Hello, Field!. (1984)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Fedorchenko V.

Script writers: I. Rabover

Operators: Artseulov K.

Composers: O. Lyubivec, Yu. Chichkov

Text writers: L. Tarnoruder


About school teams, which successfully work in an agricultural enterprise of Stavropol Region.

Childhood and youth | Agriculture

Social life | Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

PNRM. on the field and sky in the clouds.

Bus rides on a rural road.

In the cabin of the bus sit children.

Agriculturist farm "Russia" Mikhail Soloviev with a group of first-graders in the field.

Flowering apricot tree.

Agronomist tells the children about the natural environment.

Boy in school reads his essay about his native village.

Pupils answer questions in a foreign language teacher.

PNRM. by blossoming apple tree branch.

Landscape: the sky with clouds, forest, pond.

Ducks on the water, rustic house on the beach.

Is on the village street a group of schoolchildren.

Landscape with a River.

Aircraft in the air.

Blossom trees.

Meeting room at the table on the preparation for planting, the work of student production teams.

Math lesson at school, students master the electronic calculator.

Girls in white coats on cattle farm feed cows and pigs.

The boys finished products to sowing, listen to the advice of master instructor.

Learning to drive a tractor.

Tractor in the field.

Members of the student teams go to the field with an adult mentor.

At school, high school students at their desks writing.

Council meeting production team, the guys decide to questions on the spring and summer.

Reception at the student's brigade of new members.

Credited mandate of labor veterans to young workers.

Persons pioneers: boys and girls.

PNRM. on the sign "Grigoropolisskaya high school."

In front of the school runs the matinee, rows of children, adults are present.

In the hall to the applause of making a banner.

Awarded to students - foremost production.

The guys on stage with drawings on a rural theme in his hands.

Faces of children and adults in the audience.

Concert school initiative, a group of children sing ditties about a balalaika student's brigade.

PNRM. to construct high school students in the air.

Key words



Stavropol region [765]

Reel №2

Participants of the first school production team (organized 30 years ago) share memories with young people.

Photos of the student teams from different years.

In the family, the father tells his son, what did you do in the student brigade.

Red ribbon with the inscription "Honorary member student"

Father teaches son work in the garden on the plot, shows how to use a hoe.

Chickens on the straw, father and son watching them.

The work of student teams in the field, work the land with hoes, rakes.

At the garden trees trunks painted white paint.

Boy playing the accordion.

Girl singing to the accompaniment of an amateur school orchestra.

Little girl running on the green field.

A flock of ducks walking on the grass.

Girls sitting on a bench near the fence, dismantle flowers.

PNRM. on a wide, green field.

Breeders group (adults and children) discuss (synchronously), the results in the hands of a sunflower.

We are working with sunflower seeds.

PNRM. in the field.

Cows in the summer stalls eat grass.

Girls work together with women.

Milkers pour the milk in a can.

Close-up: blooming garden flowers.

Schoolchildren playing volleyball in the open area.

Girls peeling potatoes, dinner in the dining room.

Grand opening of the season of the harvest.

Girls boys tray with bread and salt.

The guys give out diplomas, give flowers, take the family collective farmers, wear a wreath of ears.

Harvesting combine.

Guys listen mentor before harvest.

Ears of wheat in the field.

Harvester "Niva" removes wheat.

Grain from the combine poured into the truck.

The guys from the student's production team in the cab.

Lunch in the field, the guys eat soup bowls.

PNRM. through the fields, which is the harvest.

Students collect cherries in the collective garden.

A group of boys and girls running into the water to swim.

School children in the evening.

Setting crimson sun.

Sitting by the fire guys remember the first days of a student production team.

Lit the fire.

Sunset, spikes in the foreground.


Stavropol region [765]