I and IV Congress of Soviet writers (1934-1967)

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Scene №1 I and IV Congress of Soviet writers

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The view of the building of the Column hall of House of unions with a banner about the opening of the 1st Congress of Soviet writers in August 1934.

The Congress delegates in the hall.

Gorky am speaking from the podium with a speech (synchronously), the delegates applauded.

The faces of the delegates.

Writer stawski M. E. in the hall among the delegates.

Gorky am talking with farmers - the guests of the Congress.

Bitter at the podium wiping his face with a handkerchief.

The face of writer B. L. Pasternak

Pasternak in the hall listening to the speech of another delegate.

4 delegates of the Congress of Soviet writers climb the stairs to the courtroom in may 1967.

Bitter at the 1st Congress of Soviet writers.

The pioneers are in the hall to welcome delegates to the 1st Congress of Soviet writers.

Bitter of the podium with a speech (synchronous), view of the auditorium.

The writer Leonid Leonov on the 4th Congress of Soviet writers.

Leonov talks with delegates of the Congress.

M. A. Sholokhov talks with delegates and foreign guests.

Reporters take pictures of the delegates sitting in the hall.

Face Sholokhov, Tikhonova N. With., sitting in the first row.

Tvardovsky, A. T. talks with Fidinam K. A. and other delegates during a break in the meeting.

Ukrainian writer Oles Gonchar among the delegates.

The Belarusian writer Kondrat Krapiva and Petrus Brovka talk during a break in the meeting.

Georgian writers and poets Irakli Abashidze, Giorgi Gulia in the room during a meeting break.

Alexey Surkov is talking with one of the Bulgarian writers.

Anna Seghers speaks with Boris Polevoy.

Greek writer Kostas Kodzias shakes hands with Konstantin Simonov.

The Face Of Kodzias.

Kodzias talks with the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

English writer Charles snow in the courtroom.

The Swedish writer Arthur Lunquist, Mongolian writer Sinamangal in the courtroom.

Delegates stand up, applaud.

The members of the Presidium of the Congress take their seats, among them - Leonid Brezhnev, Kosygin, N. And.

MA Suslov, A. Y. Pelshe, Podgorny N. In.

Kosygin and Brezhnev applauding, standing at the podium.

View of the courtroom (above).

Fedin opens Congress, the panorama of the hall (top).


Brezhnev Leonid Iljich -- state and political figure Suslov Mihail Andreevich -- state and political figure Kosigin Aleksej Nikolaevich -- state and political figure Peljshe Arvid Yanovich -- state and political figure Podgornij Nikolaj Viktorovich -- state and political figure Gorjkij (Peshkov) Aleksej Maksimovich -- writer, playwright, social activist Sholohov Mihail Aleksandrovich -- writer, journalist Stavskij Vladimir Petrovich -- writer Pasternak Boris Leonidovich -- writer, poet Leonov Leonid Maksimovich -- writer, playwright Tihonov Nikolaj Semenovich -- poet, writer Fedin Konstantin Aleksandrovich -- writer Tvardovskij Aleksandr Trifonovich -- the poet Gonchar Olesj (Aleksandr Terentjevich) -- Ukrainian poet, writer Surkov Aleksej Aleksandrovich -- poet, public figure Polevoj Boris Nikolaevich -- writer, scriptwriter Simonov Konstantin Mihajlovich -- - writer, poet

Calendar: 08.1934 05.1967

Locations: Moscow [820]

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