The achievements of Soviet science (1933-1938)

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Scene №1 The achievements of Soviet science

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Rural landscapes.

The view of the river.

Blooming Apple trees.

Collect flowers of Apple trees for experiments.

The collection of parts of the flower, the scientist covers flower cover.

Panorama reproduction of fruit laboratory (top).

Blooming Apple trees of different varieties.

Michurin I. V. during the traversal and inspection of fruit trees.

Michurin is experienced by trees of the orchard.

Michurin considering apples of different varieties.

Red flag over the entrance to the building experimental breeding station.

A sign with the quote Michurina on the fence.

Berries on a branch.

Head of the laboratory of wheat-couch grass couch grass hybrids Tsitsin N. In. together with his colleagues, examines images of crops bred in the laboratory, the person Tsitsin.

The process of sorting the obtained hybrids of cereals, packing of grains in bags.

Tsitsin with colleagues runs along the experienced field.

Maturing in the experimental field crops, panoramic view of the field.

A poster of conversation Moscow and Stalin.

Tsitsin in the experimental field tells students about his ongoing experiments with cereals, the faces of the students.

View of the experimental breeding station and fields.

Wheat in the experimental field.

Representatives of the Union republics of the USSR during the inspection of the experimental fields, laboratory staff tell them about the work being done.

Physicist P. L. Kapitsa during the next experiment in the laboratory.

Face Kapitsa.

Instruments and equipment the laboratory during the experiment, Kapitsa watching the course of the experiment.

The faces of the participants of the scientific conference of young scientists in Kazan.

Demonstration of experience with electricity during the next meeting.

The participants begin the discussion of scientific problems.

Experiment on recovery of the heart taken from the corpse of a dog, the heart in vitro.

The process of artificial enrichment of the venous blood outside of a living organism.

Work isolated lungs.

The scheme of functioning of a dog's head separated from the body (animation).

The principle of operation of autojector that replaces the heart.

Fanning released the dog's blood back into the blood vessels using autojector replacing the broken heart and lungs (animation).

The technician monitors the operation of autojector.

Working autojector, fixing of the animal's heart using cardiopulmonary bypass.

Head experimental dogs.

The recorder captures the rhythm of breathing and heart function of the animal.

The dog's head, made the first sigh, the work of autojector.

The recorder records the restoration of breathing.

The dog's head, beginning to respond to external stimuli.

The recorder captures the heart and respiratory working autojector.

Scientists disconnect autojector.

An employee of the laboratory inspects the dog to be exempted from the anesthesia.

The technician inspects the dog, returning to its normal condition, feeds her with it.

A dog named Bunny, after a lively eight-minute death in 1939, laket milk from the bowl.

Dog Chernushka and Nayda, bouncy in 1938 and 1939, after 11 minutes of death.

Animated dogs drink milk.


Kapica Petr Leonidovich -- physicist Michurin Ivan Vladimirovich -- biologist, breeder Cicin Nikolaj Vasiljevich -- botanist, geneticist, breeder

Calendar: 1931-1939

Locations: Moscow [820] Rostov region [798] Tambov region [805] USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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