The Road to Grand Corn. (1984)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Soloveva A.

Script writers: Vedernikov U.

Operators: Voroncov S.

Anouncers: Belov D.


The plot of the farm "Pravda" of the Stavropol Territory, the story of seasonal agricultural work and some forms of mass political work in rural areas.


Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

The setting sun, in the foreground meadow grass.

Maturing ears.


Stavropol, panorama settlements farm "Pravda".

The field travels with a barrel-tractor trailer.

View on the farm.

The windows of the house.

Village Street.

Villagers on the porch of the club.

People walking on the street.

The building of the kolkhoz at the end of the track.

Women at the entrance of the house.

Children playing in kindergarten.

Tractor working in the field.

View from above the garage, mechanics check tractor engines.

Work at the bench.

A mechanic repairing motor.

The branches of shrubs, wild grass, light breeze.

Agronomists inspect crops.

Maturing ears.

The farmers of the central manor Vysotskoye confer with colleagues from the collective farm "Bolshevik".

Working mechanisms combine.

People visiting the harvesters, check the readiness of equipment for seasonal work.

Crohn tree.

Assembly workers plant crop.

Performs 1st secretary of the District Party Committee I.A.Tolstoy Petrovsky.

Those farmers.

Premium pennants and certificates on the bench.

Assembly plant workers livestock.

Says the head unit V.N.Papanov.

Tractor in the field.

Mechanics debug technology.

Tractor driver in the cab.

Combine harvest.

Passing by a tractor.

Tractors plowed meadow.

Tractor harrow tillage.

Says the head of the ideological level V.A.Krivoruchko.

Combines harvesting forage crops.

Tells I.D.Shapovalov livestock.

In the barn are milkmaids.

Cows at the feeders, tractor loads feed.

Women poured milk into the bucket.

Shepherd of the gate outputs a flock of sheep.

In the working team of pensioners.

Chairman of the collective farm B.V.Kulchanovsky talking to pensioners.

Clouds in the sky.

War memorial in memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

Older women with bouquets of flowers.

Farmers veterans.

Veteran in uniform saluted.

Laying flowers at the monument.

Pioneers in the honor guard.

A fragment of the memorial.

Girl sitting on the veranda.

Boys paint the table.

Children play on the court.

Those children.

Sport competitions.

Children Cabin on a swing-rides.


Stavropol region


Summer [824]

Reel №2

Students collect cherries.

Milkmaids high school student help during milking.

View from the window.

Graduates with certificates.

Graduates talk about future plans.

Students on the steps of the club.

The first day of the harvest, tractor out in the field.

Raise the flag over the field.

The journalists' questions in chief agronomist of the collective farm "Pravda" A.N.Shapovalov.

Collective farm harvesters.

The meeting of farmers at the site.

Tells A.N.Shapovalov.

Machine operators holding flowers.

A man with a sheaf and a banner.

Combines go to court.

Combines work in the field.

Boy rake harvested grain.

Combines harvest.

Spilling grain.

Panorama of the field, working harvesting machines.

Users counsel at the combine.

Agronomists inspect grain.

Rolls harvested grain.

The women knead the dough.

The woman took the bread from the oven ready.

Bread on shelves in an oven.

Meeting guests kolkhoz traditional loaf.

Adults and children.

Kolhoznicy go through the garden, elderly women are the bread in his hands.

On a country road running children.

Panorama collective houses.


Stavropol region


Summer [824]