The Rape Of Europa.. (1982)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Makhnach L.

Script writers: Mahnach L., Pumpyanskij A.

Operators: Kiselev V.

Anouncers: Krachkovskaya N., Tatarskij V.


On the role of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the USA militarism in Western European countries' policy.

International military organizations | History of foreign countries

Reel №1

Forms part of the sea coast of Greece and the remains of an ancient temple.

Sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.

The picture of V. Serov "Rape of Europa".


Fragments of the painting "The Rape of Europe".


Earth in space (animation).

US President R. Reagan with elastic down the plane.

German police dispersed anti-war demonstration.

The demonstrators threw stones at police, the demonstrators are watered from fire hoses.

Anti-American and anti-NATO slogans and posters on the walls of the building one of the Greek cities.

Cartoon posters at newsstands on the streets.

Anti-war demonstration outside the US embassy in Athens.

The demonstrators chanted slogans.

The building of the US embassy in Athens.

Demonstrators chanting slogans, the police standing in the cordon.

Night anti-war demonstration in Athens protesters throw stones at the US embassy.

Anti-war demonstration in Bonn.

View of Paris from the Eiffel Tower elevator.

View Cologne Cathedral.

View of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the artists on the banks of the Seine.

Types of fountains of Peterhof.

Bridge over River Thames view of Westminster Abbey.

Gondolas and boats glide under bridges in Venice.

General view of the Doge's Palace in Venice.

The monument to St.

Vladimir on the bank of the Dnieper in Kiev.

General view of Athens (at the top).

Parthenon temple in Athens.

View of the bas-relief sculpture.

Types temples of ancient Greece and Rome.

Engraving depicting the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Types of ancient ruins.

A painting of a battle scene from the Middle Ages.

Types of remains of ancient temples.

Fragments of battle paintings.

Detail Picasso P. "Guernica."

The ruins of an ancient temple.

Detail of the painting.

Remains of an ancient temple in Rome.

View of the Colosseum.

Detail Picasso.

General view of the Colosseum.

The interior of the Colosseum.

View of the Colosseum arena.

View of the Colosseum at sunset.

Vereshchagin painting "The Apotheosis of War."

Newsreel 1944-1945 years: the form of one of the German cities destroyed by Allied bombing.

Type of Trafalgar Square in London.

Pigeon pecks grains with hands.

The girl's face, feeding pigeons.

People feeding pigeons in the square.

Parents walking with small children.

Baby pushes a stroller.

Boys and girls are on the streets of Amsterdam.

People on the streets of Amsterdam.

Statues of saints at the councils of Amsterdam.

Photo of the ruined city block in one of the European cities.

Newsreel 1945: refugees return home after the end of hostilities in Europe.

People sit on the side of the road.

A woman is standing, leaning on the cart with things.

Children sit near the railroad tracks.

A woman with a child sitting on the sidewalk.

The blind man sitting at the ruins of the house with his hat in his hand and collect alms.

Man considers the price tags on the store window of surviving.

Marshall DK presents his plan for the reconstruction of Europe.

Unloading American goods in one of the European ports.

Freight accept bags, lowered from the ship by crane.

Photo of the American warship.

Photo of American soldiers, down the stairs to the beach.

Newsreel 1949: military parade on the Champs Elysees in Paris.

US and European generals at the entrance to the palace.

US President G. Truman signs an agreement on the establishment of NATO. Present policies are watching the signing of the contract.

Truman signed agreement demonstrates the creation of NATO.


Harry Truman - American statesman and political figure George Catlett Marshall - American statesman and military leader


1944-1945 04.1949


Western Europe Paris Germany


Spring [825] Summer [824]

World War II; Political figures

Reel №2

Photos of senior NATO officers.

Italian senator talks about NATO's Mouth (synchronously).

Photo of the meeting of the NATO Council.

Newsreel 1950: the American delegation during a meeting of the NATO Council session.

Parade of US troops at the military base in Europe.

American troops are marching through the streets.

View of the American aircraft carrier (top).

Planting based fighter.

Signalman aircraft carrier during landing.

Map of US military bases around the USSR.

Newsreel, 1950: meeting of the session of the NATO Council, Eisenhower among the participants.

US military poster.

Sculpture "The Bremen Town Musicians" in Bremen.

Performance of street musicians.

Cover foreign books about the Soviet armed forces.

The illustrations in the book.

The logo of the Ministry of Defense.

Training of American soldiers.

Location map of the United States launchers.

The teachings of the American Navy.

American boat enters port.

American sailors on leave.

Cars with US numbers on the streets of the Italian city.

View American military port warehouses.

Index of travel to a NATO base.

Tanks and other military equipment behind barbed wire at the base.

View streets of Rome, the statue "Mouth of Truth".

Reagan goes out to the podium.

Reagan made a speech from the rostrum.

Sculptures "Mouth of Truth".

Director of Scientific Intelligence CIA G. Scoville gives interviews (synchronously).

Type of sculptures "Mouth of Truth".

