The Khalkhin-Gol River: the Undeclared War.. (1984)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kochetkov A. S.

Script writers: Gurkov G., Kochetkov A. S.

Anouncers: Tatarskiy V.


The film is dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the events taking place at the Khalkhin-Gol River.

Armed conflicts

Wars, conflicts and disasters | War

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View area Khalkhin Gol (above).

Types of steppe near Khalkhin Gol (above).

Remains rifle trenches in the desert.

Some caterpillars broken tank.

Housing destroyed tanks in grassy trench.

Broken Soviet tanks in the trenches, the tanks through the grass grows.

The hole in the side of the shell of the tank.

Monument to Soviet tank crews who were killed during the fighting on Khalkhin Gol.

View from the top of the monument.

In the sky flying Japanese jets.

Pages of Japanese history textbook.

Japanese schoolchildren in a classroom during a lesson.

Newspaper articles in English on Japanese aggression in China.

Newsreel 1937 Japanese soldiers in Nanjing.

Mobilization of Koreans in the Japanese army.

Demonstration in Japan for the return of the Southern Kuriles.

Newsreel, 1930: Prime Minister Tojo on the podium.

Parade of Self-Defense Forces of Japan.

US President R. Reagan, during a meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan.

Newsreel, 1946: view of Tokyo.

The street passing bus for prisoners.

A sign of the International Military Tribunal.

The defendants were removed from the bus.

The bus leaves Tojo.

The defendants enter the court room.

Reporters photographed entering.

General view of the conference room of the tribunal.

The room is composed of judges.

The judges are at their seats.

People are standing in the hall.

Defendants sit on their seats.

The defendants and interpreters wear headphones.

View of the hall of the tribunal.

Prosecutors from the Soviet Union are sitting at the table.

The defendants and the judges are watching newsreels filed in a prosecution.

Tojo looks newsreels.

Tojo of the floor.

Map of "Great Japan".

Trainee Japanese school of the 1930s meets lesson, standing desks.

Pupils of a kindergarten at the time of the war game.

Samurai sword in the hands of the officer.

Japanese soldiers in the ranks.

Those soldiers.

On the flagpole rises flag with the Nazi swastika.

Hitler welcomed the passing in front of him troops Nearby stands Goering.

German soldiers marching.

Japanese soldiers during the parade.

Tojo welcomed the troops.

Hitler welcomes members of the Japanese delegation to the signing of the Anti-Comintern Pact in 1937.

The representative of Japan puts his signature under the Covenant.

Those judges of the International Tribunal.

Former Emperor Manchukuo Pu-and access to the platform to testify.

The representatives of China in the hall of the tribunal.

Pu-and responding to written questions from the judges.

Flags of Manchukuo in the wall of the building.

Pu, and exit the palace.

The rally and demonstration in honor of the alliance between Germany, Italy, Japan and Manchukuo.

One of the judges of the Tribunal view the document charges.

Presentation of the prosecution documents "Tanaka Memorial."

View of the Great Wall of China (the top).

Japanese soldiers on the streets of Shanghai in 1937.

Cars and rickshaws with a Japanese flag.

Japanese soldiers buried in the ground alive civilians.

Japanese officer's face.

The soldiers fired at the windows of a machine gun.

Soviet border guard goes along the border.

A speaker at a rally against the Japanese aggression in the area of ​​Lake Khasan.

People listen to the speakers.

Panorama of the rally.

The soldiers built wire fences.

Waving a red flag.

Wire fences on the river Khalkhin-Gol.

Japanese soldiers crossing the river on an inflatable boat.

Japanese troops boost Khalkhin Gol in May 1939.

Funneling Japanese tanks.

Soviet commanders are watching the actions of the enemy in the telescope.

Machine-gun firing.

Soviet infantry is defensive battles.

Removal of the wounded from the battlefield.

Corps Commander Zhukov GK studying the map a combat situation.

Fires cannon.

The soldiers in the trenches.

Earth scatters from the explosion.

Artillery duels, explosions of shells.

Flies aircraft.

The navigator at the sight.

Bombs are flying down.

Soviet bomber crew during flight.

General view of the battlefield.

Flying airplanes, bombs on the ground.

Burning armored vehicles.

The dead Japanese soldier.

Air battle.

Commanders watching with binoculars for air operations.

Mongolian commanders watching the air battle.

Drop burning aircraft.

Pilot Parachute.

Soviet pilot drinks water from his canteen.

Column moving fuel tankers under the protection of armored vehicles.

Passing truck.

Passing convoy of artillery.

Trucks with infantry riding on the steppe.

Cavalry moving by road.

There is a column of infantry.

Persons passing soldiers and commanders.

Tankers repair tank tracks.

Charging rubs shell.

Tankers cleaning the tank gun barrel swab.

The soldiers dig a trench.

Job printing field.

Recent issues of the newspaper "The heroic Red Army."


Hideki Tojo - Japanese statesman and political leader, military leader
Adolf Hitler - a German statesman and political figure
Hermann Goering - German statesman and political figure
Pu-Henry - Chinese statesman and political figure, Emperor of Manchukuo
Georgy Zhukov - commander


1930s 1937-1939 1946





Armed conflict between the USSR and Japan ; Political figures; International organizations; Generals and war heroes
World War II; History; Biography; Policy; Foreign policy

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel, 1939: view of the Khalkhin-Gol.

