The development of industry and agriculture in the USSR (1925-1930)

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Scene №1 The development of industry and agriculture in the USSR

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Working on the train, made for the 10th anniversary of the October revolution.

Pass trains with fuel.

View the bow of a transport-cargo ship "Abkhazia", during its launching on 29 November 1927.

Descent ship on the water.

Speakers on the rostrum of the solemn meeting on the occasion of the descent of the ship on the water.

Abkhazia after launching.

View of the dock a shipyard of Leningrad.

View of the shipyard.

Of the deck floated out of the ship.

Preparation of the vessel for launching, dismantling of wooden poles.

Grease the track for the descent.

Knocking out the supports from under the hull.

Lubrication of the gauge.

The boat in the water.

Krasin L. B. among the engineers and workers on the nose floated timber "Grigory Zinoviev" on October 25, 1925.

The floating workshop is included in Doc.

Panorama of the meeting on the occasion of the launching of another ship (above).

He speaks from the podium.

View of the village of the builders of the Stalingrad tractor factory in 1927.

Assembly of units and aggregates of the harvester "stalinets-2" the plant "Rostselmash".

The new processor.

Members of the selection Committee visiting the harvester, the faces of the members of the Commission.

Harvester in the factory yard.

New agricultural machinery is on the red square in the summer of 1930.

Combine Kommunar towed by a tracked tractor, on the streets of Moscow.

Poster, announcing the evening workers of the plant "Red Putilovets", dedicated to the end of the first year of the plan.

Fragment of a statue of Lenin.

View of the auditorium, the workers sit in the hall.

The stage leaves the tractor, the people in the audience applauded.

View of the front of the tractor.

Tractor driver at the wheel of the tractor.

Tractor on the stage, people in the audience applauded.

VV Kuibyshev inspects the tractor.

Workers of the Zaporozhye plant "Kommunar" at the combine, brought them to Moscow.

Banners with slogans around the combine.

Demonstration of the components and assemblies of the combine.

Tow tractor combine harvester through the streets of Moscow.

Loading tractors to railway cars.

Tractor ready to ship.

Units of working machines.

Ploughing field with tractor plows.

Harvesting grain with tractor harvesters.

Threshing and winnowing grain on zernotok.

Ready tractor at the factory shop.

The threshing zernotok.

Smachivanie straw in stacks.

Farmers face.

Harvesting grain, girl-combiners at the helm.

Delivery and unloading of harvested grain in one of the farms of the Ukrainian SSR.

The arrival of a new harvester for an agricultural exhibition in the Samara province.

Tractor at the exhibition.

Poultry of various breeds, presented at the exhibition.

View of one of the pavilions at the exhibition of livestock in Rostov.

Pigs of various breeds,presented at the exhibition.

Visitors to the exhibition examine the horses in the stables.

The types of sheep office sheep of various breeds.

Livestock displayed at the exhibition.

Cows at the fair in the Urals.

Livestock presented at the exhibition in the Leningrad district, examination of the breeding bull.

The foal is removed from the yard in one of the Kuban Cossack villages.

Cossacks-the red army take the horses from the stables.

Cossacks for reading Newspapers.

Trade of watermelons on the market, the panorama of the market (above).

Watermelons at market stalls.

Homeless break the stolen watermelon, divide it.

Watermelons are unloaded from the freight cars.

Sellers of watermelons dancing at the station in front of potential buyers.

Merchant ship leaves the port of Odessa.

Loading sacks of grain for export in the port of Odessa.

Loading grain into the holds.

View of the aft part of the Greek merchant ship.

The kind of trade the vessel at the berth for loading.

Loading sacks of grain into the hold with a crane.

Loading works in the port view of the vessel at berth.

The views and the panorama of the cargo sea port.

Working Harbor cranes.

View of the stern of a Greek ship.

Loading foreign merchant ships in the port.

View of the hose of the pipeline.

Panorama of the American tanker, standing in the port for loading.

View of the aft part of the French merchant ship.

Merchant ship at the berth for loading.

Panorama of the seaport water area.


Krasin Leonid Borisovich -- state and political figure

Calendar: 1925 1927 1930

Locations: Leningrad [848] Stalingrad [947] Rostov region [798] Moscow [820] Ukraine [229] Samara region [800] Ural [920] Krasnodar region [761] Odessa [960]

Scene №2

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The streams of water pouring over the dam.

View of the dam dniproges.

Vehicles passing through the constructed dam.

View of the dam.

The faces of the leaders of the construction, among them - the head of the Dnieper winter.


The types constructed of the Dnieper dam.

Plowing a field plow.

View of a plowed field, a tractor pulls a plow horse.

Pit crew begins refueling and maintenance of tractors in the field.

Treatment plowed field cultivators horse-drawn.

Threshing grain on zernotoku, storage bags of harvested grain.


Vinter Aleksandr Vasiljevich -- engineer of electric power

Calendar: 1930

Locations: Ukraine [229] USSR [863]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

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