Newsreel 1976-1979 years: the US president Carter J. giving interviews to journalists.

Portraits Carter.

Newsreel 1976-1979 years: Carter holding a child sits in the car.

Type of sculptures "Mouth of Truth".

Poster Hollywood blockbuster featuring Reagan R. Newsreel 1979-1980 years: R. Reagan during his election campaign.

Reagan speaks to workers with a construction helmet on his head.

Type of sculptures "Mouth of Truth".

Newsreel, 1950: D. Eisenhower speaks on American television.

Advertisement American companies operating in the military.

View of the White House in Washington, people pass by the fence.

Newsreel 1981: Carter and Reagan and their wives out of the White House lawn.

The gates of the US military bases in Europe.

Airfield base.

The soldiers disembark from a transport plane.

A column of US tanks moving on the highway.

Electronic and indicates the direction of movement of the column.

Transportation of the American tanks on the railway platforms.

Take off the American aircraft.

The teachings of US military aviation in the European range.

Book cover Sanguinetti A.

Sanguinetti gives interviews (synchronously).


James Earl Carter - American statesman and political figure Dwight Eisenhower - American statesman and political leader, military leader Ronald Reagan - American statesman and political figure


1950s 1976-1981


Western Europe USA Washington


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Policy; Military exercises and maneuvers; Political figures

Reel №3

Fluttering flags of NATO member countries.

Playing the French military orchestra.

Lowering of the flags of NATO member countries.

The face of the French general.

The solemn ritual of folding flags.

Military parade in Paris.

One of the retired officers of NATO gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel 1960-1970-ies: the doctrine of NATO forces in Europe.

The generals are watching through binoculars the activities of departments.

French armored vehicle arrive at their positions.

Tanks and artillery on the march.

Tankers from their combat vehicles.

A team of scientists gives an interview.

The rocket on an aerial target.

The soldier with the portable anti-aircraft missile system.

Falls downed target.

Teachings of anti-tank units.

The ritual of lighting the Olympic flame in ancient Olympia, the temple in 1980.

Start of the Olympic flame.

Passing the torch relay.

The athlete runs with the Olympic torch in his hand.

General view of the Pentagon (the top).

Liaison officers from the handset in their hands.

Officers of the US Army Command and the starting point.

Opens missile silos.

Rocket before starting.

Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Affairs P. Warnke gives interviews (synchronously).

Animated film about the development of weapons.

Nuclear explosion.

Types interior of one of the anti-nuclear bunker.

Closes the door of the hopper.

The woman's face.

Launching of an American submarine.

One of the residents of Western Europe gives interviews (synchronously).

The rocket in a submarine.

The missile in flight.

Scoville gives interviews (synchronously).

Photo mountain of human skulls and bones.

Panorama photo of the city burned.

A woman with a child standing on the subway escalator, answers the questions of the journalist (synchronously).

View of the Capitol building in Washington.

Types of building the NATO headquarters in Brussels.

NATO officers go to the next meeting.

Representatives of NATO countries during the meeting.

The participants talk to each other.

General view of the hall where the meeting is held.

On the way to move military trucks with trailers.

Soldiers bring equipment into the firing position.

Map of possible nuclear strikes against cities of the USSR.

J. Weber gives interviews (synchronously).

Fly American airplane.

Map of the route of flight of NATO reconnaissance aircraft.


1960s 1970s 1980


Western Europe Greece


Summer [824]

Military exercises and maneuvers; Olympics 80; Foreign policy

Reel №4

Anti-war demonstration in Munich.

Layout of a nuclear bomb in the hands of protesters.

Anti-war poster and a skull in a Nazi helmet.

Those demonstrators.

She speaks, standing at the map of US military bases on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.

People listen to the speaker.

People talk and argue with each other.

A person arguing men.

The child sits in a wheelchair.

A girl holds a box with anti-war slogan.

Anti-war poster.

The woman's face, giving interviews (synchronously).

Anti-war poster.

Violence police and demonstrators.

Police pulled apart seated demonstrators.

The paintings of anti-war theme, painted by R. Somilem Somil gives an interview in his studio (synchronously).

View Somilya studio, the artist at work.

Somil wrote another picture.

Entrance to the subway station in Brussels.

The walls of the station with pictures Somilya.

Panorama rally at a stadium in Athens.

People sitting in the stands applauding passing rally participants.

The demonstrators carried anti-war slogans.

Participants of the rally going and chanting slogans.

A woman reads the appeal of the participants of the rally.

War veteran disabled in the anti-war rally.

Boys and girls holding burning torches.

The girl's face.

The demonstrators shouted slogans.

The anti-war march of the Olympic torch.

Monument to the Victims of Fascism in Rotterdam and Dachau.

Memorial in Oradour.

Types of homes destroyed Oradour.

The central area of ​​Oradour.

Veterans of the Resistance at the mass grave in Oradour.

One of the monuments to the victims of fascism in Europe.

Photographs of prisoners of concentration camps.

