A Conspiracy against the Soviet Country (Film #1). (1984)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva E.

Script writers: Sevruk V., Ozerov M., Vermisheva E.

Operators: Khodyakov V., Golubev U.

Anouncers: Tatarskiy V.


About the sabotage of intelligence agencies of the West against the USSR.

Temporary description

The film tells about the subversive activities of special services of the West, primarily the CIA against the Soviet Union. The film features the following filming: customs airport [Sheremetyevo] detain foreign nationals who tried to carry anti-Soviet literature, speeches at a press conference in Moscow on 6 February 1957, detained by the KGB American spies. Life of Russian emigres in France in the 30-ies. General view of one of the cities in Poland. The funeral of a Soviet diplomat Vaclav Vorovskogo. The trial of a British citizen Brook, provezshim in Moscow anti-Soviet literature (synchronously). Talk Solzhenitsyn correspondent (synchronously). Interviews Czechoslovak journalist Thomas Rzhezacha (synchronously). General view of the building of the American consulate in Leningrad. The trial of VT Repin - The Fund Solzhenitsyn (synchronously). Interviews dissidents Rosenburg, R. Rand (synchronously). Types of Paris. Interviews journalist Yu Ehrlich (synchronously). Types of the city of Vienna. Foreign tourists pass through the streets. Synagogue in Moscow. The people at the synagogue. Anatoly Sharansky gives interviews to foreign correspondents (synchronously). Interviews dissident I. Begun (synchronously). Landscape of Israel. Check out the Jews from the Soviet Union in Israel. The film features shots chronicles World War II. The trial of Nazi war criminals involved in the massacre of civilians in the Ukraine (synchronously).

Reel №1

Soviet customs - customs officer gets hidden money from the boot heel of a cane.

Women's coat, special cut for smuggling.

Customs officer goes through things, pulls out a gun.

Hiding in the bottom of the cage with a parrot, which was hidden in a foreign language literature.

Weapons and items seized by customs inspection.

Newsreel of the 1940s - was

New York streets with traffic.

The building of the CIA.

CIA employees at a teletype, the phone.

Multrabota - Logo CIA.

Newsreel 1957. - Press conference in Moscow in connection with the detention of the security organs saboteurs Kravets-Sorokin, Zelensky, Kudryavtseva.

Playing arrested saboteurs (synchronously).

Emigrants from the Soviet Union on the streets of European cities to greet Xia hug.

Rally immigrants.

Newsreel of the 30's - France.

Cover newsreel.

Hang a portrait of Nicholas 2. Man praying in church.

Emigrants are sitting at the table.

Town square plaque on the building of the "Office of Russian refugees."

A man checks the documents of Russian immigrants.

Russian expats working in the kitchen, a chicken coop, a cafe.


Café, visitors, dancing crowd.

Performers dance Georgian dance.

Education boys Cadets.

Photos of Baron Wrangel, Semyonov.

Photo and book chapters "Russian Fascist Union Rodzaevsky.

Reel №2

Newsreel - Poland.

On street passing carriage rides tram.

The building of a special forces in Warsaw.

France - Typography "The Return" in Paris.

Member of the underground terrorist group reads the newspaper.

Funeral diplomatic courier Theodore net.

The funeral of the murdered Soviet ambassador in Paris P. Voikov.

Funeral Soviet diplomat Vaclav Thieves (all of them were killed by the counter-revolutionaries in the 20-s).

Photos beloemigrantami M. George, founder of the People's Labour Union (NTS).

Multrabota - photos emigres over a map of "capturing the Kremlin"

photos of agents - STC members: R. N. Redlich (Vorobyev), II Agruzova, AE Shira, Romanova.

Text information about these agents against the frame 2nd World War.

Said a member of the People's Labour Union Papp, who had escaped from Latvia.

The trial of Brooke, arrested for transporting illegal literature in the Soviet Union.

