What Common People Can Do. (1982)

Documentary №8708, 4 parts, duration: 0:38:05
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Makhnach L.
Camera operators:Kiselev V., Filatov I.


About the "Peace March-82" Stockholm-Moscow-Minsk and antiwar movement in Western Europe.

Temporary description:

Sweden. Start the March 82 peace on the route Stockholm-Moscow-Minsk. Participants marched through the city: Stockholm, Turku, Helsinki, Leningrad. Meeting at Piskarevsky; march participants laid flowers at the grave. Speakers. Check the March to Moscow, the passage on Prospect Mira. The meeting at the Exhibition of achievements of the national economy. Stands Tereshkova. Meeting with participants of the Peace March 82 in the Soviet Peace Committee. Acts Archbishop Pitirim. Visit participants Peace March 82 Podmoskovny youth camp "Sputnik". Participants of the Peace March in Minsk, in the memorial complex Khatyn. Rally in Khatyn and delivers artist M. Savitsky, and other residents of Belarus. Anti-war demonstrations, rallies in the city of New York, Washington, Bonn, London and Vienna. USA, New York. The meeting was the second special session of the UN General Assembly on Disarmament. City of Moscow. World Conference of religious leaders, held under the slogan: "Save the sacred gift of life from a nuclear holocaust.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Take out the missile out of the bunker.

Fly, fly military aircraft.

Land (from an airplane).

Closeups of people.

Norwegian flag.

Said a teacher from Norway Eva Nordland (synchronously).

Pass Party Peace March-82.

A wheelchair rides teacher from Denmark - Party Peace March.

They say the march participants: The Austrian woman and a Norwegian-old man (synchronously).

Stockholm, Sweden - morning and evening plans.


People at the fountain.

Newsreel footage: People sign up to the Stockholm Appeal - different plans.

Poster "Dove of Peace".

Standing members of the World March 82 with placards at the stadium in Stockholm (from top).

Said Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Soviet Women Proskurnikova K. (synchronously).

Listen to people.

Applauds a woman.

Pass the march participants.

Various plans are going down.

Participants in the Peace March on the ship being sent from Sweden to Finland via the Strait of Bothnia.

Sailed waving their hands (filmed from behind).

On deck, there are boy and girl.

Gulls over the water.

Finland, Turku.

Singing girl (synchronously in a foreign language).


The train approaches the station Kariya.

Meeting participants Peace March at the station Kariya.

Encountered sing a song (in sync).

Girl with transparency.

A man plays the trumpet.


Marchers pass over the bridge.


Participants undergo the Peace March-82 (from top).

Anti-war banner.

Rest the march participants of the World 82.

Singing girl (synchronously in a foreign language).


Helsinki - commonly.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Peace marchers dancing at the station - different plans.

Applauding audience.

Platform station.

Mourners waved.

Landscape of Finland (removed from the map).

Leningrad-street, the Finland Station.

Rides the train, the train leave the march participants of the World.

Marchers and occurring on the platform station.

Pass the march participants of the World (from top).

Anti-war banners.

Participant Marsha give flowers.

Woman crying.

Piskaryovskoye Memorial Cemetery (from top).

Acts poet M. Dudin (synchronously).

Listen to people.

Participants in the Peace March on Piskarevskoye cemetery.

The meeting at the Piskarevskoye cemetery.

Peace marchers laid flowers at the monument in the cemetery.

A Buddhist bows and laying flowers.

Street in Leningrad.

Undergo female youth with a girl.

Participants in the Peace March at the "Electric power".

A teacher from Norway E. Nordland gives the icon factory worker.

Leningrad port.

Says an employee of the Leningrad port (synchronous).


Hand holds a card.

Says the girl (synchronously in a foreign language).

Meeting participants Peace March with the Leningrad workers at the port.

Smiling girl.

Participant in March gives the poster the working port.

Hand wraps a poster with a ribbon.


Participants in the Peace March held on Prospect Mira - different plans.

The girl's face - large.

A child on the shoulders of men.

Participant of the Peace March give flowers.

In the column of march participants are newlyweds.

Participants in the Peace March on the territory of the Soviet Era.

Newsreel footage of 1941-1945.: Bomb explodes in the water burn the house, run girl, lying dead child, the snow falls people; on a sled driven by a corpse, pick up a fallen woman, on a sled driven by the coffin.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The meeting at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

From the rostrum acts girl (synchronously in a foreign language).

Closeups of persons who hear.

Applaud the protesters.

From the rostrum delivered by the Chair of the Committee of Soviet Women V.Nikolaeva-Tereshkova (synchronously).

Closeups listening, cheering.

Meeting of the Peace Committee.

Committee members: a political columnist for Pravda, A. Zhukov, Archbishop Pitirim.

Says Pitirim (synchronously).

Women recorded statement.


The emblem of the church conference.

Church Conference.

Listening - American preacher B. Graham, a Belgian Canon R. ROAR.

Participants church conference stand up, applaud.

USA, New York.

UN meeting.

The emblem of the United Nations.

Flags of different countries in the UN building.

Streets of New York.

UN meeting.


Ostankino Television Tower (taken out of arrivals).

Television equipment.

Says the columnist Y. Zhukov (synchronously).

Collective letter with signatures, children's drawings on the antiwar theme in an album.

New York, 12 June 1982 - a demonstration for disarmament.

Pass the protesters with placards - different plans.

Banner "No to the neutron bomb."

Mass rally on the square.

Says the man (synchronously).

Applaud the protesters.

Rally in front of the White House.

Podmoskovny international youth camp "Sputnik" - a meeting of the march participants of the World with the Soviets.

Pass the march participants of the World.

Is a group of young people, says the girl (synchronously).

Belarus, Minsk.

Pass the march participants of the World.

Meeting a clap.

Woman hugs contestant Marsha.


Newsreel 1941-1945gg.: Lit Belarusian village, screaming woman, women weeping over the corpse, burning hut, ashes, are refugees, a woman with a child in ashes.

The bell in Khatyn.

Names of the dead on the steles.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Pamyatniki Khatyn - different plans.

Pass the march participants of the World.

Eternal flame and trees.

Says the mother-heroine (synchronously).

Listen to the march participants.

Children of mothers-heroines.

Rally at the memorial.

Artist M. Savitsky.

M. Savitsky painting - different plans (from a zoom in).

Says M. Sawicki (synchronously).

Girl goes to the poster.

Pass the protesters.

Germany, Bonn - anti-war demonstration.

India - are the protesters.

Greece - an antiwar rally.

England, London - are participants in the meeting.

Moscow - The anti-war rally in Luzhniki.

Delivered by Academician NN Blokhin.

Poster "No nuclear bomb."

Vienna, Austria - A rally in Hiroshima Day.

The girl on the square.



Pictures dedicated to Hiroshima.

Newsreel, 1945: pass people under umbrellas.

Japanese children.

Paper cranes.

A monument to victims of nuclear bombings.

A minute of silence.

Vienna, Austria.

Said participant Peace March in Vienna resident S. Bauer (synchronously in English).

Peace marchers pass through the streets of Vienna.

Viennese welcomed the march participants.

Says a member of the Austrian Parliament (synchronously).


Anti-war rally in Vienna.

Applaud the protesters, smiling woman.

A child on the shoulders of men.

Sits a woman with a child.

Sitting members of the World March.

Woman singing (synchronously).

Clap, sing along the march participants.

Belarus, Khatyn - are parties to the Peace March (filmed from a helicopter).

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