If to Plough Up a Field Boundary. (1984)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Yurina T.

Script writers: Golubev V.

Operators: Belyaev V.


The problems arising from the activities of the district agro-industrial associations Ramenskoye district of Moscow region and their solutions.


Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Rural landscape in Ramenskoye district of Moscow region.

On the river floats boat.

Ears of wheat.

The window of a house.

Ducks on the river bank.

The leaves of the trees in the light of the sun.

Panorama of a wheat field.

View cabbage field.

Beet harvester.

Rural landscape.

Man riding a horse.

Construction of highway, asphalt laying using the rink.

Map of the holiday village.

Technique harvesting.


Ploughshares in the ground.

Fertilizing the land with manure.

Used manure spreaders body.


Combines harvesting.

Crop is poured into a truck.

Repair harvesters.

Mechanic farm "Wrestler" Shklovsky AI gives interviews (synchronously).

Technician repairing processor.

Shklovsky gives interviews (synchronously).

Workflow in the repair of agricultural equipment.

Refurbished Equipment in the hangar of the collective farm.

The entrance to the farm "Wrestler".

Type of rural streets (above).

Panorama greenhouses collective farm (above).

Cows on the collective farm.

The workflow for the enterprise to process grains.

Rural landscape.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of Ramenskoye Aristarkhov PV gives interviews (synchronously).

The vehicles are in front of the City Council.

Aristarkhov holds a meeting with representatives of industrial associations.

General view of the meeting.

The participants take notes.

Breeding farm collective farm "Leninist".

Cows on a farm.

Farm worker gives hay to calves.

Handling cattle wagon.

Commercial Vehicle leaves.

Panorama of the collective farm field.

Aristarkhov gives interviews (synchronously).

Handling of fertilizers in trucks.

Chairman Bronnitsy association "Rayselhoztehnika" Colonel AF gives interviews (synchronously).

Transportation broken tractor truck.

The emblem of the association.

Towing tractor.

Interior view of workshop repair engines.

Welder at work.

Colonels gives interviews (synchronously).

Used excavator on the platform.

Chairman of the association "Rayselhozhimiya" Zazhivihin VI gives interviews (synchronously).

Repair trucks.

Zazhivihin gives interviews (synchronously).

Technology leaves their garage.

Reel №2

On the road passing heavy trucks.

Agricultural machinery on the collective farm.

Signs of ministries and committees of the USSR engaged in agriculture.

Rural landscape, grazing on the collective herd.

He drives a milk tanker.

Sign Ramensky Dairy Plant.

Director plant Kolanovsky NV gives interviews (synchronously).

He drives a milk tanker.

View of the village from the highway.

Panorama Combine bread.

Director plant Pechin VJ talks about cooperation with the district agricultural association (RAPO) (synchronously).

Filling fodder container truck.

The driver sits in the cockpit.

Map of the territory of the plant.

Pechin gives interviews (synchronously).

Panorama of the field.

Tractors plow the land.

Director of the farm gives interviews (synchronously).

Tractor plowing land.

Director of the farm watching the plowing of the field.

Tractor plowing.

Face tractor.

Kind of the plowed field.

Trucks with vegetables and potatoes are in the queue to pass the harvest on vegetable base.

Drivers have their machines talk to each other.

Unloading cabbage.

Treatment of cabbage on a vegetable base, base workers face.

Cabbage Weigh on the scales.

The driver goes to his car.

Director base gives interviews (synchronously).

Passing truck with cabbage.

Director base gives interviews (synchronously).

Mature worker base speaks of as cabbage (synchronously).

Harvesting of cabbage and loading it into the truck.

People throw cabbages in the back of a truck.

An employee base continues to give interviews (synchronously).

People throw cabbages in the back of a truck.

View of the cabbage field.

The mature cabbages in the field.

Apple orchard farm "Stepanovski" apples lying on the ground.

Apples on the branches.

Director of the farm talks about issues of realization of apples because of their low cost (synchronously).

Harvest apples.

Director of the farm continues to give interviews (synchronously).

Sign in Zhukovsky farm market.

Buyers and sellers in the market.

Sale of apples from a truck on the market.

Rural landscape near Moscow.

Housing construction in suburban villages.

View of the building of the new House of Culture in a village in Ramenskoye district.

Pupils of a kindergarten during the walk.

Students during recess.

New homes with garages.

View of the display in one of the pavilions of the exhibition "Agro-84."

Visitors will examine new models of agricultural machinery.

Samples greenhouse seedling production and agricultural associations in the stands and the exhibition showcases.

Those visitors.

Interior view of the exhibition hall (top).

Trade; Museums and exhibitions