Yaroslav Gashek's Adventures in the stories by Josef Svejk (Don’t Fire, There Are People Here!). (1982)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Razdorskiy S.

Script writers: Abelev M.

Text writers: Nikolaev L.


A film about the life and work of Czech writer and satirist Jaroslav Hasek. The narrative is the name of Josef Svejk - the protagonist of the novel "The Good Soldier Svejk during World War II."

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Reel №1

Newsreel beginning of the twentieth century: household sketches on the streets of Prague.

Prague House, the birthplace of Jaroslav Hasek.

Family photos Hasek: father, mother, little Yaroslav, Yaroslav young friends and women.

Photo of the restaurant "Cubicle".

Jaroslav Hasek with friends at a table with beer.

Beer is poured into a mug.

Photo of Archduke Ferdinand and Princess House of Hohenberg.

Photos of military, mass processions in pre-war Europe.

Photo Hasek with a pipe.

Photos of the First World War and Jaroslav Hasek in uniform.

Tower of the Moscow Kremlin.

Photos of the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky.

Ivan Hasek each front Philippovich Riemannian talks about the attack on the city Bugul'ma and Jaroslav Hasek (synchronously).

Museum of Jaroslav Hasek in a former military commandant in Bugulma.

Room, interior of the museum.

Irkutsk, the path in the park.

Area in Irkutsk, where Jaroslav Hasek campaigned foreigners for the Soviets


Ya.Gashek I.F.Rimanov




Prague [879] Moscow [820] Bugulma Irkutsk

Reel №2

Irkutsk, administrative buildings.

Leaflet 1919 "Red response."

Membership card Kavbureau Jaroslav Hasek.

Former editor of the army newspaper Diman Ian talks about journalistic talent Hasek (voice-over).

Revolutionary photos Hasek.

Photo Russian wife Hasek Alexander Lvov.

Irkutsk, river embankment, wooden house, where he lived with his wife Hasek.

Siberian landscape: the river, the mountains, the taiga.

House in the woods, a table with a bench.

Birch Grove.

Siberian river, taiga given.

Hasek wooden house in Irkutsk.

Says wife's sister Lydia Maloyaroslavtseva Hasek (voice-over).

Sunset over the sea, the ship on the horizon.

Views of Prague, statues, streets.

Prague House Jaroslav Hasek.

House in the village Lipnice where Hasek spent the last 3 months of his life.

Country views.

Interior of the house, bed Hasek, desk.

Hasek photos of different years.


Ya.Gashek Ya.Diman L.V.Maloyaroslavtseva


Irkutsk Prague [879] Village Lipnits