Once Upon A Time There Lived Varvara, an Old Woman. (1983)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kochetkov A.

Script writers: Kochetkov A., Ryapolov N.

Operators: Kochetkov A.

Anouncers: Tatarskiy V.


The story of the village Malobykovo Belgorod region, memories of the villagers V.P.Harybinoy about the revolution and the Great Patriotic War.

Russian cities and regions | Agriculture

Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Winter sunset, rural natural scenery.

Elderly woman rocks the cradle.

The baby in the cradle.

Photo on the wall.

Photo and kerosene lamp on the ceiling.

Gardening pear.

Under the tree is covered table, people are sitting at the table.

Photo V.P.Harybinoy near a bouquet of lilacs.

Relatives and friends share memories of V.P.Harybinoy.

The collective farm field.

Combines harvesting of winter crops.

Machine operators in the cabs.

Rolls harvested grain.

People rake grain.

Collective farm fields.

Veteran M.V.Sychev talking to villagers.

The photo. M.V.Sychev talks about how he writes poetry.

Chickens in the yard, a dog on a chain. M.P.Sycheva watering flowers.

Blooming tulips.

A woman walks across the yard.

The cat in her arms.

Clocks and photography.

Children playing with a puppy.

Veteran I.Chermenev talks about revolution, a number are children.

Children listen to a veteran.

Alternation: photos, face the elderly.

Kolhoznicy people pass products from the truck.

Under the trees is a table, people have lunch.

Elderly man helping fellow villager wash, pouring water from a jar.

Bread and apples on the table.

Those diners farmers.

Older women sharing memories of pre-war and military life.

Combine working in field at sunset and after sunset.


The illuminated window of a house.

Flower on the window.

The women sing a song.

Pitcher and bowl with bread on the table.


Belgorod region [770]


Winter [823] Spring [825]

Reel №2

Women are sitting at the table, talk about the war years.

Star on the fence.

At the gate there are children.

The branches of a tree on a fence.

The photo.

Says veteran I.Drogolov.

The photo. I.Drogolov talking with an elderly woman.

The meeting in the village square on May 9.

The man with the accordion.

Older people, war veterans.

Students at the monument to the heroes of the war.


Villagers listen oration.

Those recruits.

Aged people.

Conscripts carrying flowers.

Villagers sing a song.

Alternating: the faces of people on a country road going truck.

View of the field.

Boy sitting on the grass.

Elderly man playing the horn.

Blooming sunflowers.

On the street are logs and planks, men hewing logs.

Men with boards in hand.

Tree trunk. A.Harybin goes through the garden.

Pictures. A.Harybin tells the history of the village.


A festival on the street, people sing ditties.

Small children.

The crowd at the entrance to the courtyard.

View of the village.

On the way are the bride and groom, accompanied by the villagers, people sing a song.


People sit at a table in the garden and listen to the recording of the choir.

Sloping field, haystacks.

Children playing in the rain.

Apples on the branches.

Apples on the grass.

Jug and apples on the bench. A.Harybin.

Dried grass.

The path in the grass.

Arable land.

Tractors plow the land.

As arable land is a young man.

Tractor in the field.




Belgorod region [770]


Spring [825]