From the history of aviation and Aeronautics (1905-1937)

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Scene №1 From the history of aviation and Aeronautics

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Antique engraved image of the aircraft.

Engravings depicting airships, fantastic aircraft.

Attempt take-off aircraft with the shell of the airship and the two screws horizontal lifting.

The conclusion of Angra airship "Norge".

The airship lifted into the air.

"Norge" in flight.

Two men in the back seat of the car.

The cameraman is shooting a flying airship.

The dying Hindenburg.

Burning balloon.

Auguste Piccard, together with the military trying to land a burning balloon.

Fall to the ground dying shell of the balloon.

The accident airplane during landing.

A botched takeoff of the airship.

View of the airship "Italia".

Key words



Pikar Ogyust -- Swiss physicist, inventor

Calendar: 1905-1937

Locations: France [77] Germany [84] Italy [110] Norway [165] Western Europe [911]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Scene №2

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Conclusion at the start of the airship "Italia" in 1928.

The types of flying the airship "Italia".

Urban quarter (above).

Types of airship "Graf Zeppelin".

The airship is on the airfield.

Assembling the frame of the airship in the hangar.

The output from the hangar of one of the airships Zepellin in Leipzig.

The airship "Sachsen" is set in the air and falls on the course.

Flying the airship.

"Saxony" after landing in Austria.

Military and police near the gondola landing of the airship.

The takeoff of the airship "Swabia" in 1911.

The types of airfield (top), passengers waving from the gondola.

The staff at the airport catch the mooring ropes of the airship.

The airship flies over Strasbourg in April 1908.

The airship flies above the ships along the shore.

The takeoff of the airship airfield in Germany in the 1930-ies, the view of the control room.

People at the airport waving goodbye with their hands.

The passengers of the gondola waving back.

One of the pilots in the control room sets the speed and altitude.

The types of the flying airship.

Airships fly over the city, people waving after.

The sight of the airship, flying in front of the control room.

The type of terrain over which the airship flies (top), shade from flying airships.

The mechanic of one of the engines of a flying airship.

Seeing city blocks from the gondola of the airship (above).

View of the old Cathedral (above).

Passengers looking down from the gondola.

Shadow of a flying airship.

Passengers from the Windows of the gondola.

Types of urban neighborhoods and squares (above), one of the passengers taking pictures of the city.

The passenger from the window of the gondola is considering the city.

Spinning propeller of one of the engines of the airship.

The airship in flight.

Views of cities and ancient castles (above).

The airship in flight.

The crew of the airship in the control room.

The helmsman turns the wheel.

Key words


Calendar: 1908 1911 1928 1936

Locations: Germany [84] Italy [110]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

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