The Unknown Square Of Levanevsky.. (1983)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Skitovich V.

Script writers: Salnikov U.

Operators: Ermolaev L., Kolobrodov A., Skachkov I.

Anouncers: Tatarskiy V.


About pilot SA Levanevsky who was killed while trying to stop flight across the North Pole to America.

Heroes of Space


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Portrait Levanevskogo SA Newsreel 1937: fly planes polar aviation USSR. OY Schmidt in the cockpit with the pilot Vodopyanov MV Navigator aircraft draws course.

ID Papanin Expedition after landing on an ice floe June 6, 1937.

Pages of the newspaper "Pravda" for 1937.

Reports of non-stop flight to America VP Chkalov and Gromov MM Arctic landscapes.

Newsreel 1937 Levanevsky and members of his crew at the airport.

Levanevskogo person.

Types of aircraft Levanevskogo.

Levanevsky before flying gives interviews to reporters.

Pilots Vodop'yanov, Bajdukov GF, AV Belyakov Levanevskogo escorted the crew at the airport.

Photo Levanevskogo and members of his crew on the background of the airplane.

Newsreel 1937 Levanevsky sitting on the grass studying a map of the route of flight.

The co-pilot of the plane N. Kastanaev.

Navigator Levchenko among crew members.

Persons mechanic Godovikova N. and G. Pobezhimova person Galkovsky N. Levanevsky radio operator with the crew discusses trip.

The girls presented bouquets of flowers Levanevskogo.

Levanevsky at the airport with the crew.

Levanevsky gives interviews.

Reporters take pictures of the crew.

Levanevsky climbs into the plane.

Levanevsky in the cockpit.

Chelyuskinites meeting in Moscow in 1934.

People greet Chelyuskinites.

Photo Chelyuskinites headed by O. Schmidt on the Red Square.

Photo Levanevskogo.

Photos Levanevskogo gliding flight over the North Pole to America.

View of the coast of the Barents Sea.

View field near Novgorod.

Photos Levanevskogo.

Bajdukov GF gives interviews, talks about Levanevsky (synchronously).

Photo Levanevskogo aircraft N-209. Photos Levanevskogo.

Newsreel 1937: types of streets and squares of Moscow.

View Levanevskogo streets in Moscow and plate-pointer on the wall.

Kastanaevskaya street in Moscow.

View street Levchenko.

Interior view of the apartment Utesov LO in Moscow.

Portrait Utesova.

Photos and Levanevskogo Utesova.

Part of the interior of the museum-apartment Utesova.

Photo Levchenko V. Royal apartment Utesova.

Watch as the ship's helm.

Newsreel 1937 Levanevskogo plane during takeoff from the airport August 12, 1937.

Flying a plane in the sky clouds.

Photo Levanevskogo.

Flying a plane.

Newsreel 1937 Levanevskogo crew members during a training flight.

Flying a plane.

Galkovsky radio operator during a training flight.

Clouds in the sky.

Message to the American newspaper about the flight Levanevskogo.

Photos Levanevskogo, Levchenko and rescue of an American pilot Mattern D.

Photo Levanevskogo and welcomes his American pilots.

Photos Levanevskogo Levchenko and during trips to the United States.

Newsreel 1936: Levanevskogo Levchenko and presents awards.

Clouds in the sky.

View Arctic ice (above).

View of the instrument panel of the aircraft.

The pilots in the cockpit Soviet polar aviation.

Navigator paves course.

Members of the expedition to search for the plane flight over the map Levanevskogo.

Arctic landscape under the wing of the aircraft.

The aircraft in the sky.

Bajdukov GF gives interviews (synchronously).

Clouds under the wing of the aircraft.

Bajdukov gives interviews (synchronously).

The view from the cockpit during the flight in the clouds.

Newsreel 1937 Levanevsky at the controls of an aircraft during a training flight.

Article about Levanevsky in an American newspaper.

Articles about the death of the crew Levanevskogo in various publications.

Polar pilot Mazuruk gives interviews (synchronously).

People in the hall listening Mazuruk.

Arctic ice is under the wing of the aircraft.

Polar aviation pilot at the controls of the aircraft.

The pilots in the cockpit.

Sits polar aviation aircraft.

View of the scientific drifting station "North Pole-22".

Map drift station "square Levanevskogo."

People come out of the plane, greeted with polar explorers.

Persons station chief Vladimir Lukin and physician G. Gorbunova Daily life at the station.

Polar show on the map the intersection drift station Levanevskogo course aircraft.

Polar talk about the possibility of finding the place of the accident aircraft Levanevskogo.

Persons conversing explorers.

View Arctic ice (above).

Passenger plane is landing.

People greeted the astronauts.

Newsreel 1937 held on the last flight crew Levanevskogo (alternating shots chronicle of the meeting with the staff of astronauts).

Photos Levanevskogo giving interviews to foreign reporters before departure.

Newsreel 1937 Levanevskogo plane takes off from the airport.

Map of the North Pole.

View of Earth from space.


Levanevsky Zygmunt A. - Pilot Schmidt Schmidt - scientist, geographer, polar explorer Ivan D. Papanin - polar explorer Vodop'yanov Mikhail - Pilot Bajdukov George Filippovich - Pilot Alexander Belyakov - Pilot Levchenko Viktor Ivanovich - the navigator, Pilot Kastanaev Nikolai G. - Pilot Galkovsky Nikolai Y. - pilot, aviation radio operator Godovikov Nikolai - mechanic Pobezhimov Grigory Trofimovich - mechanic


1934 1937 08/12/1937


Moscow [820] Arctic [941]


Summer [824]

Arctic and Antarctic; International cooperation