Workers on the home front (1941-1945)

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Scene №1 Workers on the home front

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Soviet troops on the March during the advance, the soldiers in the back of trucks towing artillery guns.

The officer manages a crossing.

Drag and drop artillery shells on logs.

Gunners roll on hand guns.

General and officers examine a map of the area.

Soviet combat ships in the campaign.

Launch torpedoes.

The explosion of an enemy ship.

Loading naval gun.

The faces of red army soldiers and commanders.

Artillery firing at night.

Panorama of the burning of Stalingrad summer 1942.

Soviet troops are fighting in the streets.

KK Rokossovsky and staff officers work with the map.

The operator transmits the target information to the firing position.

A volley of German rocket launchers.

Padded German tank.

The hand of a dead German tanker.

The wreckage of downed Stalingrad German planes.

The battery commander gives the command to open fire.

Burning German self-propelled artillery.

Padded German tanks.

German soldiers climb from the ground after shelling.

German soldiers in a trench.

View of the battlefield.

The manufacture of small arms and anti-tank weapons in the shops of the Soviet factories.

Installation of the landing gear.

Painting rollers tank.

Workers install the armor on the body of the tank.

Interior views of the factory floor, the manufacturing process of military equipment.

Welders tank factory at work.

Production processes in foundries.

The types of steel melting shop manufacturing process.

Production processes in the shops.

Ready corps of artillery shells.

Workers hammer the stakes into the frozen ground.

Blasting at the future site of the pit for evacuated plant.

People in the excavation, removal of soil manual cars.

The construction of the factory buildings.

Installation of equipment in the shop.

Panorama of new foundry (above).

People crossing over the railroad tracks on the overpass.

A welder at work on the construction of the factory building.

Types of industrial enterprises to establish production in the rear.

Finished products of military factories were evacuated to the rear.

Made corps of artillery shells.

The types of shop on manufacture of ammunition.

View of the metallurgical plant.

Panorama of the chemical enterprise.

The form of railway node (top).

The face of the driver.

View of the train.

The soldiers in the Windows of passenger cars.

View of moving train and the railway.

Station duty officer sends an enable signal flag.

Echelon of factory equipment goes to the East.

Working and protection platform.

The arrival of the train at the station.

Calculation of anti-aircraft guns on the platform structure.

Flying German bombers.

Echelon of factory equipment is to the East.

A herd of cows grazing.

Mountain landscape behind the window of the car.

The face of the driver.

People waving from the Windows of cars, the locals say.

The engineer in the booth of the locomotive.

Passing train.

The bricks on the platform.

Of putting out a fire at a railway station.

Panorama and views of the station after the air RAID, boxes of broken equipment.

The rubble and wreckage of cars.

Upside down car at the mound.

The train passes through the bridge repaired.

The train with the artillery going to the front.

Repair of the railway bridge.

Calendar: 1941-1943

Locations: USSR [863]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

Scene №2

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Hand Bank employee counting money.

The Maly theatre actors talk to the pilots during the transfer of aircraft, built at the expense of the artists, Among them A. A. Yablochkina and Gogoleva EN.

The aircraft on the airfield.

Tank column "Moscow farmer".

The representative of the suburban farmers makes a speech to the tank during the transfer of tanks of the red army on 21 Dec 1942.

A locomotive moves on rails.

Loading of containers on the platform.

People are leaving in the evacuation, on the platform.

Passing railway train.

Overload factory equipment from the barge onto the train platform.

A sign on one of the machines indicating the destination.

A person working.

Installation of equipment on the platform.

The machines on the platform before shipping to the construction site of the new plant.

Air guns in the pyramids in the warehouse of finished products.

Transportation of the gun barrel through the shop with a crane.

Batch of new machine guns "Maxim" machine guns packing in boxes.

The shells that have passed technical inspection.

Artillery guns of various systems, ready to be sent to the front.

The Director of the plant said by telephone.

View of one of the industrial enterprises.

Production processes in the shops of metallurgical plant, working at the bench.

The manufacture of shells and gun barrels.

Anti-tank guns, to be sent to Stalingrad.

Moving train with cannons.

The convoy of tanks goes to the front.

Trains with artillery going to the front.

Bombs exploding along the railroad tracks.

The woman's face-the driver.

A train moving at full speed.

A German bomber drops a bomb.

The soldiers from the platform looking at the broken tier.

The movement of trains, spin the wheels of locomotives.

The person on duty on a stretch in one of the republics of Central Asia delivers the enable signal passing echelon of factory equipment.

Passing trains, open semaphore.

Echelons of factory equipment are moving East.

The convoy of tanks goes to the front wheels of the locomotive.

Sending the train with heavy artillery.

Trains with tanks go to the front.

Commanders and engineers on the ground assess the shooting of the new mortar.

Testing artillery on the ground.

Build combat aircraft at the aircraft factory shops.

Check the operation of the machine-gun turrets.

Working at the bench.

Faces of girls and women, to replace the departed to the front men.

Teenager working on the machines, the faces of the young workers.

Malich-working reads the text of the letter at the front before you put it in the collected submachine gun PPSH.

The children gather submachine guns, PPSH inserted in the barrel with the letter.

Quality assurance of manufactured munitions.

Women and girls grind ammunition on the machines.

Quality assurance of manufactured munitions.

Digging the new shop.

Type of industrial plant (top).

Rides the train with factory equipment.

The plant management on the construction of Guild housing.

The face of an elderly worker.

Boys and girls produce arms and ammunition.

Ready artillery ammunition on the belt.

Check the weight of ammunition.

Interior view of shop on manufacture of ammunition (top).

Panorama of an industrial enterprise.

The types of operating companies (above).

Production of artillery barrels and ammunition of caliber in the shop floor of a factory.

Build machine guns and artillery.

The plant management on the construction of Guild housing.

The face of an elderly worker.

Boys and girls produce arms and ammunition.

Ready artillery ammunition on the belt.

Check the weight of ammunition.

Interior views of the factory floor.

Shooting new artillery guns and aircraft machine guns.

Inside view of the shop of a tank factory (top), the tank transportation of the tower to the place of Assembly.

Inside view of the plant for the production of tank shells.

Unloading evacuated to the East of the plant equipment, working on the truck.

The leaders of the evacuated plant inspect imported machines.

Build combat aircraft at the aircraft factory shops.


Yablochkina Aleksandra Aleksandrovna -- stage actress Gogoleva Elena Nikolaevna -- actress of theatre and cinema

Calendar: 1941-1943 21.12.1942

Locations: USSR [863] Moscow region [788]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

Scene №3

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Designer of small arms Tokarev F. V. during a meeting with the engineers.

Tokarev gunsmith and G. S. Shpagin visiting a new barrel.

Face Tokarev.

A meeting on the development of a new aircraft engine.

Design engineers at work, the faces of the designers, among them - A. A. Mikulin

Academician E. O. Paton in the factory watching the welding of the hulls of the invented method.

Person Paton.

The process of welding.

Ready artillery ammunition on the belt.

Transportation of ready ammunition.

Build artillery.

Inside view of the plant for the production of ammunition, inspection of ammunition.

Welder at work.

Girls working on the machines, collect the various systems of small arms.

The Assembly of the three-linear rifle.

Installing a basket panorama on the gun.

Turning gun barrels, working person.

Check the finished parts and ammunition.


Tokarev Fedor Vasiljevich -- designer of small arms Shpagin Georgij Semenovich -- designer of small arms Mikulin aleksandr Aleksandrovich -- designer of aircraft engines Paton Evgenij Oskarovich -- scientist-mechanic, engineer

Calendar: 1942-1943

Locations: USSR [863]

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