Live Water. (1984)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Levin V.

Operators: Zababurin V., Kondakov S.

Text writers: Allakhverdova N.


The film tells about the Pioneer Agitation Trip which took place in summer of 1984 around the battle laces of the 1023rd Rifle Regiment.

Historical background

Pionerskaja propaganda team traveled two thousand miles from the village Kastornoye (Kursk region) to Kaliningrad. The children met with residents of towns and villages, with veterans of the regiment, gave concerts. The trip was organized by the Komsomol Central Committee and the magazine "Bonfire."

Childhood and youth

Social life

Temporary description

Pioneers of the banner in the meadow. Guy playing guitar, dancing in the bus. Newsreel: drop bombs, burning the village, crossing, the soldiers are on the road. Landscape. Villagers at a concert propaganda team. Bell in Khatyn. JF Melnikov embraces veterans. Playing a military band. Meeting of the pioneers of the veterans. Neman River. Says I. F. Melnikov. Pioneers in the zoo. Fort in Kaliningrad.

Reel №1

Clouds in the sky.

Dew on tree leaves.

A pioneer group with banners is passing a forest clearing.

Pioneer get-together in the village of Kastornoe (Kursk region): children are watching, smiling.

Drummers and trumpeters are playing.

Photo correspondent is watching.

Pioneers are bringing the Banner that was returned to the school by the regiment after the Great Patriotic War.

A pioneer is kissing the Banner.

Children are holding roses.

A girl is rolling up the Banner.

Rain drops on the bus wall.

The bus with the agitation team is going by.

In the bas passenger compartment a boy is playing the guitar, a girl is writing, another one is reading.

Hands of the boy playing the guitar.

A pioneer is passing a newspaper to a girl.

Girls are dancing inside of the running bus.

A veteran is smiling.

Pioneers are applauding.

A village street.

Waving hands.

Panorama of the helicopter landing on the field.

A green wheat field.

Newsreel of 1941-1945:

Plane shadow.

Bombs are falling.


A village is burning.

Old woman with a crying baby in her arms.

German plane is flying.

Dead bodies are on the ground, a woman with a baby among them.

A fascist is walking through the burning village.

An old woman is sitting.

Tombstone on the common grave in the village of Kastornoe, pioneers are coming up to the tombstone.

A pioneer is laying flowers to the Eternal Flame at the monument “The Banner of the Cities-Heroes”, saluting.

A street of the village of Chirkovichi, cows are going alone the road.

The bus is entering the village.

Village children with bicycles are standing.

Panorama of village inhabitants who have gathered to see the agitation brigade’s concert.

Veterans are embracing.

A pioneer girl is reciting a poem.

Pioneers are standing and holding carnations.

A man with a girl in his arms and a woman are listening; panorama of old women wiping tears.

Pioneers are singing a song about the life-giving water.

The Bell and the Glory Barrow in the village of Khatyn.

The memorial plate with the names of soldiers, perished during the war.

Graves of the Memorial in the village of Khatyn.

Hands laying flowers on the grave.

Ivan Fedorovich Melnikov, ex-Commander of the Rifle Regiment 1023, is giving sweets to the children, embracing with veterans.

Military orchestra is playing.

Veterans are standing.

Photo correspondents are standing, panorama of a war veteran speaking.

Pioneers are talking to the veterans, looking at their orders.

The veteran is saluting.

Pioneers with the Banner are passing-by.

Tree leaves are trembling.

In the village of Novozybkovo pioneers are meeting with the Great Patriotic War veteran Semen Sergeevich Khalin; pioneers are talking to him.

Reel №2

A stork in the nest.

A boy is charging his camera; panorama of the record player playing.

Regiment veterans Ivan Fedotovich Melnikov, Ivan Ivanovich Gonchar, Abduramam Abdullaevich Moll, Semen Sergeevich Khalin are meeting the pioneers.

The pioneers are presenting flowers to the veterans.

Members of the Pioneer Agitation Team are standing under the umbrella.

I.F. Melnikov is speaking.

A pioneer is holding the umbrella above the Banner.

The sun is shining through leaves.

The Neman River.

Panorama of I.F. Melnikov and the pioneers inside the motor boat.

A pioneer is putting his vest on I.F. Melnikov, they are watching map together.

The map.

Veterans are laying flowers to the Tankmen Heroes Monument.

Veteran and pioneer at the Eternal Flame.

A pioneer is passing the Banner to I.F. Melnikov.

Children are running out of the motor boat.

Pioneers are picking cornflowers in the field.

Green wheat field.

I.F. Melnikov is telling the pioneers about the Great Patriotic War (Soviet People’s Participation in World War II in 1941-1945).

Girls are listening.

I.I. Gonchar is rolling out the Banner and running with children across the field.

The Banner.

I.F. Melnikov is passing the Banner to the children, the children are ”attacking”.

Newsreel of 1941-1945:

Soldiers are walking in the snowstorm.

Soldiers are walking in water up to their knees

Soldiers are crossing the river ahorceback.

Soldiers are walking along the road.

Pioneers are in the bus, their guitars are standing.

A bell is swinging on the cord.

Candy boxes are on the shelves, one of them is falling down on the sleeping boy.

Air balloon.

The bus is going along the evening city.

People are walking along the street, going downstairs.

Pioneers with the Banner are walking along a Kaliningrad street.

Pioneers are visiting the Kaliningrad Zoo: watching animals, laughing, feeding the small monkey.

Animals: a mountain goat, brown bear, giraffe, small monkey.

In the bus pioneers and veterans are singing “Po moriam, po volnam” [“By seas, by waves”].

Bus driver is singing.

War photographs: soldiers with the Banner; young I.F. Melnikov; I.F. Melnikov is kissing the Banner.

The Kaliningrad Fort: the trip participants are passing by , pioneers are running.

Newsreel of 1945:

Swastika is falling down from the building walls.


Soldiers are waving the Victory Banner.

Veterans are embracing; members of the Pioneer Agitation Trip.

Panorama of pioneers waving their ties.

The Pioneer Fire is burning.


Panorama of pioneers walking across the field.

Pioneers are carrying the Banner.