Magazine "Sowing" - organ of the NTS.

Interview P. Evdokimov, who wrote an article for the journal.

Images from the foreign film - writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn gives interviews (synchronously).

Czechoslovak Rzhezach publicist says Solzhenitsyn (synchronously).

Reel №3

T. Rzhezach says Alexander Solzhenitsyn (synchronously).

Photos young Solzhenitsyn.

Says N. Vitkovich - accuses Alexander Solzhenitsyn in the denunciations.

Excerpt from French documentary: Solzhenitsyn told simultaneously in Russian.

The building of the U.S. Consulate in St.


Talk resprediteli Leningrad branch of the "Fund Solzhenitsyn" VT and EY Repnin.

The trial of VT Repnin.

Repnin giving evidence (synchronously).

Testimony of the former police Karpovich saboteur Volkonsky (synchronously).

Documents "Solzhenitsyn Fund."

Said one of the Rosenberg Fund rasprediteley (synchronously).

Reel №4


Immigrant from the USSR R. Rand in a cafe drinking coffee, tells of Radio "Liberty."

Paris Street, the building Radio "Liberty."


New York.

The building of Radio "Liberty."

Immigrants from the USSR Glukhov and AM Glukhov told (synchronously) on the hard life in Paris.

Journalist J. Ehrlich shows pictures of S. Mudrik - one of the leaders of the "Ukrainian nationalists"

photographs of the CIA and the Israeli intelligence

tells of the activities of these people (synchronously).

Austria - Ship at the pier, visitors walk down the ramp.


Vienna - a report on the city, monuments, streets, squares, the people in the cafe.


Synagogue in Moscow.

Emissaries of the Israeli intelligence M. Nasser, E. Laine and M. Siskin talks to visitors synagogue, agitating them to move to Israel.

Zionist secret meeting in Moscow: the people at the table.

Spy Sharansky gives interviews to foreign correspondents.

Sharansky in the car.

Reel №5

Mathematician I. Begun, convicted for distributing anti-Soviet literature, and the recruitment of agents, interviews with the investigator (synchronously).

Items seized from I. Begun.

Military training of youths in Israel.

Emigrants from the Soviet Union down the ramp at the airport in Israel.

Mountain landscape.

From soldiers lying dead.

Photos of Russian immigrants.


Paris - emigrant Tonkonog gives interviews (synchronously).

Soviet consulate in Vienna.

Crying woman immigrant.

Expatriates say the desire to return to the USSR (synchronously).

Newsreel 1930-1945 gg: torchlight procession of the Nazis.

The prisoners dug grave.

Sandy beach, running boy.

Sculptural ensemble in memory of the victims of fascism in Salaspils.

Newsreel 1941:



Ukrainian nationalists welcome the Germans.

Pass police were carrying banners, plays a German orchestra.

Photos of Cardinal J. slips.

German spy photos T. Oberland,

Ukrainian nationalist leader Bandera.

Reel №6

Photos shot by the Germans Lviv professors - multrabota.

I. Cardinal Slipyj passes with his entourage.

Photos I. slip.

Photos of Academician Andrei Sakharov, his wife E. Bonner and her family.

River Landscape.


Are soldiers, dead bodies on the ground.

Court of Ukraine of the war criminals.

Said defendant (former policeman).

The judges at the table, the people in the audience, to be a witness, the criminals on trial.

Interview (simultaneously in English) to the spokesperson of the "Amnesty International".

Posters in French and Russian languages.

Building, people come in and out.

Ukraine: The writer O. Berdnik is typing in the study, books on the shelves.

Interview O. Berdnik (simultaneously in Ukrainian).

O. Berdnik walking with her granddaughter.

Kobzar sings (synchronously) on the bank of the river landscape.

Running boy's mother turns the baby, the baby is in the sand.

Monument in Khatyn.

Eternal flame burns.

Monument in Treptow Park.

Movie №0