The Film About the Extraordinary Life. (1984)

Documentary №8938, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:52
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Andrikanis E.
Screenwriters:Andrikanis E., Ryabova M.
Camera operators:Gorbatskiy V.
Composers:Galakhov O.
Anouncers:Balmusov U., Rostockiy A.
Text authors:Voronov N.


The film is ddicated to the unusual fortune of the film 'Timur and His Team". The heroes of the "old" film become the heroes of the "new" film.

Temporary description:

1h. - Images from the film "Timur and his team." Says N. Kutuzov. Performers with a doll during a puppet show. Says E. Derevshchikova and L. Shchipachev. Shchipachev with Kutuzov on the exhibition. Says T. Gaidar, Boris Kamov. 2h. - Faces timurovtsi siege of Leningrad: EA already served, T. Andresen; interviews with them. Kiev. Cathedral. Chronicle: streets of Leningrad, the soldiers put urchins. Says V. Ostromensky. Read A. Gaidar. At the table sits T. Gaidar.

Reel №1

Photos writer Arkady Gaidar and his family.

Stills from the film "Timur and His Team" (directed by A. Reasonable and A. Lukinsky).

Artistic director of the Academic Choir of Russian Song Nikolai Kutuzov, who plays geiko in "Timur and His Team", conducts a rehearsal of the choir (synchronous), the choir sings (synchronous)

N. Kutuzov gives interviews (synchronously).

Performance in Central Puppet Theater (theater Obraztsova) children watch.

Says actress Catherine Derevschikova (who plays Eugene in "Timur and His Team") (synchronously).

Art Studio LS Shchipachev.

Photos Libya Shchipachev plays the role of Timur in the film, the working time of shooting.

LS Schipachev gives interviews (synchronously).

Face painting Shchipachev.


L. Schipachev in the hall with N. Kutuzov.

Meeting LS Shchipachev Derevschikovoy with E. and N. Kutuzov.

Photo: A. and T. Gaidar, photos Timur Abramovich over the years.

Books in the office of TA Gaidar.

Book writer and literary critic B. Kamov dedicated A. Gaidar.

B. Kamov is interviewed in his office (synchronously).

Photos of Leningrad during the war.

Reel №2

Kuritsko E. and T. Andresen, former Timurovtsev in besieged Leningrad, said the blockade (synchronously).

Views of Kiev.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Kiev, the people on the street.

Soldiers build fortifications.

Kiev are Timurovtsev.

Photos of former Timurovtsev, former guerrilla and scout, writer Vladimir Ostromenskogo.

B. Ostromensky interviewed in the park (synchronously), passes on the street.

Books about A. Gaidar, magazines in the room B. Kamov.

B. Kamov said about A. Gaidar (synchronous).

Those children - CU.

Children speak about timurovskoy work (sync).

Arkady Gaidar reading, sitting at a table.

Repetition of frames from the first part.

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