Visitng Us In Moscow.. (1986)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Kiselev YE.

Script writers: Ivchenko V.

Operators: Zavyalov G.

Anouncers: Zozulin V.


The film introduces a lot of architecture monuments, squares, parks of the capital, national parks and new -built quarters.


Geography and Nature | Towns and countries

Temporary description

Sights of Moscow: the Kremlin, Cathedral Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Lenin Mausoleum, Street: Gorky, Arbat, Kalinin Prospekt, Bolshoi, Maly, Moscow Children's Musical Theater monuments: Pushkin, T. Shevchenko, A. Herzen, Nikolai Gogol, I. Krylov, Yuri Gagarin, M. SHCHEPKIN Yu Dolgoruky, PI Tchaikovsky; monument "Worker and Collective Farm Girl," obelisk "Cosmos". Novodevichy, Simonov, Andronnikov monasteries. House-museum of Gorky Street Kachalova. Sokolniki Park. Bird market. Strogino new neighborhood, new homes in Krylatskoe. Interviews Muscovites about their lives in Moscow, recreation, activities and entertainment.

Reel №1


Moscow before the sun-rise.


An empty morning street, traffic lights are blinking.

The sleeping lion sculpture in Pyatnitskaya Street.

Reflection in the water.

A bas-relief on the building - a female mask in Bolshoy Vasilievsky Lane.

A city street.

The monument to A. Ostrovsky near the Maly Theatre.

The empty 25 October Street.

The sun dial on the building of the Moscow State Institute for History and Archives.

Bolshoi Kamenny Bridge [“Big Stone Bridge”]; traffic lights are blinking.

A sunrise over Moscow.

The new building of the Moscow State University (MSU).

A fisherman is fishing at the embankment.

The sitting lion sculpture in Pyatnitskaya Street.

A sun reflection in the water.

A bas-relief on the building – a female mask in Chernyshevsky Street.


Domes of St.

Basil the Blessed Cathedral.

The Red Square.

The guard mount near the Lenin Mausoleum.

Clocks on the Spasskaya Tower.

The ruby star on the Kremlin Tower.

The Kremlin.

An embankment reflection in the water.

Street lamps in the Pushkin Square.

The monument to Pushkin.

A man in a T-shirt and trunks is running along the boulevard.

The monument to M. Shchepkin in Neglinnaya Street.

A man with a dog is walking along the boulevard.

A boulevard, a car is going by.

A man on the boulevard is doing exercises.

The lorry with bread is being unloaded near the baker’s.

A street sprinkler is going by.

A house at the embankment.

A State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate (SMVI) post, a car is going by.

A building in Kalinin Avenue.

A man is running along the boulevard.

People are standing at the newsstand.

People are walking down the street.

The monument to A. Gertsen in Tverskoy Boulevard.

The boulevard.

A panorama of the monument to T. Shevchenko.

Cars are going by.

A panorama of the monument “Rabochy i Kolkhoznitsa” [“The Worker and the Female Collective Farmer”] on the Mira Avenue [Peace Avenue].

The monument to Yuri Gagarin in the Gagarin Square.


The Moskva River.

The monument to the founder of the city of Moscow Prince Yuri Dolgoruky in the Sovetskaya Square [Soviet Square].

Cathedral domes.

A panorama of the Cathedral Square it the Kremlin territory.

Tourists are standing; the guide is explaining.

The Tsar-Cannon; the Tsar-Bell.

Passers-by are talking about Moscow: men, a girl.

Swans are swimming.

The Novodevichy Convent.

A young man and a girl are standing at the Convent plan.

An artist is painting.

The Bell Tower.

A Cathedral.

A hand is painting.

A panorama of the building with a sun dial.

The Simonov Monastery (from the water).

Monastery restoration.

A panorama of the ruined walls.

Restorers are at work.

A girl-restorer is speaking.

The Novodevichy Convent.

The Convent details; the building; a panorama of the church.

Convent restoration.

A restorer is at work.

Reel №2

The hotel “Rossia” [“Russia”].

Astakhov Bridge.

A building detail.

Arbat Street.

A building detail.

The Library Named After Lenin.

The Bolshoi Theatre.

The building of the House of Unions.

The Sverdlov Square.

Gorky Street.

A panorama of the Moscow city.

A boulevard; a girl is on the swing.

Old buildings on the boulevard.

A tree.

The monument to Alexander Pushkin in the Pushkin Square.