Japanese vantage point on the river bank.

Soviet tanks boost Khalkhin Gol.

Soviet artillery crew firing at the enemy.

The tank is on the attack.

General view of the battle field (above).

Soviet artillery fire.

The explosions of shells on Japanese positions.

Japanese positions, broken Soviet artillery.

Captured Japanese flags.

Broken artillery Japanese.

GK Zhukov and Mongolian Marshal H. Choibalsan during a visit to parts of the Soviet troops.

Choibalsan talks with Soviet leaders.

Face Choibalsan.

Zhukov's face.

The Japanese team funeral brings corpses.

Head funeral team ordered his subordinates.

Handling corpses of Japanese soldiers in the truck.

Passing Japanese truck with corpses of soldiers, the road is the Soviet adjuster.

View the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin.

View of the monument to Minin and Pozharsky.

Interior view of Stalin's office in the Kremlin.

Desk Stalin.

Newsreel March 1941: German planes are flying.

The German and Japanese flags in the hands of the people.

Japanese Foreign Minister Matsuoka and Ribbentrop ride in an open car.

The motorcade turns to the Brandenburg Gate.

View the Brandenburg Gate with the Nazi and Japanese flags.

Flying German aircraft.

View the burning of the village (above).

German soldiers are on the streets of the city.

Killed by an old man lying on the sidewalk in a pool of blood.

View of Paris (above).

German troops are located on the Champs Elysees near the Arc de Triomphe in 1940.

German soldiers with the Nazi flag.

Hitler holds a meeting with the generals, standing next to Mussolini.

Hitler considers the card for future military operations.

Berliners greeted Matsuoka.

Matsuoka out of the car, up the porch steps.

Hitler welcomed Matsuoka.

Hitler and Matsuoka emasculate the balcony, greeted the assembled people.

Berliners greeted Hitler and Matsuoka.

Matsuoka, taking off his hat, responds to a greeting.

Matsuoka arrives in the Kremlin in April 1941.

Face IV Stalin V. Molotov Matsuoka and signed by Soviet-Japanese Neutrality Pact.

Molotov, Stalin and Vyshinsky AY after the signing of the pact.

Matsuoka signed the pact.

Powered telegraph.

Newsreel April 1941: Stalin and Matsuoka drink a glass of champagne after signing the pact of neutrality.

Stalin and Matsuoka after the signing of the pact.

Powered telegraph.

Newsreel November 1941: fortifications on the streets of Moscow, passing military trucks.

Trucks with infantry riding on the streets of Moscow.

Passing the cavalry.

There is a ski battalion.

It passes through the tank.

View of the Kremlin (the top).

Japanese bomber navigator looks in sight.

Bombs are flying down.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Diving plane.

Bombs fall.

Burning American ships.

Firefighters extinguish a burning boat ship.

Lying on board the American ship.

View the dock at the International Criminal Tribunal in Tokyo.

General Oshima in the dock.

General Oshima and E. von Kleist during his trip to the region of Stalingrad in 1942.

View of the burning Stalingrad.

Soviet infantry is street fighting in Stalingrad.

The sculptural group of dancing children in the central square of Stalingrad.

The red flag on one of the houses Stalingrad.

Autographs of Soviet soldiers on the columns of the Reichstag in Berlin in 1945.

Soviet soldiers salute fired up.

View of part of the broken buildings of the Imperial Chancellery.

View crushed Hitler's cabinet.

Seeing the Soviet soldiers home.

Soldiers waving goodbye from the car.

People are welcome to train demobilized soldiers waved back.

Those soldiers.

The landscape outside the window of the car.

Soldiers look at the area through which pass.

Galloping horses.

The wheels of the locomotive.

The officer looks through the window of the car.

Galloping horses.

View of the locomotive.

The bird soars in the sky.

View of the Khalkhin-Gol.

The inscription on the monument to Soviet soldiers who died in the Khalkhin-.

Tank on the pedestal of the monument.

Those veterans.

Veterans see photos of the fighting on Khalkhin Gol.

Group photograph of soldiers and commanders during the fighting on Khalkhin Gol.


Georgy Zhukov - commander
Choibalsan Horlogiyn - Mongolian politician, military commander
Matsuoka Esuke - Japanese statesman and political figure, diplomat
Joachim von Ribbentrop - German statesman and political figure, diplomat
Adolf Hitler - a German statesman and political figure
Stalin Stalin - statesman and political figure
Vyacheslav Molotov - statesman and political figure
Andrei Vyshinsky Yanuarevich - statesman and politician, lawyer
Hirose Oshima - Japanese military commander, diplomat
Ewald von Kleist - a German commander


1939 1940 03.1941-12.1941 1942 1945





Armed conflict between the USSR and Japan ; International cooperation; International military organizations; World War II; Foreign policy; Political figures; The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; Battle for Moscow; Starting the Battle of Stalingrad
History; Space; Defense and internal security; Policy; Biography