Days of the city of Budapest in Moscow. (1985)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Bessarabov I.

Operators: Durandin V., Lovkov V.

Anouncers: Kolychev U.

Text writers: Nikanorov A.


The film is about the stay of the Delegation of Hungary (People's Republic of Hungary) in Moscow.

Foreign policy


Temporary description

1h. - Meeting of friendship train from Budapest to Kiev station; rally are: Petrov, Attila Ritter. Admission to the CIM CPSU with Grishin VV Meeting with Hungarian workers in Moscow guests at the Concert Hall of the Hotel "Russia", act Grishin VV, Gros. It lays wreaths to the Lenin Mausoleum, the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, visit I-th watch factory. 2h. -Delegation of Political Education in the house, at the Moscow Electromechanical Plant named after Vladimir Lenin, in the kindergarten of the plant, at a reception in Moscow Soviet, the new area of Moscow Krylatskoe. Opening of the exhibition "Budapest 1945-1985 GG", the festival of Hungarian films in movie theaters: "Moscow", "Budapest, speaking Hungarian State Folk Ensemble at the Palace of Culture Likhachev automobile plant. Seeing the delegation at the airport "Sheremetyevo".

Reel №1

The overall plan of Budapest - the top point.

The bridge over the Danube - LS., PNRM.

Street of Budapest - LS.

The Kremlin, Moscow - LS.

Evening Moscow's plan - LS.

Flags of the Soviet Union and Hungary - CU.

To the Kiev railway station platform suitable friendship train from Budapest - LS., (Evening plan).

Hungarian guests go out of the train, cuddling with the Muscovites, they presented with flowers - different.

A meeting of Hungarian-Soviet friendship in the station, playing: Chairman of the Moscow City Committee of the Trade union of LV Petrov, head of the friendship train, the Secretary of the Budapest City Council of Trade Unions A. Ritter.

Various. plans listeners.

The audience applauded, waving flags - LS., MS.

A banner on the streets of Moscow with the inscription: "Muscovites welcome participants in the capital Budapest Days USSR» - LS.

Building with the inscription "Moscow City Committee of the Communist Party» - MS.

First secretary of the Moscow City Party Committee VV Grishin takes Budapest delegation headed by the first secretary of the Budapest Party Committee K. Grosso.

Speaking attended Moscow City Party Committee secretaries RF Dementieva, LA Borisov, Pisarev, Rohan, Hungarian Ambassador to the USSR Sh Rheinau.

Building concert hall "Russia» - MS., Hitting.

Meeting of representatives of the workers of the capital with the Hungarian guests, a solemn meeting was called RF Dementieva.

Speakers: VV Grishin (synchronous), K. Gross (synchronously, in Hungarian).

Red Square, St.

Basil's Cathedral - LS., CU., With the top point, hit a Mausoleum Lenin - MS.

Participants friendship train lay a wreath at the Mausoleum, entrance to the mausoleum - MS., LS.

Eternal Flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - CU.; Hungarian delegation laying a wreath at the Tomb - CU., LS.

K / hr. 1941

The Soviet offensive near Moscow fleeing soldiers, riding technique.

The Cross and the old woman embraces Soviet soldiers belonging to the village.

Burning German plane.

The battle of Berlin, shooting from the windows.

Burn the Brandenburg Gate.

Flying the flag over the Reichstag.

The building of the First Moscow Watch Factory Kirov - LS.

Factory workshop, young people at work - LS., MS., PNRM.

Members of the Hungarian delegation to the shop, learn about the production, talking to plant workers - MS., CU.

Samples hours - finished products plant - CU., PNRM.

Reel №2

House of Political Education CIM and MK Committee.

On the poster, "Hello participants of the Days of Budapest in Moscow"; Hungarian guests enter the room - LS., MS.

Books - CU.

Members of the Hungarian delegation acquainted with the work of House of Political Education - Various.

Center for the exchange of information between the socialist countries: the employee behind the display, the numbers on the screen, guests at the Center - MS., CU.

Assembly Hall of the House of Political Education - LS., PNRM.

Lecturer from Hungary on the podium, listening in the hall - MS.

Streets of Moscow - LS.

The Moscow Electromechanical Plant named after Vladimir Lenin - LS.

Shop factory - LS., (With us).

Participants train friendship greeting and talking to factory workers - MS., CU.

Running machine - CU.

Guests pass through the shop - LS.

Kindergarten electromechanical plant (inside) - LS.

Children playing in the doctors - CU.

Hungarian guests to talk to children - LS.

Girl with accordion - CU.

Children presented flowers guests, Ukrainian dance and other dances - LS., MS.

Guests looking to applaud - MS.

Yury Dolgoruky Monument Square - LS.

The building of the Moscow City Council - LS.

First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Moscow Soviet SM Kolomin receives a delegation from Hungary.

The new district of Moscow - Krylatskoye - LS. plans and the top point.

School building, supermarket - LS., MS., PNRM.

Supermarket inside - LS.

Hungarian guests visiting products on the shelves - LS.

Dairy products - CU., PNRM.

Palace of Sports in Krylatskoye, Hungarian delegation goes to the building - LS.

Track, riding bicycles - LS., PNRM.; Viewing delegation - MS.

The opening of the Central Exhibition Hall (former

Arena) Exhibition "Budapest 1945-1985"; present VV Grishin, K. Gross, C. Rheinau; shoot photographers - MS.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Budapest City Council Z. Sepveldi cuts the ribbon.

Photos during the war.

K / hr.

Battles for Budapest in February 1945: shoot from the trench, fighting in the street.

Soldier exploded a mine.

Tanks enter the liberated Budapest.

Monument to Soviet soldiers on Gellert Hill in Budapest - MS., CU., PNRM.

Member of the liberation of Hungary, Full Cavalier of the Order of Glory, a board member of the Soviet-Hungarian friendship AP Romensky interviewed on Hungarian television show in the Arena - MS., CU.

Customers visiting the exhibition - LS., CU.

Exhibits: booklets, photographs of the history of Budapest - CU.; Interior of the kitchen and living room - MS.

Photo: "Icarus", the Budapest subway.

Bus assembly plant in the Hungarian, the bus leaves from the shop, ready-buses "Icarus" - different.

Fashion show Hungarian cooperative association "Scale - Koch": coats, suits, etc. - are different.

Visitors look - LS.

Mayakovsky Square with the monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky - LS.

The building of the cinema "Moscow» - MS.

Spectators watching the Hungarian Film Week poster - CU.

Cinema building "Budapest» - LS.

Meeting Hungarian guests at the Palace of Culture Automobile Likhachev: boy and girl in Russian national kostyamah presented bread and salt, hosts and guests exchanged badges - MS., CU.

Performance of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble: Hungarian Folk Dance - Various.

The audience applauded - MS., LS.

Bows ensemble members - LS.

Moscow Street - LS.

The building of the airport "Sheremetyevo» - MS.

VV Grishin, S. Kolomin other mourners delegation of Hungary.

Members of the delegation presented with flowers - LS.

Plane takes off - LS.