№ 18 To the gold link[BAM film chronicle] (1984)

Documentary №8940, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:17
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Troshkin V.
Camera operators:Cherkasov S.
Text authors:Nikolaev L.


A story about the tour of the member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the First Deputy of the Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers Geidar Aliev around Siberia and the Far East.

Historical background:

On a trip to Siberia and the Far East, a member of the Politburo, the 1st deputy chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers GAAlieva accompanied by First Secretary territorial and regional committees of the CPSU D.N.Gagarov, A.K.Cherny, S.S.Avramenko, A.M.Belyakov, V.I.Sitnikov, Yu.N.Prokopev; Ministers N.S.Konarev, I.D.Sosnov; chairman USSR State Committee S.V.Bashilov; deputy chairman of Gosplan V.E.Biryukov; Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers N.I.Maslennikov; secretary of the Komsomol N.K.Dolgushkin.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Siberian landscape (shot from a helicopter).

GA Aliev with the accompanying helicopter.

The Lena River, view of Ust-Kut.

Along the river are passenger ships.

Alternating: the committee members on the ship, cargo port views sturgeons.

GA Aliev to accompany the port.

The Annual Meeting of the government commission.

Acts GA Aliev.

Shooting from a train window: a flood in the forest composition of wagons, bridges over the river, the village, the station building.

The Commission is working on the train.

Natural landscape.

People look out the window.

Alternation: building stations, people in the interior hallways stations, details of decoration stations.

Panorama of the city (filming from a helicopter).

The first house Severobaikalsk.

The Government Commission on the station Kunerma.

Arriving at the station Ulkan.

Homes townships.

Workers meet Commission.

Welcome speech GAAlieva.

Shooting from a train window: types of forest at the foot of the mountains, cars composition.

Works in Severomuisk tunnel.

The Commission goes through the tunnel.

People go through the tunnel in the service train.

GA Aliev talking with the workers.


Aliev GA - State, party and political activist.

Locations: Siberia [926] Irkutsk region [777] Amur Oblast [767] Republic of Buryatia [740]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

There is a meeting of the government commission, people turn present papers and proposals.


GA Aliev.

Discussion of issues and construction of North-Kodar tunnels.

K.V.Mohortov. M.K.Makartsev. N.S.Konarev. I.D.Sosnov.

Commission scientists and engineers on the track.

Work for laying railway track in the various zones under different weather conditions.

A.V.Bondarya Brigade. A.V.Bondar.

GA Aliev and other members of the committee work in a helicopter.

Helicopter visas below.


Workers meet Commission.

Laying railroad tracks.

The committee members talk with the workers.

Operators with photo and movie camera.

People's faces.

Foreman reports GAAlieva symbolic silver crutch.

GA Aliev scored crutch.


People's faces.

GA Aliev says goodbye to workers.

Shooting team builders.

GA Aliev talks to people on the streets.

Detail of the committee meeting, says GA Aliev.

Neryungri coal mine, mining equipment works.

Freight train on the railway in the valley.

Wagons loaded with coal, railway interchange.

Wagons loaded with coal at the port.

Railway transport timber.

Mining equipment in the quarry.

Members of the government commission bypass construction.

People watch the rise of the container.

View of the port.


Aliev GA - State, party and political activist. Yuri Koshelev - Head Glavtonnelmetrostroya. Mokhort KV - Head for the construction of BAM, Deputy Minister of Transport Construction of the USSR. MK Makartsev - Head of the Railway Troops of the Ministry of Defence. Konarev NS - Minister of Communications of the USSR. Sasnou ID - Minister of Transport Construction of the USSR. Bondar AV - Brigadier Komsomol youth brigade Rairoad SMP-581 Trust Nizhneangarsktransstroy, Hero of Socialist Labor.

Locations: Siberia [926] Irkutsk region [777] Amur Oblast [767] Republic of Buryatia [740] The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) [750]

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