Domestic newsreel (1918-1939)

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Scene №1 Domestic newsreel

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The slogan 5-th all-Russian Congress of Soviets at the entrance to the Bolshoi theater in Moscow in July 1918.

Delegates to the Congress past the soldiers ' patrol.

Delegates at the entrance to the Bolshoi theater.

The Chairman of the Central Executive Committee YM Sverdlov among the delegates at the entrance to the Bolshoi theater.

The queue of delegates on the steps of the Bolshoi theatre.

Cover of the first Constitution of the RSFSR.

An orchestra plays, the faces of the musicians.

People make campaign literature at one of the halts.

Agitators with a passing station, the campaign train dropped leaflets.

The children put on models of steam locomotives during the demonstration.

The column of demonstrators on the streets of Moscow in the 1920-ies.

Passing a column of cyclists.

Trotsky, Muralov, N. And. E. M. sklyansky among the military in red square before the military parade of November 7, 1923.

The column of demonstrators on the streets of Moscow.

Muralov, Trotsky, accompanied by the military are on the red square before the parade.

Trotsky speaks from the podium at the red square.

Trotsky made a speech, standing on the running Board for a passenger car, at the time one of his trips.

Orchestra of the cavalry, sitting in the saddle, performs a counter-March.

On one of streets of Moscow is a brass band of firefighters.

View of the facade of the Bolshoi theatre and demonstration in honor of the beginning of the work of the 16th Congress of the CPSU(b) on June 26, 1930.

There is a brass band, followed by a column of pioneers.

Seeing workers going to the village for the organization of collective farms, in one of the stations of Leningrad in the years 1929-1930.

Passengers with Luggage on their shoulders are to the cars on the crowded platform.

The slogan on one of the cars.

Mourners waved after the departing train.

Tram on one of the squares of Moscow, between the paths on the chair sits a woman.

Cars and trams on one of the intersections.

Panorama of Sverdlov square, the view of the building of the Bolshoi theatre.

People queue on the street.

The demolition of one of the buildings on Tverskaya street with the collapse, raised a cloud of dust.

Working a jackhammer splits the brickwork.

Demolition and dismantling the old buildings manually.

Persons walking on the Moscow people.

The Face Of M. I. Kalinina

Military speech.

View of columns of demonstrators in Moscow (above).

The removal of soil with animal-drawn transport on a construction site.

Excavation at the beginning of a zero cycle of construction of one of the industrial enterprises.

The composition of horse-drawn trolleys.

View of the construction of one of the plants.

The demolition of Orthodox churches in the years 1929-1930, falling domes with crosses.

Sporting events in one of the parks of Moscow.

Riding on the "giant steps".

Types of meeting of a cultural five-year plan (above).

The entrance to the Park.

The view of the Park (above).

Skiing on the "Ferris wheel".

People ride on the carousel.

I. V. Stalin from the Presidium welcomed the participants of one of the celebrations in the Kremlin in the years 1936-1937.

View of the front of the locomotive "Joseph Stalin".

Excavation work on the construction of Fergana canal, 1939.

The construction of the railway.

Awarding of the foremost construction special icons.

The face of one of the foremost.

Demonstrators in Moscow dancing in the street.

It takes a column of demonstrators on the day 15 anniversary of the October revolution on 7 November 1932.

The demonstrations in the cities of the USSR in the day of the elections to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

The soldiers cast ballots in the ballot box.

Ke Voroshilov, Ezhov N. And.

VM Molotov, Stalin vote at a polling station on 12 December 1937.

Stalin puts the ballot in the ballot box, behind the hammers.

Stalin speaks from the podium in the Kremlin.

The delegates applauded.

The pioneers are on the red square with slogans in honor of Stalin.

Pass athletes with children on their shoulders.

Stalin mausoleum welcomed the demonstrators.

Women in the mountain costumes perform a dance in red square.


Joseph Stalin [842] -- state and political figure Sverdlov Yakov Mihajlovich -- state and political figure Trockij Lev Davidovich -- state and political figure Muralov Nikolaj Ivanovich -- military leader Sklyanskij Efraim Markovich -- military leader Kalinin Mihail Ivanovich -- state and political figure Voroshilov Kliment Efremovich -- state, political and military leader Ezhov Nikolaj Ivanovich -- the head of the state security Molotov Vyacheslav Mihajlovich -- state and political figure, diplomat

Calendar: 07.1918 1920e 07.11.1923 1929-1930 26.06.1930 07.11.1932 12.12.1937 1939

Locations: Moscow [820] Leningrad [848] Russia [1] USSR [863]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Scene №2

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Officers of the Central Rada in Kiev welcome the troops.

Provincial and County representatives at a ceremony in Kiev.

Denikin A. I. in Kiev among the officers of the Volunteer army in 1919.

Bookmark meat carcasses in the refrigerator.

The export of freshly baked bread on the carts.

The faces of the officers of the Ukrainian national Republic.

The signing of the Ukrainian public figures of the agreement with representatives of the German troops in 1918.

Entry of the red army in Vladivostok in 1922.

Uborevich, I. P. welcomed the troops, the rally (above).

Red flag over the Kremlin.

People feeding pigeons at the place of execution on red square, 1919-1920.

Market view (top).

Trade on the market in the period of the NEP.

Buying and selling grain, farmers face.

The seller releases the goods in a fabric store.

View of Moscow streets and squares during the first half of 1920-ies.

People read the leaflets calling for the boycott of goods of private entrepreneurs, evading the demands of the unions.

The faces of the activists putting up flyers.

Passengers at ticket offices.

The smoke from the chimney of the steamer.

Icebreaker goes through ice.

People in the stands of the stadium during celebrations in the Soviet Turkestan in the middle of 1920-ies.

GV Chicherin speaks.

The spectators in the stands.

Komsomol members read the newspaper on a city street.

Detachments of the red army on the streets.


Denikin Anton Ivanovich -- warlord Uborevich Ieronim Petrovich -- warlord Chicherin Georgij Vasiljevich -- state and political figure, diplomat

Calendar: 1918 1919 1922 1920s

Locations: Moscow [820] Kiev [933] Vladivostok [951]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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