The Pentagon (new edition) (1982)

Documentary №8649, 6 parts, duration: 0:58:13, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Vermisheva E.
Screenwriters:Vermisheva E.
Composers:Denisov E.
Anouncers:Kindinov E.


The film about activities of the Pentagon, about aggression of the USA, and about American military bases.

Historical background:

On the military-industrial complex, about merging with the largest industrial corporations (Ford, General Motors and others), the Vietnam War, the use of chemical weapons. On the U.S. aggression, the numerous military bases located in many countries. Used interviews, speeches politi FIR and military leaders.

Temporary description:

Ronald Reagan is sworn, are employees of the Pentagon, the Pentagon. Soldiers at the coffin, the funeral procession, the building with an American flag. Truman playing music. Red Square on Victory Day 1945 Address by Truman. Ruined city, Truman and Churchill sign the document in the Pentagon, the first minister Pentagon D. Forrestal is sworn, the military in the globe. Speech by P. Johnson. Concentration Camp. Aircraft with bombs in the air. American military technology, the victims of war, training soldiers, the soldiers are American flags.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

U.S. President Ronald Reagan is sworn.

The police have a house in Detroit, where barricaded Robert Meyel, who refused to fight.

Police in the house, dragged R. Meyela.

American boy from his father's grave at Arlington Cemetery.

Vietnamese woman has a child affected by the U.S. chemical weapons.

Pass by employees of the Pentagon, the Pentagon.

Newsreel, 1945:

The funeral of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, people are crying, the funeral procession.

Building with an American flag.

U.S. President Harry Truman began to study music, acts

Ruined city in Japan.

Red Square in Moscow on Victory Day, people dance.

Return of Soviet soldiers - kiss with her family.

The British Prime Minister Winston Churchill rides in the car, shaking hands with Truman.

Newsreel 1949:

Truman and others signed the treaty establishing the North Atlantic bloc.

The Minister of War James Forrestal is sworn, is congratulated by, the owners of the bank, chatting.

Military in the globe, maps.

Speaker of Defense Louis Johnson.

Newsreel, 1945:

The concentration camp; furnace.

Maps of U.S. military bases.

In a military aircraft mechanics (USA).

Aircraft at the airport, fly, fly.

Soldiers from missiles.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Mountains in Greenland (the plane).

Military aircraft in the air.

Ruined house in the Spanish village of Palomares, which exploded over the U.S. plane with bombs with plutonium.

People and tractor remove the layer of contaminated earth watered land, loaded into the car, the containers with soil.

With the machine shed sheep poisoned with chemicals (U.S. state of Utah)


American soldiers at a military base in Japan.

Police confiscate CU.estyan land (drive in stakes), beat them, and people were crying.

Military planes take off, fly over the field, over the playground.

American soldiers in the street, with a Japanese girl.


Radars, control panels.

Polygon with radar installations.

Car drive off with the soldiers.

Aircraft on the ground, the soldiers rush to the aircraft.

Monuments, skyscrapers and other buildings in the U.S. city.

Employees are in the bank, in the bank.

Newsreel 1953:

President Dwight D. Eisenhower smiles, stands (synchronously), the other members of the government, speaks to members of the committee to reorganize the Pentagon.

Advocates war minister, president Dyuponovskogo concern "General Motors" GE Wilson.

On the way of passing cars.

Installation of a submarine.

Car travel from the aircraft.

People at the controls.

People on the stock exchange, the bank building.

Ford car plant.

President Ford stands millionaire Robert McNamara.

Working machine.

Bomber in the air, dropped bombs.

Soldiers fired from an aircraft.

Bank employees count money.

Submarine out at sea.


Pentagon - different.

On street passing motorcycle escort.

Newspapers and magazines with pictures of Reagan and Carter.

Photo: Ronald Reagan - actor, with a gun.

The people welcomed Reagan.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photo U.S. Secretary of State Alexander Haig millionaire.

Haig talks with the military.

Pass and are soldiers, passing tanks.

Aircraft in the air, burning house (Vietnam).

Commander of the NATO Joint Force Gen.

Alexander Haig is the podium, stands (synchronously).

By Ministers of Defense Caspar Weinberger (synchronously).

Photo by K. Weinberger.

Reagan goes, acts (synchronously).

Fighters in the air.

Submarine "Trident" missile flies.

Pentagon employees at the helm.

U.S. soldiers.

Military base.

The plane takes off in the air.

Paratroopers jump out of an airplane.

Helicopters in the air.

Soldiers are running, jumping out of a helicopter.

On the road, sits a woman with a child.

Former U.S. President J. Carter on the submarine.

The rocket lifted from the water.

Newsreel 1958:

The landing of the U.S. Marine Corps soldiers in Lebanon.

Tankers in the tank.

Oil rigs in Iran pipe.

