The Man Becomes Glorious By His Deed.. (1982)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Burashova G.

Script writers: Mendeleev A.

Operators: Marfel E.


Trust programs 11th Five-Year Plan and translating them into reality. Reports from the Urengoi field, Tajik collective farm, Voronezh Aircraft Plant, Kharkov Tractor Plant, the All-Union Day runner.

Sectors of the economy | Industry

Reel №1

Passenger plane takes off.

View of the Kremlin.

People on the streets of Moscow.

House-building projects.

Children at the fountain in the form of a rocket.

Construction of a house.

Work at the bench.

Kind of a large plant.

Harvesters in the field at harvest.

Aerial view of the marshland.

Helicopter air.

Mast power lines.

Trucks traveling on the road.

Oil rig.

Geodetic works on the ground: a man with a theodolite.

Welder at work.

Pipes for drilling.

Construction of a gas pipeline.

Work on the rig.

A team of drillers lunch at the lodge and dining area.

Oil rig, work crews.

Panoramic view from the oil rig.

The building of the Kharkov Tractor Plant.

Ready tractor parked.

Assembly shop, assembly of the engine, the young guys at work.

Poster "Take Homeland 2000000 tractor HTZ".

Two millionth tractor leaves the assembly line.

The crowd meets at the outlet of a tractor factory building.

Veterans and youth, participants of the meeting in honor of the anniversary of the tractor.

Chairman of the collective farm in Tajikistan A. Samatov sits in his office at the table, talking with visitors.

Cotton field.

Irrigation, water flowing streams in the field.

Women harvest in the garden.

Corn field, mechanized harvesting.

Tractors plowing a field.

Poland with the top point on the construction of the collective farm.

A herd of cows, farm machinery, residents of collective farm village, new residential and public buildings.

At a large table in the air sit Tajiks - veterans of labor, drink tea from bowls.

Photographer takes three wedding couples and their guests on the steps of the local registry office.

Baby strollers at home.

Children ride on the swing, dancing to the music of the tambourine.

Mud baths, the patient is talking to the medical staff.

Man coated with healing mud.

Meeting room at the table, serves the collective farm chairman A. Samatov.

The young man writes in a notebook.

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Reel №2

View of the river.

The park people walk.

Houses, passers-by on the street.

Bridge over the river.

On the tennis court children are taught the game.

PNRM. on an empty stadium.

On the tracks of the stadium is the race.

Diving Boards.

Girl jumping from the tower into the water.

Boy jumping from a springboard into the pool.

General view of the outdoor pool.

Is training young hockey players.

Holiday "Day Runner."

Runners of all ages.

On the Moskva River embankment start of the race.

Runners on the course.

On the run from veteran Michael Kotljarova (78 years) reporter interviews.

Spectators welcome runners finish.

General view of the building of Sheremetyevo Airport, parking cars.

Passenger plane is landing.

IL-86, passengers crowd in front of the ramp.

IL-86 is moving on the airfield.

People walk in the park.

IL-86 taxis on the airfield.

Aircraft assembly factory in Voronezh, work in the cockpit and in the cabin, installation of parts and assemblies, equipment.

General view of the aircraft in the hangar.

Four brothers Budarina work at the plant.

Military brass band playing on the go.

Aviation Plant workers marching in honor of the professional holiday "Day of aviation."

Monument: the plane on a pedestal.

Honoring Budarina dynasty.

Passenger plane takes off.