Fourth all-Union aeronautic competitions in Moscow (1914-1927)

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Scene №1 Aeronautics in Russia and the Soviet Union

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The army oversees the operation of the hose during a gas filling the balloon.

The military balloonists unfold the balloon.

The shell is filled with gas.

The soldier pulls one of the ropes holding the balloon.

The delay valve of the balloon.

Three balloons in the air.

Balloonists from the basket of one balloon.

The face of the aeronautic commander of the red army.

Balloons before the First all-Union competitions of ballooning October 12 November 1924.

The filling of gas shells of the balloons, the red army at one of the balloons.

The envelope of the balloon, filled with gas.

The crew of the balloon checks the fastening of the basket.

Flight preparation of the balloon of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

The appearance of the balloon.

The aeronauts in the balloon basket before lifting.

Kind of hose for filling of the balloon.

Unpacking the coiled shell of the balloon.

The shell is filled with gas.

Preparation of balloons to fly, kind of inflates the shell of the balloon.

The soldiers tighten the ropes of the balloon.

Clogging of the output valve of the balloon.

Shell balloons filled with gas.

Loading of ballast in the basket of the balloon.

View of the shell of the balloon.

Balloons before takeoff.

Balloonists studying a map with the route of flight.

The aeronaut in the balloon basket, the pioneers watching the flight.

Balloons before takeoff.

The pilot of the balloon climbs into the basket, receives the charts.

The pilot checks of gas equipment.

The balloon rises in the air.

Spectators watching the flight of the balloon.

Soaring balloon.

View of the site with the balloons before the beginning of the Third all-Union competitions of ballooning on 16 October 1927.

Spectators on the hillside.

Balloons on the launch pad.

Conclusion at the start of the balloon of the air force Academy.

The pilots of the falcons and Zykov to the basket of the balloon.

The balloon rises into the sky.

The face of the pilot of Garakanidze.

Take-off a balloon of Garakanidze.

The soldiers of aeronautical parts of Russian Imperial army at the basket of the balloon before takeoff.

The rise of the balloon.

Unwinds the winch cable holding the balloon.

Landing of an aerostat.

The form of a shell landing of the balloon.

Key words

The balloonists.

Calendar: 1914 12.10.1924 16.10.1927

Locations: Moscow [820] Russia [1]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Summer [824]

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