Solovki special purpose camp (1928)

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Scene №1 Solovki special purpose camp

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The boat, walking on Onega lip to the Solovetsky Islands.

The boat cuts through the waves.

The clock on the post show 18.00.

Steam escapes from a signal horn.

Hand cut-off switch.

View of the Solovetsky monastery, along the wall passing train.

The entrance to the administration building of the camp, and out members of the administration.

Prisoners - the workers of a Shoe factory out of the shops at the end of the working day.

The prisoners returned with excavation.

Women prisoners out of the gate with flowers in his hands.

Workers of a brick factory come from the factory at the end of the day.

The clergy held in the Church building.

Prisoners walk before the evening roll in the garden camp.

Brass band plays OGPU.

Cormorant on the roof of one of the residential barracks.

Prisoners sentenced for counterrevolutionary and criminal offenses during the night.

One of the prisoners, standing at the wall of the hut, reading a book.

Prisoners walk talk to each other.

One of the prisoners plays with chain bear, his friends watching him.

Distribution of Newspapers to the prisoners.

The prisoner stands on the square in front of the main building.

Woman knitting sitting at the fence.

The prisoner puts the letter in the mailbox.

Haircut and shaving of prisoners in Barber's camp.

Prisoners at leisure, playing chess, Smoking pipes.

One of the prisoners is reading a magazine while lying on the bed.

Talking during leisure time inmates.

Elderly prisoners sitting in the corner of the icons.

Women prisoners during leisure time playing the guitar, lying on the beds.

Prisoners in the Leninsky area read Newspapers, play chess.

Prisoners relax in the fresh air on benches.

Wooden ship on the beach.

The Solovetsky landscape.

Sea water surface.

The boat "Chekist" is coming to the Marina.

Winter of the Solovetsky landscape.

Types of Solovetsky monastery and camp in the winter.

Icebreaker, breaking a path in the ice, goes to the Solovetsky Islands, pulling in tow a barge.

The boat approaches the dock.

Members arrived from Moscow of the Commission are on the deck of the ship "Gleb Bokii", right to the pier.

Members of the Commission go to the camp.

A meeting of the members of the Commission of prisoners.

A meeting of the Commission on the question of parole of prisoners sitting at the table Bokiy G. I.

Boki asks questions to the members of the Commission during the hearing on the next record.

The faces of the members of the Commission.

Boki signs the documents for conditionally-an early release.

The document signed by Boki.

One of the members of the Commission read out the list of paroled prisoners.

Comrades congratulate one of paroled prisoners.

Released early are things awaiting shipment to the mainland.

Brass band plays OGPU.

Released go the boat down the Gangplank.

Escorted prisoners paroled comrades.

The view of the Marina.

Inmates waving goodbye released comrades.

Released wave their hands in farewell from the deck of the steamer.

Departing from the pier to the ship.

The view of the Bay, away - the outgoing steamer.

Panorama of Solovetsky monastery.

The sign above the building of the Solovetsky camps of special designation.

Paria newly arrived prisoners is escorted along the shore.

Prisoners systems come to the gates of the camp.

View of the Solovetsky monastery.

View of one of the buildings of the offices of the camp on the island of Anzer.

Newly arrived prisoners are under escort.


Bokij Gleb Ivanovich -- the revolutionary worker, an employee of the state security

Calendar: 1928

Locations: Arkhangelsk region [768]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

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