Animation: map of the Middle East, the oil company logo, advertising.

[_] Newsreel 1978-79 was:

The revolution in Iran in February 1979, people in the streets of Tehran.


Remote control.

Plane takes off from an aircraft carrier.

U.S. aircraft carriers in foreign ports.

U.S. aggression in the Middle East: fly planes, burning houses, are injured, explosions.

[_] Newsreel 1978

The signing of the Camp Devidskogo agreement heads Iran, the U.S. and Egypt.

[_] Speaker Reagan (synchronously).

Aircraft at the airport, with a radar installation.

Computer center, backlit display.

Converse employees port in the Pacific.

A helicopter flies over the ship.

The ramp down American soldiers, put the sleeve.

Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean (the plane).

U.S. military base on the island passing cars, unloading at the port, the aircraft at the airport.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

U.S. military base in Panama.

A car.

Training of Mercenaries. [_]'s Lying dead Hispanics, crying woman.

Dispersal of demonstrators by police.

Newsreel 1964:

The invasion of Americans in the Dominican Republic: dispersal of civilians, street fighting, tanks, an American patrol in the city.

[_] Multrabota: photo by CIA director Casey.

The people of Nicaragua in the area.

The peasants in the field.

Living in Nicaragua march.

Speaker Assistant Secretary of State T. Enders (synchronously).

American tanks in the Salvadoran forest.

The helicopter is landing.

Baby crying (El Salvador).

The U.S. Navy off the coast of Cuba.

The soldiers are prisoners.

The command post of the Pentagon.

Employees in the corridors of the Pentagon.

Multrabota: Map of Europe.

Room NATO, talk with the delegations, among them Alexander Haig.

Speaker K. Weinberger (synchronously).

The soldiers set the gun.

A. Keygen Meeting at the airport in Bonn.

A fire on the street.

The police disperse demonstrators protesting against the visit of Haig.

Landscape Germany.

Fischbach village, where houses the U.S. military base.

American soldiers in gas masks, shoot.

Photos in the magazine.

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Anti-war demonstrations and rallies in Europe.

U.S. planes disperse pesticides and drop bombs in Vietnam.

Are burning houses, burning the land.

Ran Vietnamese women and children.

Atomic explosion.

Land after the bombing.

Japanese residents pray.

The building of the hospital.


Employees are building a console.

Scientists in the laboratory.

Napalm gun in action.

Missile tests in the laboratory.

Companion Hitler Obersturmbannfiihrer Wernher von Braun rises to the ship on the ship.

The test missiles at the firing range.

Launch in the air.

Newsreel 1943-44.:

Hitler and the German officers.

Takes off missile V-2 "; burning towns.

[_] Scientists with model rocket V-2.

The creator of the neutron bomb, an American physicist Samuel Cohen passes, holding a newspaper in the car.

Newsreel 1963:

The test of the neutron bomb at the test site in Nevada.

[_] Photos of Ronald Reagan on the cover of the magazine.

Reagan at the controls of the aircraft.

An underground explosion of a neutron bomb.

S. Cohen talks about the neutron bomb (synchronously).

American soldiers wearing helmets, go with the flags.

The missile rises into the air, explosions, collapsing buildings layouts (double exposure).

American soldiers receive the documents coming out of the bus.

Officer conducts classes for new recruits.

Those recruits.

The dummy in the form of a soldier, take measurements.

Soldiers ran out of the barracks.

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

American soldiers on maneuvers, running, falling, crawling through the barbed wire.

American families.

Say a man, a woman (synchronously).

An American soldier with a girl.

Pass, soldiers looking parents.

Newsreel 60-ies.:

American soldiers kicked out of the hut Vietnamese woman with a child, shot the Vietnamese.

The dead Vietnamese soldiers pass by the victim.

Flies the plane.

The explosion, burning tank.

American soldiers have and are injured.

The soldiers at the coffin, covered with a flag; officer pin up the order to the flag.

Weeps American soldiers.

[_] Arlington Cemetery in Washington.

American soldier on crutches.

The soldiers on the machines at the Pentagon.

Police with batons.

Woman said, speaking against the war (synchronously).

Residents of the Japanese cities at the demonstration.

The anti-war demonstrations in various countries.

The demonstration in California (USA).

The collection of signatures under the resolution with the requirement to freeze nuclear weapons.

Say members of mass student demonstrations against the policies of Ronald Reagan (synchronously).

The demonstrators on the streets.

The building of the Capitol.

Appears Senator Edward Kennedy, Hatfield, head of the U.S. delegation at the negotiations of the SALT-2 Paul Uorpke (synchronously).

Says Scientific Adviser to Eisenhower George Kistyakovsky (synchronously).

The people at the rally.

Says the woman with a child (synchronously).


People go, enter the building.

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