From the history of the red army. (1918 - 1941)

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Scene №1 From the history of the red army

Pictures of red army units.

Map of territories occupied by white army and interventionists in 1918 (animation).

The soldiers climb into the cars.

Exploding shells.

The calculation tools red armored train firing at the enemy.

Loading artillery.

The gun fires from the train platform, exploding shells.

Red cavalry galloping to the attack.

Deck guns of a warship firing shells exploding on the beach.

The soldiers and sailors landed from the steamer on the Volga river in 1919.

Exploding shells.

Poster "Forward for the protection of the Urals!".

The armored train firing on the move.

Airplane sprays a toxic substance.

Fragments of the poster.

Machine-gun carts during the attack.

The crossing of the red cavalry on a pontoon bridge across the river.

The faces of red army soldiers and commanders, Frunze, M. V. among the commanders.

Frunze passes the guard of honor.

A portrait of Egorova A. I. during the civil war.

Face ke Voroshilov and sm Budyonny

Tukhachevsky M. N. worth a wagon train.

Face Chapaev V. I.

Cavalry division of the red army on the March.

Is small unit.

Panorama of red army's rally.

VI Lenin speaks at the holiday vsevobuch on red square in Moscow may 25, 1919, standing next to the leader of the Hungarian revolution Tibor samueli.

Lenin and the platform of the truck of a parade of troops vsevobuch, standing next to A. J. Belenky, parades on the red square in 1920-ies.

Posters of the great Patriotic war.

Girls in the form of standing in formation, the faces of the girls.

The view of red square during the parade November 7, 1941.

Red army soldiers and officers on parade.

Tanks from combat vehicles before the parade.

View of the mausoleum and the Spasskaya tower.

I. V. Stalin delivers a speech from the rostrum of the mausoleum, the faces of red army soldiers and commanders.

Trucks with infantry in bodies passing through red square.


Vladimir Lenin [841] -- state and political figure Joseph Stalin [842] -- state and political figure Frunze Mihail Vasiljevich -- warlord Voroshilov Kliment Efremovich -- statesman and politician, military leader Budennij Semen Mihajlovich -- warlord Tuhachevskij Mihail Nikolaevich -- warlord Chapaev Vasilij Ivanovich -- warlord Belenjkij Abram Yakovlevich -- an employee of the state security Samueli Tibor -- Hungarian revolutionary and political figure


1918 1919 25.05.1919 1920s 07.11.1941


Moscow [820] Russia [1]


Summer [824] Winter [823] Autumn [826] Spring [825]

History; Army; Parade on Red Square; Russian civil war; Battle for Moscow; World War II; Political figures

Scene №2

Sailors in service in 1918, the panorama system.

View of the artillery platforms moving red armored train.

Gunners at the guns.

Infantry units of the red army on the March in 1918-1919 year.

One of the units of the red army on parade before the manoeuvres in the early 1920-ies.

Red cavalry during the attack.


1918-1919 1920s


Russia [1]


Autumn [826] Summer [824]

Army; Russian civil war; History