Borders of the Motherland (1982)

Documentary №8712, 3 parts, duration: 0:26:42
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Skitovich V.
Camera operators:Komm R.


About the Central Museum of the USSR KGB (Committee for State Security) border troops.

Temporary description:

Film about the border troops. City of Moscow. Central Museum of the Border Guard. Museum. Separate exhibits. Excursion. Protection of land, air and maritime borders of the USSR in different parts of the border troop unit. Exercises guards. Border outposts. Allocation orders guards to inspect cargo and baggage at sea and rail transport. Monuments of the border guards: A. Babushkin, V. Kotelnikov, Makhalin. Chronicle of different years: NA Karatsupa with dog Ingus, border guards with dogs in various parts of the border, the border training dogs in the kennel club and the young border guards. Chronicle of the Second World War: the fighting forces of Germany and the Soviet Union.

Reel №1

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Dzerzhinsky monument in Moscow.

Hall of the Central Museum of the Border Troops of the KGB.

Exhibits - weapons and maps.

Paintings depicting Lenin, F.Dzerzhinskogo, Ya.


Busts of Lenin, the border guard A.Babushkina.

Photos of the first border guards, border guards A.Korobitsina hero.

Diorama: Real A.Korobitsina four saboteurs.

The obelisk on the spot death of frontier hero Andrei Babushkin.

Gate guards named A.Babushkina talk about his exploits (synchronously).

Parade of guards at the monument A.Babushkinu.

Border guards at the museum.

Bust border guard Andrei Sidorov, heroically died in 1927 in the Kashka-Suu.

Pictures of the Civil War, the protection of the state border of the USSR.

Frontier in the Far East - is dress guards with a dog.

Newsreel 1930s.:

Passes dress guards.

A border N.F.Karatsupa hero with his dog named Ingus of border guards.

Children attend dog training.

Photo N.Karatsupy.

HSU N.F.Karatsupa gives interviews (synchronously).

The border guards are trained dogs.

Far Eastern landscape.


Newsreel 1930s.:

Arrival at frontier Peter Kotelnik - a brother who died heroically V.Kotelnikova border guard.

P.Kotelnikovu transferring weapons brother.

The fighting on the island of Hassan against the Japanese saboteurs.

Photos of Heroes of the Soviet Union border: G.A.Batyrshina, V.V.Vinevitina, P.F.Tereshkina, I.D.Chernopyatko, A.F.Mahalina.

Reel №2

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Frontier name A.Mahalina - guards at the monument, to sports activities in the classroom and examine and weapons.

Newsreel 1941 1945.:

Border post.

German soldiers look through binoculars.

Shoot guns, anti-aircraft guns.

German soldiers in the fortress.

Run and shoot the soldiers.

Monument A.Lopatinu border guard.

Photo border guards, Hero of the Soviet Union Lieutenant Alexei Lopatin.

Widow A.Lopatina Anfisa A. on behalf of the frontier guards of Lopatin.

Border guards are along the border strip.

The ruins of the Brest Fortress, graffiti.

Memorial "Brest Fortress".

Photos of Heroes of Brest Fortress - F.Marina, A.Ryzhnikova, Naumova, G.Kuropyatnikova etc.

Newsreel 1941 1945.:

On Lake Ladoga passing cars.

Regulator with a lantern.

Soviet soldiers are fleeing the attack.

German soldiers surrendering.

The capture of the Reichstag.

Nuremberg Trials.

Stand with arms at the Museum of the Border Troops.

HSU V.D.Bubenin talking to guards (synchronously).

Reel №3

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Exhibits of the Museum of the Border Troops of the KGB - documents, military clothing.

Acceptance of the Communist Party in the military unit.

The officer conducting political instruction.

A border F.Shigaliev pilot who was awarded the Gold Star of the Hero, a helicopter cockpit.

Border guards in a helicopter.

Border boats at sea.

The sailors and officers on the boat.



Customs clearance.

Ships at berth in the port.

Border guards check documents.

Border guards at the plane.

Car customs clearance.

The border guard examines V.Kublashvili wagons.

Things that smuggling.

Smuggled weapons and books.

Border guards and vigilantes: S.Ponomarev, O.Ponomareva and A.Ankaberdnev.

Training of border guards - soldiers overcome various obstacles, jump.

Border guards on the range.

Night shooting.

Shooting gun.

Drill in part - border guards take machines running.

Border ship.

Flies a helicopter.

A border radio operator.


The border guards on patrol - riding in the mountains, by the sea.

Movie №0

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