of children on the square of Fallen Fighters in Stalingrad.

Seeing off the Red Navy men who go ashore to participate in the battles in the land theater of operations.

The Red Sailors go down the ladder, get into the boats, say goodbye to their comrades and to the ship.

The vessels enter the bay of Novorossiysk.

View of the part of Novorossiysk.

Workers of Moscow enterprises are registered in the people's militia in the autumn of 1941.

Registration of volunteers in the Red Army in 1941, volunteers enter the doors of the military enlistment office.

General military training of future militia members, drill training classes.

Classes on bringing an artillery piece into combat position.

A lesson in military engineering training, digging trenches and rifle cells.

Training of artillery crews.

The faces of the commanders.

Soldiers of the Moscow division of the people's militia receive weapons and equipment.

Red Army soldiers smoke in the trench.

The face of a Red Army soldier.

There is a military band, followed by a division of the people's militia division, wives and mothers accompany them.

Rifle division goes through the streets of Moscow in the summer of 1941.

Sandruzhinnitsy go in formation.

Awarding of women soldiers in the frontline in 1943.

A military band is playing.

Red Army soldiers leave in the train to the front, waving goodbye from the cars.

Signalmen lay a telephone line on the front line.

Repair of a damaged telephone line.

The minesweeper cuts the wire fence.

Soviet infantry and artillery are fighting.

The operator keeps in touch on the phone in the dugout.

Anti-aircraft gunners are firing from a machine gun.

Soviet infantry attacks, the corpses of German soldiers.

Red Army soldiers smoke in the trench.

Fighting in the city, Soviet soldiers are moving forward.

A stray calf on the street of a burning village.

View of the ground target being attacked by the aircraft.

A Soviet soldier smokes in a trench.

Infantrymen are fighting in the cemetery among the crosses and monuments.

Crucifixion among the ruins of the church.

Soviet infantry attacks the enemy through the burning forest.

The Soviet troops are fighting in winter conditions, the mortars are firing.

Artillery battery in position.

A cavalry unit of the Red Army with a wagon train and artillery makes a march in winter.

Artillery scouts transmit the coordinates of the targets.

The operator changes position.

Red Army soldiers on vacation at a campfire in a destroyed house.

The ceremony of presenting the Guards banner to one of the units of the Red Army.

Red Army soldiers and officers in the ranks, the faces of the soldiers.

General of the Army Eremenko A. I. delivers a speech to the personnel.

The faces of the Red Army soldiers standing in the ranks in the summer of 1941.

German soldiers in the trench in the autumn of 1944.

German machine gunner in position.

A German chef cuts up the meat.

A German soldier walks past burning houses in 1941.

German fighters at the airfield before takeoff.

View from the navigator's cabin.

German bombers take off.

View from the cockpit of a flying plane.


Eremenko Andrej Ivanovich -- warlord Aleksander Georgij Aleksandrovich -- artillery officer

Calendar: 1941-1944

Locations: Crimea [981] Stalingrad [947] Moscow [820] Poland [177] USSR [863]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824] Autumn [826] Spring [825]

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