Moscow-Helsinki. Spring 1984.. (1984)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Galin I.

Operators: Nikonov V.


A film about the Sister Cities' Days.

Foreign policy | Society, social activities and community organizations

Social life | Policy

Temporary description

The film is dedicated to 30 years of establishment of friendly relations between the capitals of the USSR and the Republic of Finland. Activities in the cities of Moscow and Helsinki in the days of friendship twin cities. City of Moscow. Meeting the leaders of the Moscow City Council and the Municipality of Helsinki. City of Helsinki. The exhibition "Moscow - the capital of the USSR" in the building of City Hall. The Soviet fashion models show fashions. The ceremonial meeting in the Town Hall with representatives of the Moscow City Council. VF Says crafts. Address in Helsinki Ballet Bolshoi Pavlova and VA Gordeeva. VF Promyslov Meeting with representatives of the Board of society "Finland-USSR". Meeting on the occasion of the solemn transfer of the crew of the new Soviet ship "Anadyr", built on the Finnish shipyard. Metro in Helsinki, built with the assistance of the Moscow Metrobudivnikiv. Hockey game young hockey players in Moscow and Helsinki. The Finnish children in the Russian language lesson in one of the Helsinki school. Address in Helsinki Soviet artists. Lenin Museum in Helsinki. Inauguration Days Helsinki in Moscow on 9-14 April 1984 in the House of Friendship with the Peoples of foreign countries. Speaker Mayor of Helsinki Raimo Ilaskivi. Orchestra performance of fire protection Helsinki. Meeting of Finnish and Soviet firefighters. Members Days in Moscow Helsinki sightseeing Soviet capital, attend ballets "Sleeping Beauty" at the Bolshoi Theater. Demonstration fashion Finnish firms in the exhibition hall of the salon-studio "Muscovite".

Reel №1


Water; embankment.


House on the Kalinin Prospekt.

Kalinin Prospekt.

The flag on the building of the Moscow City Council.

Head of the Moscow City Council and the Municipality of Helsinki at a meeting on the 30th anniversary of the establishment of friendly relations two capitals: Moscow City Executive Committee Chairman VF Crafts, SM Kolomin - Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Moscow City Council; Mayor of the Finnish capital Raimo Ilaskivi the table.


The people on the street.

Tram rides with passengers.

Ships in the port of Helsinki.


The street is a man with a woman; girl.

Woman feeding wild ducks.

Picture of the Kremlin on the bench.

The emblem of the exhibition "Moscow - the capital of the USSR", which was held in the Finnish capital.

Girl sitting on the bus (through the glass).

Tea set on display.

Woman and man are considering service.

Stand with your photos.

Visitors to the exhibition examine the layout of the city of Moscow.

Moscow models show fashions.

The audience watching and applauding.

The models on stage.

Serve Soviet gymnasts.

People on the streets of Helsinki.

Soviet and Finnish flags on city hall.

City Hall.

VF Crafts speaks at a meeting in the Town Hall on holding the Moscow Helsinki days.

Hall listening and applauding.

Dancing on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater soloists Pavlova and Gordeev.

The audience in the hall.

Spring landscape.

Historical and cultural monuments in Helsinki, including Sibelius monument.

At Home.

Street Helsinki.

Meeting of representatives of society Finland - USSR: VF Crafts greeted with Finnish comrades; members of the public at the table during the interview.

Soviet and Finnish flags.

Soviet and Finnish flags on the site.

Go to work.

Smoke a pipe factories.

Workers said.

Welder at work.

The inscription on board "Anadyr", built on the Finnish shipyard "Valmet" for the Soviet Union.

The rally in the port; are sailors.

Finnish flag.

Sailor raises the Soviet flag.

Rides the subway train, which is under construction in the Finnish capital, with the assistance of Moscow Metrostroiteley using Soviet-made equipment; subway car inside.

The clock on the platform.

Street of the city.

Urban development: there are cranes.

Residential house.

Construction: crane lifts the block ladders, working with ropes.


Moments of the game children's hockey teams in Moscow and Helsinki.

Players sit on the bench.

The coach looks at the game.

Children sit hockey teams in Moscow and Helsinki.

Russian lessons in Helsinki School: teacher asks questions, the girl responds.

Children sit at their desks; boy with his hand raised; girl.

On the stage of the school concert: illusionists perform Mozzhukhin.

Children clap.

Pupils talk with the artists after the show; keep chickens.

Concert of Soviet artists: plays accordion.

Girls in national costumes hold "bread and salt" that welcomes Finnish viewers.

Old people in the audience sing.

Soviet artists on stage.

Entertainer kisses the hands of women in the audience.

See the man.

Street Helsinki, rides the bus.

The street is a boy and a girl.

The plaque on the building where we stayed in 1917 VI Lenin.

Bust VI Lenin.

Documents; stands with photographs in the museum VI Lenin in Helsinki.

The interior of the museum.

Reel №2

The plaque on the building of the Moscow City Council, in honor of performances here VI Lenin.

The building of the Moscow City Council.

Meeting of the leaders of the Moscow City Council and representatives of the municipality of Helsinki; table VF Crafts (Chairman administration) and the mayor of the Finnish capital Raimo Ilaskivi.

Document: an appeal to the residents of Moscow.


Flag waving of the USSR and Finland.

On Kalinin Prospekt are pedestrians.

A street in Moscow.

Posters held in Moscow Helsinki days.

In the House of Culture Automobile Factory of the Lenin Komsomol Orchestra performs fire protection in Helsinki.

The building of "Moscow" cinema.

Go down the street girls.

Kalinin Prospekt.

At the opening days of Helsinki in Moscow in the House of Friendship with Foreign Countries acts R. Ilaskivi.

Listen to the hall applauded.

Orchestra performs fire protection Helsinki: conductor directs the game, bowing; plays the flute.

The audience in the hall.

Talk helskinskogo musicians of the orchestra.

Finnish firefighters meet with Soviet counterparts; exchanged pennants.

Are Finnish and Soviet firemen.

Performed on stage dance "Peddlers".

Girls from the Finnish jazz vocal ensemble "Opus-5" on the waterfront district.



Passers-by on the street.

The girl's face from the ensemble "Opus-5" flowers.

Girls band "Opus-5" on stage and sing.

The audience applauded.

Finnish delegation to the streets of Moscow.

New areas of Moscow.


On the streets of the city: girls, Finnish orchestra musicians firefighters.

Girl with flowers.

The man's face.

Go wife with a baby carriage.

On the highway going car.

Go down the street passers-by: the girl with the boy.

People sitting on a bench.

Sculpture with a dolphin in Friendship Park; people in the park.

Brass pipe.

Finnish fashion models are on the Kalinin Prospekt.

People in the foyer of the Grand Theatre.

Extinguished chandelier.

Scenes from the ballet "Sleeping Beauty".

The audience watching and applauding.

The building of the Bolshoi Theater.


Russian folk song singing girl group "Opus-5."

See the spectators.

Palekh panels in the Central Children's Musical Theater.

Are members of the Finnish delegation.

In the exhibition hall interior studio "Muscovite" Finnish fashion models show the latest models.

The audience applauded.

The building of hotel "Russia".


Go down the street people; the bride and groom (the groom carries his bride in his arms).

The shop "Flowers" on the Kalinin Prospekt.

Branches and Dome.

Palace of Congresses through the branches.

Finnish delegation on the street, on the Red Square.