Memorial to the Victims of Fascism.

View of St.

Paul's in London.

Interior view of the Cathedral.

Memory Book stored in the cathedral.

View of the American military cemetery.

Monument to the Victims of Fascism in Khatyn.

Piskarevskoe Memorial Cemetery in Leningrad.

Diary of Tanya Savicheva, her portrait.

Portrait of Anne Frank.

View of Amsterdam.

World War II; Rallies; Demonstrations

Reel №5

Bookcase pulls away from the wall behind it opens a secret door.

The staircase to the attic.

Photo of the attic where Anne Frank hid.

View of the clock tower from the attic window.

People on the streets of Amsterdam.

Floats river tram.

People riding bicycles, carrying them children.

People feeding pigeons in the square.


Dancing people.

Festivities in Amsterdam.

Interior view of an attic in a house where the family hid Anne Frank.

Portrait of Anne Frank.

The house in Amsterdam where Anne Frank hid family.

Reflections of houses in the water channel.

Bridge over the River Thames in London, view of Westminster Abbey.

W. Churchill Monument in front of the tower of Big Ben in London.

View of the Monument to Churchill.

People on the streets of London.

People sit in the bus.

The poster on the wall of the building.

An activist of the movement for nuclear disarmament Kent B. in his office.

Kent gives interviews (synchronously).

London street where the office is located Kent.

Interior view of the office of Kent, hanging on the wall anti-nuclear posters.

Shelves with literature.

Peace March in Kiev.

Pass the foreign delegations.

People greet participants of the Peace March.

Marchers carried anti-war slogans.

Serves writer G. Schaeffer Panorama antiwar rally in Kiev.

Those participants in the rally.

Schaeffer gives interviews (synchronously).

Book cover Schaeffer.

Photos of anti-war demonstrations in Britain.

Schaeffer gives interviews (synchronously).

Anti-war demonstration in England.

She speaks at an anti-war rally.

Schaeffer gives interviews (synchronously).

Anti-war demonstration in England.

Those demonstrators.

The demonstrators sang anti-war songs.

A man with a small child in her arms.

Those soldiers during the forced march.

Ran athletes with the torch.

Lighting the fire on the torch at an antiwar rally.

Activists of the anti-nuclear movement in the floating boats with slogans on the sides.

Types of streets of a town in the Netherlands.

Forms of the headquarters building of the International Peace Council.

One of the activists gives interviews to journalists (synchronously).

Selling anti-nuclear posters at the fair theme.

On the town square tram rides.

Anti-war rally in Holland.

International organizations; Rallies; Demonstrations

Reel №6

Type of sculptures "Mouth of Truth" in Rome.

Photos of Reagan.

Peace March in Germany.

View street filled with marchers world.

Peace March in Leningrad.

Marchers the world are moving on the Nevsky Prospect.

Participants Peace March in France, moving to Paris.

Type of central Paris (above).

Statues of chimeras, and other monsters at Notre Dame.

Historian S. Cohen arrives by car to his home, out of the car.

Photo Cohen, sitting in a chaise lounge.

Cohen gives interviews (synchronously).

Town, struck by a neutron bomb (animation).

Conducting experiments on monkeys in a secret laboratory.

Monkey with sensors attached to the head.

The head of a monkey.

The baby's face.

Types of toy town.

Children visiting the models of buildings.

The boy's face.

Tourists strolling through the streets of a toy city.

Monument to Soviet soldiers in Treptow Park in Berlin.

Panorama rally in the German Democratic Republic on the occasion of sending home one of the Soviet military units.

Soviet soldiers with bouquets of flowers and tied a red tie.

General view of the meeting.

Flag waving of the GDR and the Soviet Union.

The commander of the shows is mounted on a fixed platform armored German railroad.

Soldiers conducted last preparations.

General shakes hands with soldiers farewell.

Trains with Soviet armored vehicles go through the territory of the GDR.

Kind of "falling" tower in the Italian city of Pisa.

View of a street in Pisa.

Forms of the Leaning Tower.

Underground nuclear explosion.

Anti-war demonstration in the United States.

The demonstration moves along city streets.

Type of sculptures "Mouth of Truth" in Rome.

Photo Reagan.

Type of sculptures "Mouth of Truth".

Newsreel, 1981: Reagan during a visit to the British Parliament.

Lord Mayor welcomes Reagan.

Reagan talking with M. Thatcher Reagan during horse riding with the Queen Elizabeth II.

Serov painting "Rape of Europa".

Panorama Night anti-war rally in Greece.

Participants of the rally chanting slogans.

Panorama of the rally.

The demonstrators continued to shout slogans.

General view of the meeting.

People are chanting slogans in microphone view of a portion of the meeting.

General view of the meeting (above).

View the Leaning Tower at sunset.


Ronald Reagan - American statesman and political figure Margaret Thatcher - British statesman and political figure Elizabeth II - Queen of Great Britain






Summer [824]

Political figures; Rallies; Demonstrations