The School Of Brining-Up. (1985)

Documentary №9099, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:46
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Ramazina L.
Screenwriters:Blinov G.
Camera operators:Voroncov S.
Anouncers:Kolychev U.


About the work of propagandists at the Moscow factory "Serp I Molot" ["Sickle and Hammer"].

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Blackboard with the portraits of the best lecturers and propagandists at the "Hammer and Sickle", party secretary of the factory talking with one of the promoters.

Face Party Secretary.

Promoter responds to questions Party Secretary, talks about the "Schools of communist labor." (synchronously).

View of the main building of the plant "Hammer and Sickle."

Forms part of the territory of the factory, workshops.

The workers on the shop floors at work.

Foreman talking to the foreman.

Promoter selects for literature classes.

Promoter studies literature.

The hand that opens the works of Lenin, VI Advocates make notes of the next session.

The secretary of the party bureau shop Yegorenkov YG gives interviews (synchronously).

Promoter Antipov AB It is in the shop.

Inside view of the department.

Antipov suited to one of the workers.

Face Antipov.

Antipov discussing with workmates production question.

Operators of software for remote control.

View of the steel plant.

Land management at the monitors.

Antipov talks with workers during the removal of equipment malfunction.

Employees of the factory library and cabinet of political education are preparing for studies in "School of communist labor", selected literature on the theme of employment.

Methodical literature at the booth of the library.

Binder newspaper articles relating to the introduction of cost accounting in the enterprise.

Antipov holds another lesson.

Workers listening Antipov.

Antipov teaches classes (synchronously), the workers listen to a lecture.

Antipov ask one of the students.

Student gets up, begins to answer, Antipov carefully listens to him.

Student tells about the brigade form of organization of work (synchronously).

People listen to the speaker.

Face Antipov.

Antipov in the shop talking with the innovator Gudkov VI - the operator of machine tools with numerical control.

Antipov is in the shop.

Number of factory newspaper "Martenovka."

The meeting of the Party Committee of the plant.

Face Party Secretary Gribkova IV Those promoters Kuzenkova P. Pavlov V., Korshunova GA, Mednikova A.

Fungi speaks at a meeting of the party committee.

View of the molding shop.

Face shift supervisor propagandist Bauchkina AF Blue mold shop at work.

Working Degtyarev N. Yu Troshev and at work.

Degtyarev and Troshev at the blackboard with the data the results of the molding shop.

Blue steel plant at work.

Bauchkin trains young workers.

Bauchkin conducts classes for workers in the "school of communist labor."

Bauchkin uses visual aids and information boards.

People listen to explanations Bauchkina, outline the heard.

Bauchkin teaches classes.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

One member of the audience asks a question Bauchkinu (synchronously).

Bauchkina person.

Those trainees.

Bauchkin answers the question (synchronously).

Young workers mold shop pass a qualifying exam.

Bauchkin Committee and a member of the guild Barabanov congratulate passed the exam molders.

Interior view of the plant.

Face roller shift chief propagandist Kuzenkova N.

Work-roller at work.

Kuzenkov talks with the workers.

Kuzenkov in the shop gives interviews (synchronously).

Laminators Privolnaya ME at work.

Kuzenkov gives interviews (synchronously).

Kuzenkov and young worker Plyschikov during operation.

Kuzenkov talks with Plyschikovym (synchronously).

Plyschikov with his wife during a walk.

Plyschikov buys his wife flowers.

Advocates are one of the shops.

Types of cold rolling shop.

Members of the self-supporting brigade department at work.

Promoter V. Pavlov speaks with one of the leaders.

Pavlov and share experiences Bauchkin advocacy.

Pavlov says Bauchkinu the transition to cost accounting department (synchronously).

Bauchkin Pavlov asks questions, answer them (synchronously).

Blue cold rolling plant at work.

Bauchkin and Pavlov in the shop.

Antipov at a meeting of the party committee at the time of admission of workers in candidate members of the CPSU. Party secretary Gribkov people presenting candidate cards.

Fungi presents Antipov candidate card.

Kuzenkov conducts a tour of the factory to the museum for the younger members of his team.

Photos drummers production on the stands of the museum.

People listen to the story Kuzenkova.

Kuzenkov continues the story of the plant (synchronously).

Antipov is in the shop.

Workers in the shops of the plant.

Operators of automated control systems at work.

Workers in the shops of the plant.

Advocates talk with the workers.

Those workers.

Workers in the shops of the plant.

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