The Cities Of Europe. (1910-1930)

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Scene №1 European newsreel

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Views of historic Central London tower and big Ben (above).

View of the square in Brussels.

Types of old buildings and churches of Paris.

The view from the window of a passenger train.

A passenger train approaches the station.

The types of railway track and locomotive wheels, gauge distances to Berlin.

Interior view of station in Berlin.

The views from the window of a moving passenger car.

The translation of the shooter, open semaphore.

Horse-drawn and motor vehicles on the streets of Berlin.

For flyovers passing trains rail.

View of railroad tracks and locomotive wheels.

Open the semaphore.

Train, enveloped in clouds of smoke.

View of the front of the engine.

Panorama of a working demonstration in London in support of the Union and against the war.

Types streets of Berlin in the 1920-ies.

Types of urban squares and streets during the revolutionary events of 1923.

Panorama of the meeting at the Reichstag.

Workers ' demonstrations on the streets of Berlin.

Panorama of rallies organized by the German Communists.

Armed police patrol on a street in Berlin.

Panorama and types of meetings, the participants of the rallies with red flags to greet the speakers.

He speaks at one of the meetings.

Rallies and demonstrations in the squares and streets of Berlin.

Pedestrians and horse-drawn omnibuses on one of the Parisian bridges at the beginning of the 20th century.

The types of one of the squares of Paris, passing horse-drawn vehicles.

The movement of vehicles and pedestrians on one of the bridges.

The shaped lamppost.

July column on place de La Bastille.

Pickup truck razvozyaschim Newspapers.

Elderly newsboy sitting against the wall of the building.

A street acrobat is doing a handstand on the roadway.

London the lamplighter at work.

Entrance to one of London underground stations.

The passengers on the escalator.

Man and woman standing on the escalator, reading a newspaper.

Evening streets of London, burning is electric.

Waiters take orders.

The statue of Hermes in a street of the city.

Electrical is in London.

Champagne poured in a glass.

View of the London bridge, the panorama of the city block.

Horse-drawn passenger and automobile traffic on the streets and squares of Paris in the early 20th century, people crossing through the area.

The types of the squares and bridges of Paris.

Trams, cars and horse-drawn carriages on the street corners and squares of Paris and London.

French soldiers at the taxi stand in Paris in 1914.

Passenger train passes, the soldier jumps down on the go.

The passengers in the subway car.

Passengers and soldiers in the subway stations during the period of the siege of Paris in 1914.

Visitors to the cafe on the street of Paris frontline.

Parisians ride the tram.

Charity fair at one of the Paris area, carousel and rides.

She gets into a passing tram.

Cars and trams on the streets of Paris in the autumn of 1914.

Shopping bazaars in the shops, people stand at the Windows.

Panorama flea market (above).

View of Notre Dame Cathedral (above).

Apple trees blooming in the gardens of Vienna in the 1930-ies.

A statue of Cupid with the lyre.

Fountain in front of the Palace.

Types of streets and palaces of Vienna.

Sculptures flanking the archway of the monument of Johann Strauss in Vienna

the figure of Strauss with violin in hand.

Calendar: 1910s 1914 1923 1930s

Locations: London [870] Berlin [821] Paris [850] Vienna [913]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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