A panorama of the boulevard.

A man is speaking; a young man and a girl are talking.

A young man; a girl is speaking on the phone.

A bas-relief on the building in Markhlevsky Street.

A young man is watching; girls are passing by.

The street.

The monument to Alexander Pushkin.

A young man with flowers is standing.

A hand is holding pocket watches.

The sculpture “Pavliny” [“Peacocks”] in Tverskoy Boulevard.

A sculpture in the park “Druzhba” [“Friendship”].

A fountain.

A detail of the house, a thermometer.

A girl and a young man are eating an ice-cream in a city cafe.

People are getting out of the bus.

Vacationists are in the district of Serebryanny Bor [“Silver Pine Wood”].

Vacationists are on the beach.

Men are playing football.

Young parents are holding a pram with their baby.

A panorama of children in the boulevard.

The monument to the writer Krylov in the district of Pionerskie Prudy [“Pioneers’ Ponds”].

The alley with bas-reliefs of animals, the heroes of Krylov’s fables.

A child with a dog is in the boulevard.

The Central Puppet Theatre Building.

Children are getting out of the car.

Clocks on the Theatre building.

Children and their parents are at the Theatre.

Children are watching.

The clock details.

A panorama of the Pet Market.

Rabbits are in baskets; a cock is singing.

Children are at the Pet Market.

Puppies are being sold; fishes.

A man is speaking.

A boy is near the cage with birds.

A parrot is in the cage.

A girl is near the cage with birds.

Birds in the cage in the window (the district of Chistiye Prudy [“Clean Ponds”]).

A bas-relief on the house.

A swan is swimming along the pond in Chistiye Prudy.

Chistiye Prudy (autumn).

The boulevard; a child on the swing.

The monument to Alexander Pushkin.

The monument to Gogol in Suvorovsky Boulevard.

A panorama of the boulevard.

A house detail.

Kalinin Avenue.

The embossing “The Sun” on the building.

A girl under an umbrella is passing by.

A panorama of the Swimming Pool “Moskva” [“Moscow”].

A man is swimming, a woman.

Reel №3

New buildings of the city.

Andronikov Monastery.

The details of the monument “Cosmos” [“Space”] in Mira Avenue [Peace Avenue].

An autumn leaf.

The sky.

Children are near a sun dial.

The big wheel in the Recreation Park Named After Gorky [a Russian writer].

A grating.

The building of the Conservatory.

The monument to Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

The building details.

The monument details.

A tree.

Young men are passing by.

A sculpture near the Moscow State Children Music Theatre; Theatre building.

The Bolshoi Theatre; a detail of the building.

A sculpture – children, riding horses in Begovaya Street.

A panorama of the race track.

A sculpture of a man with a horse in Leningradsky Avenue.

A panorama of a sculpture in Balaklavsky Avenue.

Leningradsky Avenue.

New buildings.

A motor boat is sailing down the river.

A panorama of new building in the district of Strogino.

A girl and men are speaking about their district (Strogino).

Children are in the yard.

A panorama of the M. Gorky House Museum of in Kachalov Street.

A snow man.

Clocks of the Kazansky Railway Station.

The boulevard.

A girl on the swing.

A street.

The monument to Alexander Pushkin.

Pushkin Square.

The monument to Taras Schevchenko.

The CMEA (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance”] building.

Mukhina’s sculpture “The Worker and the Female Collective Farmer”.

A panorama of children at the Sokolniki Skating Rink.

A man with a child is on the skating rink.

Children are playing hockey.

A fisherman is passing by.

Fishermen are at the ice-hole.

A panorama of a fishing drill at work.

New houses in the Moscow district of Krylatskoye.

A panorama of the winter fishing.

A fisherman is holding a fishing-pole.

Skis, a panorama of a girl putting on the skis.

Skiers are in the Izmailovsky Park.

A subway train is running (an open line).

A skier is passing by.

The Izmailovsky Park.

A squirrel is in the park.

Children are in the park; feeding ducks.

The ducks.

A panorama of a man with a child.

Skiers are passing by.

Men, a boy and a young man are talking.

New Year tree market.

A girl is choosing New Year Tree.

A panorama of the placard “Grandfather Frost Riding a Three-Horse-Team”

A troika is running in the park.

Fir-trees are in Stoleshnikov Lane, near the monument to Prince Yuri Dolgoruky.

Moscow, the Kremlin.