And Films are Still Popular. (1985)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Shorokhov V.

Operators: Durnov K., Kuznecov I., Semin V., Frolenko V.

Text writers: Ognev K.


About the XIV International Film Festival held in the city of Moscow.

Temporary description

XIV Moscow International Film Festival. 1h. - Opening of the festival in a concert hall of hotel "Russia", are: Ermash, Kulidzhanov, S. Gerasimov and other participants in the hall, on the sidelines, on stage, shots from movies. 2h. - Festival participants get acquainted with Moscow, Leningrad: guests of the festival among the actors' knowledge in mathematics, in the pavilion, at the international Film Market, the "Sovinfilme; award; shots from feature films" The Fate of Man, "" Ballad of a Soldier, "" Battle for Moscow "etc. The closure of the festival.

Reel №1

Aircraft landing at the airport.

Hotel "Russia" are members of the International Film Festival.

The opening of the Moscow International Film Festival 14: Chairperson of the USSR State Committee for Cinematography FT Ermash (synchronous), First Secretary of the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR L. Kulidzhanov.

On stage, the chairmen juries - Film director Sergei Gerasimov, A. Zguridi, writer A. Aleksin.

Raised the flag of the festival.

Red Square.

Guests and participants of the festival lay a wreath at the Mausoleum Lenin.

Concert hall of the hotel "Russia".

Participants of the festival.

Movie posters.

The building of the cinema "October".

Children's Festival: are the pioneers, the judges give autographs to children.

Flags of different countries.

The cinema "Drummer", "Russia".

Gerasimov gives interviews (synchronously).

Excerpts from the film "Youth of Maxim", "Chapaev".

Conversations in the corridors.

Italian director Giuseppe De Santis, M. Ortega, Mexican, American actor and singer Dean Reed.

Japanese actress Komaki Kurihara gives interviews (synchronously).

Mexican actress M. Ortega gives interviews (synchronously).

Concert hall.

Polish documentary filmmaker Jerzy Bossak, screenwriter K. Slavin, director CSDF I. Gutman, film critic Marcel Martin (France) and K. Yamada (Japan), American Screen Clark.

Director Eldar Ryazanov interviews director N. Dzhyuisona.

The logo on the festival stage.

Posters of movie "Salt" (Korea), "Woman in a Hat" (Poland) and others.

On stage theater Turkish actress Turkan Shore, the authors of the film "Hell Train", N. Dzhyuison other American filmmakers, writers of the film "The joke of fate", E. Klimov and other writers of the film "Come and See."

The poster of the film "Come and See."

Photos: images from the film "Come and See."

Directed by Elem Klimov, talks about his film (synchronously).

Reel №2

Journalists interviewing E. Klimov.

E. Klimov with members of the crew.

Moscow Street.

Festival Pass members, visiting the Kremlin.

Participants of the festival at the boat trip.


Festival participants visiting Leningrad, Petrodvorets.

Types of Peterhof and fountains.

Piskaryovskoye Memorial Cemetery.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the festival participants will lay a wreath at the grave.

Moscow Street.

Cinema "charge."

Excerpts from the film "Destiny of Man", "Ballad of a Soldier", "The Battle for Moscow."

Teachers and students fighting positions.

Says VGIK graduate Greek director Christ Shopahas (synchronously in Russian).

Excerpts from the film "The End of the nine" H. Shopahasa.

The director-animator Ion Popescu-Gope.

Excerpts from the cartoon Popescu Gope the anniversary of world cinema.

Festival guests in the studio "Mosfilm": among the actors in the pavilion, where the film "Boris Godunov."

Film director Sergei Bondarchuk with French actor Lin Ventura.

Take pictures.

Festival participants for tea.

Center for International Trade Center Moscow.

Representatives of organizations rolling watching TV.

Guests of the festival in a store.

Posters of movies.

Gul says Anand (synchronously).

Sign and hall "SOVINFILM."


The members of the jury.

Closing of the festival: the audience in the hall.

Presentation of the main prizes: E. Klimov for the film "Come and See", N. Dzhyuisonu (U.S.) for the film 'Army History ", H. Shopahasu for the film" The End of the nine. "

The audience applauded.

Prizes are: D. Bluba Czechoslovakian documentary for the film, "It was in Terezin", A. Ivankin for "The Pyramid", Korean actress Che Eun Hee, Hungarian actress Julia Basta, Danish actor Lars Simonsen, Detlef Kyugov (Germany).

Lowered the flag festival.

Concert hall of the hotel "Russia".