England and France at the beginning of the Second world war (1940)

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Scene №1 England, France and Germany in the beginning of the Second world war

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Map of the Bay of La Plata.

The fleet the German cruiser "Admiral Graf Spee", destroyed in the battle of La Plata Bay 13 December 1939, circles indicate the locations of the hits of the English shells.

The bow of the cruiser.

The sailors in the boat approach the mooring barrel.

Sailors of the cruiser on the deck, the view of the bow of the cruiser.

Flag of the German Navy on the mast of the cruiser.

French warships in the campaign.

View of one of the artillery towers of the French flag on the mast.

View of the shop of one of the English shipyards.

Women work on the machines.

View of the shop (above).

Women perform manual operations on drilling the holes in the parts.

View of the shop (above).

Women on the Assembly of the parts of the hull.

Klepalschitsy collect a part of the ship hull.

The production process in the factory, women at work.

Women take out a part of the ship's helm.

Workers ran out of the shop for the air RAID alarm.

A French army unit is on a city street, soldiers other parts welcome them.

Soldiers receive award lists and holiday certificates.

Award on the overcoat of one of the soldiers.

The soldiers sit in the truck.

Faces of the soldiers.

Seeing the soldiers departing on leave.

A bugler gives the signal.

Soldiers seated on passenger cars.

Moving train.

Prime Minister E. Daladier and the Prime Minister of England, Chamberlain N. out of the Elysee Palace in Paris.

Daladier and Chamberlain at the entrance to the Elysee Palace.

Photographers are taking pictures.

Daladier and Chamberlain shaking hands.

Chamberlain Salida in the car.

French and English units on the March.

Unloading of equipment and food in the port.

A column of French heavy artillery on the March.

View of the port.

Unloading of the vessel.

Barrels of fuel at the Marina.

Arch over the entrance to the French Bank.

The view of the building of the London stock exchange on Throgmorton street.

View of Throgmorton street.

Credit cards the Bank of France and Bank of England.

World map with the British colonies.

Bills, coins and gold bars in banks (split-screen).

Interior views of the Bank vaults.

French soldiers at the loopholes inside the fortifications.

German cavalry unit during the show.

Construction of concrete anti-tank obstacles, builders hose.

Concrete work on the Maginot line.

Map of Europe with the territories occupied by Nazi Germany.

German construction battalion goes to work.

Stormtroopers with clubs raise money for charitable assistance to the Wehrmacht.

The distribution of the food population with a German field kitchen on the occupied territories.

Ripe wheat ears.

Types of industrial enterprises and mines.

The production process in the foundry.

Bringing the guns into firing position.

Moving tanks.

Flying airplanes.

The process of minting coins and printing paper money.

A gift edition on the history of France.

Newsreel of the first world war, French soldiers take to the attack from the trenches.

Is a division of French infantry.

View of the artillery positions of the French troops.

The ceremony of transfer of the English sanitary vehicles of French troops.

French recruits are physical.

French hunters during the holidays.

The pilots in the barracks playing dominoes.

Soldiers during the movies.

Morning rise in the French cadet school.

Cadets dress up, the officer helps to dress one of the younger cadets.

Cadets perform their morning toilet.

Cadets in the class during the lesson.

The faces of the cadets.

The cadets in the morning divorce and drill classes.

Marching in the ranks of the cadets.

The lesson of black recruits in the colonial army, training, saluting.

The face of new recruits.


Daladje Eduard -- French statesman and political figure Chemberlen Artur Nevill -- English statesman and political figure

Calendar: 1940

Locations: Paris [850] London [870] France [77] Germany [84]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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