Moscow newsreel. (1901 - 1934)

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Scene №1 Moscow newsreel

View of the Spasskaya tower and part of the Kremlin wall.

View of the building of the Historical Museum.

Panorama of the building of Gum.

The View Of St.

Basil's Cathedral.

Flag over the Kremlin.

Panorama of Moscow Kremlin and part of the embankment of the Moscow river in the early 20th century.

View of the Moscow Kremlin.

Panorama embankment and Moscow Kremlin.

The bridge over the Moscow river, the pedestrians, cars and horse-drawn vehicles on the bridge.

Panorama of Moscow Kremlin and the waterfront.

View of the Kremlin from the Vodovzvodnaya tower.

Views and panorama of the Moscow Kremlin.

View of the front of a moving car.

Trams passing through the streets of Moscow.

The coachman, in a sleigh waits for riders at the entrance to the store.

View of Lubyanka square.

Horse-drawn carriages depart from the Kremlin's Spassky gate to Red square.

Cavalcade of horse-drawn carriages rides through red square.

Passing tram, passengers try to take on the go.

Cereals horses pulling a tram.

The layout of the tram car in the Museum.

View of the monument to Gogol (above).

The view of the city block with the adjacent Sukharevskaya square and tower.

Freedom monument on Soviet square.

View of the statue of the monument.

The types of Theater square.

Types streets of Moscow in the 1920-ies, public transport on the streets.

Trams on the streets of Moscow, railway pointer sits between the tracks.

Trams and buses on one of the intersections.

Demolition of buildings by the collapse of the walls.

View of the arc de Triomphe.

The movement of trams in the Tverskaya Zastava.

The types of Tverskaya Zastava square (above).

View Of The Monument Of Freedom.

City traffic on Gorky street in the 1930-ies.

Directing traffic at the intersection.

View of the new building.

The bridge across the Moscow river and the view of the Moscow Kremlin at the beginning of the 20th century.

The loudspeaker on the pole on one of Moscow streets.

One of the first tractors "Fordson-Putilovets" in red square.

View of the Passionate monastery and the building of the plant "news".

View of Moscow streets and squares in the 1920-ies, people and public transport on the streets.

Showcase Moscow stores.

The panorama of the market.

Delivery of goods cartage.

Cab driver waiting for riders on a Moscow street.

Passenger train passes.

The car rides across the bridge.

The female driver out of the mail car.

The letters from a street mailbox.

Types of Moscow streets at sunrise.

The janitor sweeping the tram tracks, tram rides.

Pigeons flying off the pavers.

Trams on the outskirts of Moscow.

Triumphal arch in the Tverskaya Zastava.

Types of streets and the Moscow Kremlin.

The taxi driver waiting for passengers reading the newspaper.

The view of Sverdlov square.

Photos of old buildings and streets of Moscow.


1901-1928 1936-1937





Moscow; History; Architecture; Trade; Traction

Scene №2

Traders in the market in the Okhotny Ryad in the early 20th century.

Shoppers walk between the shelves Okhotny Ryad, one of the counters are clerks in white aprons.

Trade stalls and stalls on the embankment of the Moscow river.

Buyers in the market at Okhotny Ryad.

Panorama of the Moscow Kremlin.

View of Tverskaya street (above).

The types of the Bolshoi theatre and the Theatre square in the middle of 1920-ies.

View of the pediment on the entrance to the Bolshoi theater and a Quadriga on it.

Trams and motor vehicles on the streets of Moscow in 1927.

Homeless rides, clinging to the hook at the rear of the tram.

Kinds of Moscow streets, shop Windows, people on the streets.

View of market near the Moscow Kremlin at the beginning of the 20th century.

The stone bridge (above).

Panorama of Tverskaya Zastava square, view of the building of the Belorussian-Baltic station and the viaduct (above).

The view of Sverdlov square (above).

View of the Kalanchevskaya square, the viaduct the train passes.

Cartage moves through red square past the building of Gum, the car passes.

View of one of the Moscow intersections, passing buses and cabs.

View of a shop window, the girl offers to passersby bras.

Shopper trying on a hat in the store.

Street Shoe Shiner at work.

People ride on the carousel.


1900-1910 1927





Moscow; History; Traction; Automobile transport; Trade; Life and leisure

Scene №3

View of the liberty Monument in the Soviet square.

Types streets of Moscow, passing cars and trolleys.

Cars driving on Okhotny Ryad.

The views of the Moscow streets in the 1933-1934 year, animal-drawn and motor vehicles, trolley buses and trams on the streets of Moscow.

People walk under the colonnade of the Bolshoi theatre.

The view of the building of the Bolshoi theatre.

The types of the outskirts of Moscow with one-story houses.

Concrete workers Metrostroi on the construction of the tunnel.

Panorama of construction of one of the stations of the Moscow metro.

A brigade of development workers with jackhammers going on shift.







Moscow; History; Traction; Automobile transport