The USSR-Finland: Good-Neighbour Policy, Trust, Freindship.. (1983)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Babak M.

Operators: Lovkov V., Cherkasov S.


The film is dedicated to the visit of the Political Bureau of the CC CPSU (Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union) member, the Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers N.A. Tikhonov to Finland. It tells about the close economic cooperation between the two countries.

Foreign policy


Temporary description

Street one of the cities in Finland. River with a pier. Flags of the Soviet Union and Finland. Visiting head of the Soviet government, NA Tikhonov in Finland. Meeting at the airport. Atmosphere President Mauno Koivisto. Guard of honor. Heads of delegations at the dinner table, at the negotiating table. Performers are M. Koivisto, NA Tikhonov. Laying of flowers by the Soviet delegation to the memorial plaque on the house where he lived, Lenin in the autumn of 1917, visit to the house-museum of Lenin. Street one of the cities in Finland. Advertising on buildings. Kostomuksha. Kostomukshskiy mining and processing plant. Production plant. Joint-stock company "Nokia". One of the ports of Finland. Shipyard Joint Stock Company "Valmet". The ceremony of assigning the name "Nizhneyansk" one of the vessels. NA Tikhonov cuts the ribbon. The signing of contracts between Soviet foreign trade organizations and the firm "Rauma-Repola. NA Tikhonov Meeting with the leaders of the Communist Party of Finland. Reception at the Embassy of the USSR. Information in the newspapers on the presence of NA Tikhonov in Finland. Seeing at the airport.

Reel №1

Plane in the sky.


Street of the city in Finland.

Flags of the USSR and Finland.

Plane taxis at the airport Vantaa (Mountains.


Shoot photographers.

From the aircraft goes Politburo member, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR NA Tikhonov.

Soviet Premier meets Finnish President Mauno Koivisto.

Flags of the USSR and Finland.

Shoot photographers.

Children give flowers Heads of Government.

Atmosphere - the Soviet Ambassador to Finland comrade.


As a part of the Soviet delegation - First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR VF Maltsev, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade PT Komarov, First Deputy Chairman GKES VU Morozov.

NA Tikhonov and Mauno Koivisto guard of honor.

Lunch in honor of the head of the Soviet delegation NA Tikhonov.

The conversation at dinner Mauno Koivisto and NA Tikhonov.

Reel №2

City of Helsinki.

Plaque VI Lenin on the house-museum VI Lenin.

NA Tikhonov Sets the color of the board.

NA Tikhonov enters the house-museum of VI Lenin.


The streets of Helsinki.

Laying a wreath NA Tikhonov at the monument to the Finnish President JK Paasikivi.

Advertising on the buildings of the city.

City Kostamuksha.

Mining and Processing Plant.

Trainloads of ore.

Assembly shop.

Hands solder detail.

The girl working at the bench.

Men check TVs.

Man talking on the phone.

President of the company's commercial and scientific-technical relations between the joint-stock company "Nokia" and Soviet organizations Kari Kairamo says about the prospects of the Soviet-Finnish cooperation.

Port in Finland.



Working men.

Says Finnish working Risto Tammi.

NA Tikhonov and Mauno Koivisto in the port at the shipyard of the state joint-stock company "Valmet".

Naming ceremony "Nizhneyansk" one of the ships.

NA Tikhonov cuts the ribbon.

On board the ship breaks a bottle of champagne.

Ship "Nizhneyansk."

Signing NA Tikhonov and Mauno Koivisto contracts between Soviet foreign trade organizations and the firm "Rauma Repola."

Signing of an agreement for the supply of the Soviet Union two jackup rigs.

NA Tikhonov and Mauno Koivisto sign documents.

Exchange folders.

Shoot photographers.

Plaque with the inscription "Embassy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" in Helsinki.

Reception of the NA Tikhonov.

Members of the delegation at the negotiating table.

The building of the Soviet Embassy.

Admission to the Soviet Embassy.

Mauno Koivisto greeted with NA Tikhonov.

Finnish Prime Minister Kalevi Sorsa greeted with NA Tikhonov.

The delegation members talk to each other.

NA Tikhonov.

Mauno Koivisto.

Newspaper reports on the negotiations.

Departure of the Soviet delegation to the homeland: a guard of honor; shoot photographers.

Mauno Koivisto says goodbye to NA Tikhonov.

Plane takes off.