Newsreel of the civil war in Russia (1918-1922)

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Scene №1 Newsreel of the civil war in Russia

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The soldiers and sailors in the wagon train in 1918.

The soldiers on the train platform.

Platform with wooden boards, armed with machine guns and artillery.

Of the platform and buenaposada.

Going to the front military echelon, the sailor jumps on the bandwagon of the last car.

VI Lenin speaks from the balcony of city Council in January, 1919, at the protest against the murder of K. Liebknecht and R. Luxemburg, the soldiers in formation listen to Lenin.

Units of the red army moving through the streets of Moscow (above).

Photos of the first red army units.

Seeing the front part of the red army.

A division of sailors passes the railroad tracks.

The team trains at the signal takes place.

Red army soldiers sit in the train.

Loading ammunition on the platform.

Warships at anchor.

Cavalry, artillery units of the red army on the March.

Red cavalry marches.

Attack of the red cavalry in 1920.

Artillery gun firing from the train platform, exploding shells.

The calculation of the nose guns of a warship is firing.

The retreat of the enemy infantry under the exploding shells.

Landing of soldiers and sailors landed on the shore of the Volga.

The red army rush into the settlements.

Unit of the 1st Cavalry army in the streets of a town.

Portrait Of O. Dundicha.

An elderly woman sews clothes.

The victims of the famine in the Volga region in 1921, the hungry women and children.

Homeless smoke, sitting in the asphalt VAT, homeless person.

The unloading of cars of grain.

Field kitchens of soup for children.

The distribution of bread to hungry children.


Vladimir Lenin [841] -- state and political figure

Calendar: 1918-1922

Locations: Russia [1] Moscow [820]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825] Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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