Madonnas of the Revolution. Nicaragua, 1985.. (1985)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva E.

Script writers: Vermisheva E.

Operators: Khodyakov V.

Anouncers: Shergova G.

Text writers: Shergova G.


On Nicaraguan women revolutionaries.

Temporary description

The maneuvers of U.S. and Honduran troops at the northern border of Nicaragua. Armed intervention of counter-revolutionary soldiers Contras. The women of Nicaragua who had fought for the victory of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN): Letissiya Herrero, Gladys Bayes, former fighters of the People's Army of Nicaragua, Doris Tejerina and Gloria Campos are part of the prison in Managua, where they were detained. Member of the National Assembly Buytrago Mary, lost her son during the Civil War. Residents of the northern region of Nicaragua Matagalpa harvest coffee. Soldiers of the People's Army patrol Nicaragua coffee plantations. Harvesting of cotton, grain. Women are engaged in domestic, economic matters, preparing meals, caring for children. Interviews in the hospital for the wounded victims of the attacks of the contras. The funeral of the victims, death toll from the terrorist acts of mercenaries.

Reel №1

Photo of a woman with a child.

The mother is breastfeeding. b / w flying US helicopters.

Torpedo boats during exercises.

American maneuvers "Big Pine - 3" held in Honduras: riding tanks, soldier looks through the scope rifle.

General Secretary of the Sandinista defense Commander, General, who heads the self-defense unit Letissiya Herrero home with the kids, is holding a baby in her arms.

Member of the State Assembly Maria da Los Santes Buitrago sews in the garden.

Photos son of Mary - the head of the urban resistance, a member of the national board of Julio Cesar, who was killed by guards; flowers in the photos.

Album with family photos, photo Julio Cesar.

Children play in the garden.

Smiling little girl.

Eternal Flame, Banner fire.

Photos hero sandinistra Carlos Fenseki.

The building of the former prison, passers-by (in Leon).

Former prisoner prison Gladys Bayes, who saved K. Fonseca Amador, speaking in Moscow at the World Congress of Women (Indian) visiting the widow K. Fonseca Amador Guides and her children.

Photo: K. Fonseca and G. Amador.


Bayes with the guys, pioneers in the cotton.

Pass the CIA mercenaries; mercenary with a gun, with the handset.

Helicopter over the forest.

Commander Doris Terekhina captain Gloria Campos Liberation Army fighters former inmates of the prison in the room, in the chamber.

Graffiti on the walls; poster, Nara.

Said one of the women.

Door grille.

Flowers in the garden.

Destroyed houses in Managua.

A woman washes in a ruined house.

A boy walks down the street.

Smiling children.

Are the boys from poor families.

Reel №2

Letissiya Herrero rides in the car, said.

Construction of wooden houses in the city.

Poor home village.

A woman with children, a woman at the stove. L. Herrero passes through the village, talking with residents.


The American ship in the sea.

US maneuvers near the border of Nicaragua riding tanks, fly planes.

Shouts a man, the villagers extinguish a fire.

Soldiers from the destroyed house.

The village after the fire.

Says downed pilot, Air Force Deputy Commander Roberto Narvaez self-system.

It should be a soldier with a gun.

The roof of the ruined building.

Children in a ruined house.

Destroyed houses.

A woman feeds her baby.

Sit soldiers with machine guns.

Women in uniform.

Young people in the street.

Passing children on the cart.

Sandinista Army soldiers protecting a passing car.

Patrol the streets.

Evening landscape with palm trees. "Village of Widows" near the port of Corinto: woman sweeping the street, women and children standing in the doorway.

Fisherman's widow Maria Arístegui runs along the shore.

The waves of the Pacific Ocean at sunset.

Newsreel 1983 .: Fire in the port of Corinto, where somosovtsy set fire to oil reservoirs.

Fire truck rides; firefighters extinguish a fire.

Captain of tug "Lolo Molino" Rafael Castaño talks about the fire in 1983 the tug crew members.

Consequences of fire: shipwreck; ruined port.

Ship at the pier.

Lighthouse El Cardone.

Ships in port.

Water, illuminated by the sun.

Trees, sunset in the clouds.

Patrol passes through the coffee plantation.

Battalion commander says Mr.


Coffee trees.

Reel №3

Residents of the northern region of Nicaragua - Matagalpa (children and youth), stand in the square.

Coffee trees.

Girl collects coffee.

Men carry bags of coffee.

Soldiers patrol harvested coffee.

The wounded young fighters F. Garcia, HS Artek Mendez, M. Centeno Miranda IM Mandos talk about themselves in the hospital.

Anti-American poster in the house.

Newsreel 1983-1984 gg .: The US aggression in Nicaragua: Fly by helicopter.

Soldiers with machine guns, binoculars; run.

The commander gave the order.

Soldiers jump out of a helicopter in the woods, throw grenades.

Old farmer.

Spilling coffee beans.

Tractor rides on the field, by the peasants.

Children playing in bags play.

Faces of the children.

Said a member of the youth organization brand Rogo, wounded "contras" in 1982.

Listening children.

Are one of the "contras" - the killer H. Nunez Cabezas (in prison).

It should be a soldier with a gun.

Worth H. Nunez Cabezas.

Soldiers carry coffins of victims "contras".

Crying man.

A soldier in the guard of honor.

People on the street.

A woman feeds her baby.