The Village near Moscow.. (1985)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Ramenskiy V.

Script writers: V. Golubev

Operators: Kuznecov I.

Anouncers: Yu. Kolichev


About construction near Moscow.

Agriculture | Construction

Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Sun in the sky above the horizon, focus on the translation of the ears of corn in the foreground.

View of the wooden houses of the village, pond, greenery around.

Lonely farmhouse against the evening sky reflected in the water.

Man mowing grass with flowers.

Girl and woman working in the garden hoes.

Rooster and hen walking in the yard.

Bed, covered with plastic wrap side.

Village houses stand in a row.

Grandma in the house.

Boarded-up windows with shutters.

Travel by bus on a country road.

PNRM .: rural residential townhouses.

View from the top of to private gardens.

Construction of a new two-story farmhouse.

Man digging in the garden on a plot near the new home.

Interview gives the first secretary of the Moscow Regional Party Committee Vasily Konotop (synchronously) on the development of villages.

PNRM. on the village street, rows of new houses.

The House of Culture, PNRM. in the House of Life.

Sale of the top women's clothing.

The woman dries the hair dryer, leafing through a magazine.

Hairdresser cuts client.

Building medical assistant's point, reception room patients.

Paramedic woman measures the pressure holds medical procedures.

The two-story school building and kindergarten.

Room with rows of cots.

Children's playroom, children at the table playing with blocks, look books.

PNRM. at the grocery store, sitting at the table grandmother and children, drinking tea.

Herd of cows enters the reconstructed farm.

Milkmaid prepares cows for milking mechanized.

Interview gives state farm director V. Nikonenko (synchronous and behind the scenes) on the need to create conditions for a normal life in the village.

PNRM. new homes in the village.

A group of people to explore the village.

Tractor rides on a rural road.

Poster "Construction HBC" Kolos "is PMK-9".

Construction of the roof two-storey house.

PNRM. home farmsteads.

Bricklayers lay brick wall.

PNRM. from the building with the sign "Manufactured goods" on the house-building factory.

The shop is transferred through the air combine structural panel house.

Work in the cockpit controls crane.

Production of concrete constructions of future homes.

Packaging container prefabricated, which will be collected from the house.

Poster "Complete delivery - a guarantee of high rates of construction!" The truck carries products precast concrete plant.

Cranes working on building the house.

A number of two-storey houses in rural areas.

The floor in the room with parquet, PNRM. on the staircase leading to the second floor.

Empty room in the house.

The village is composed of new houses.

Architects at work, paint exterior of buildings collected from the serial parts.

In the design studio female devils on drawing boards.

Models and drawings of future rural architectural solutions.


Moscow region

Reel №2

Assembly houses of concrete structures using a crane.

A team of builders working on the assembly house.

Inspects construction Nikolai lieutenant, communicating with the builders.

NI Lieutenant gives interviews (synchronous and behind the scenes) on the improvement of the principles of self-employed in the construction industry.

Meeting participants hozsoveta: faces of the workers, the overall look of the room.

Construction of a brick two-storey house, masons at work.

Shopping mall with a sign on the roof, "Your House".

Rural houses of different types.

The sign "Products for the care of housing."

Sale of red and white bricks.

The sign "Products individual developers."

Put up for sale linoleum and other goods.

Buyer inspects mini tractor for the infield.

The sign "Rental price per day" for tillers, plows, mowers, carts.

Truck lucky board in the village.

Works excavator.

Unloading boards on the ground.

General view of the village, PNRM. for new homes.

Interview gives Boris Shcherbakov (synchronously) on the first results of the village near Moscow updates.

Village street with houses of the old type, painted in a modern way.

Red van passing on the street of the village.

Family running on the plot: cultivate the land, the trees are watered.

Cows and pigs in a pen.

The mistress is feeding their pets.

Spouses Tereshchenko tell (synchronously) on their new home, note its positive qualities and weaknesses.

Woman and boy wash windows.

Olga Bestugina says (synchronously), that learning about the improvement of the village, her family decided to return to work at the farm.

PNRM. detuned for rural homes.

Boy riding a bicycle, running alongside the second boy.

Bridge over the river and the street of new houses.

Women talking, walking with prams.

On the pond swims a flock of swans.

Two girls are on the field, in the background cows.


Lieutenant NI - Russian politician, builder, Hero of Socialist Labor.


Moscow region