Once Upon A time There Lived Matvey. (1986)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Levin V.

Script writers: Allakhverdova N.

Operators: Goncharov A., Zababurin V.

Composers: Kutin P.

Anouncers: Leonov E.


A film about a boy who stayed in the International Children's Camp “Olimpiets” [“Olimpian”], opened within the framework of the XII World Youth and Student Festival. There is much music and songs in this film. The text is read by E. Leonov. The film is dedicated to the International Peace Year.

Childhood and youth | Festivals of Youth and Students

Social life | Youth

Temporary description

Lesson of Peace on September 1 in the first grade. First-grader Matthew tells about the rest of the International Children's Camp "Olympian". Children who rest in the camp, sing, play, dance, participate in sports competitions. Boy Matthew attends the inauguration of the XII World Youth and Student Festival in Moscow, at the stadium named after VI Lenin in the Luzhniki. The delegations of young people go to arena stadium. Sings Dean Reed. The circus acts illusionist E. Keogh.

Reel №1

The boy named Matvey is spinning round, he is being taken by the arm and brought to school.

Children and adults are going to school.

A panorama of first grade pupils standing with flowers in their hands; Matvey is among them.

A man is taking a picture of children.

A meeting at the school on the September 1.

A panorama of schoolchildren standing with their parents.

Ten grade pupils are leading by the arms first grade pupils to school.

The Lesson of Peace in the 1st form.

Matvey sitting at the desk.

Children are listening; children’s faces.

Matvey is trying to open his schoolbag.

Matvey is sitting at the desk.

Matvey is at the opening of the International Children's Camp “Olimpiets” during XII World Youth Festival.

The Soviet singer Sofia Rotaru is singing.

Children are on the grandstands, Matvey is among them too.

A woman is waving a kiss.

An African’s face.

A sport veteran is holding Matvey by the arm.

Matvey with the cameraman; on the photographer’s shoulders; with his elder brother.

Senior high school students are passing by Matvey.

Spectators are applauding on the grandstand.

A teacher is conducting a lesson.

A boy and a girl’s faces.

Pioneer Camp pavilions.

The Evening of Acquaintances in the camp “Olimpiets” [“Olympian”].

Matvey among the children.

The Camp Director is introducing Swedish, Chilian, Japanese delegations.

Children are playing catch, dancing, Matvey is among them.

The dance “Utyata” [“Ducklings”].

A lesson in the first grade.

A girl is sitting.

The Festival Hostess Katyusha is introducing Matvey to children.

A Black woman is looking.

The Soviet delegation at the opening of the XII World Festival on the Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow.

Pioneers on the grandstand; they are waving with scarves.

The Festival opening ceremony on the Luzhniki Stadium, Matvey is going up the stairs.

A girl is taking pictures.

A panorama of the applauding audience on the grandstand; Matvey is among them.


Delegations are going down the sport arena.

A woman is applauding.

The Dominican Delegation is walking along the arena.

Matvey is among the applauding people on the grandstands.

Children are greeting delegations.

The Festival Camomile [Symbol of the Festival] is appearing on the stadium arena.

Matvey is at the blackboard in the classroom.

A lesson in the first grade.

Matvey is talking about the festival opening.

The delegates from different countries at the opening of the International Children camp.

Matvey is climbing up the footstep.

Pioneers are presenting flowers to the delegates.

Matvey is climbing the operator’s platform.

Drummers are walking along the stadium.

Pioneers are carrying out the camp banner.

The operator is shooting.

The hoisting of the Camp Flag.

Matvey is jumping down from the operator’s platform to the ground.

Reel №2

Matvey is meeting his mates.

Children are bypassing with balloons.

Children are playing thread-needles.

Matvey is speaking at the black board in the classroom.

The Vietnamese girl May is twirling hula-hoop.

Matvey is speaking.

The children are surrounding May; Matvey is presenting her a balloon.

A round dance.

A grown-up girl named Tancha, Matvey’s aquaitance, is in the round dance.

Matvey among children.

Dances at the disco.

Matvey is inviting a grown-up girl to dance.

Among the dancing children there are two black girls.

Children are performing the dance “Utyata” [“Ducklings”]; Matvey is among them.

Matvey is running along the meadow.

The teacher, Matvey is at the blackboard.

The children on the meadow performing bees; Matvey is playing with them.

A girl sitting at the desk.

The children bringing to Tancha, the first bee Queen, wildflowers .

A boy and a girl in the classroom.

Matvey on the sportsground; the competition in rope lugging.

A lesson in the first grade .

A Black teacher is speaking.

The African man is lifting Matvey up in his arms.

Matvey is lying on the grass on the sportsground.

Tancha is calling Matvey, playing basketball.

Matvey is walking at the sportsground.

Tancha is talking to Matvey.

Tancha with a bunch of wildflowers.

Reel №3

A lesson in the first grade.

Matvey and Tancha on the meadow.

Tancha is teaching Matvey to write.

Hands are rolling up the paper sheet full of notes.

Tancha and Matvey are playing with a “laser” tube.

Matvey is speaking at the black board in the class room.

Chidren are watching (faces).

During the motor ship trip Matvey is talking to his mates.

The oncoming motor ship is sailing by.

The mates are watching.

A girl is writing.

A panorama from the wave to the kids.

Matvey is embracing the sitting boy.

A girl (from the back).

Matvey and other children are applauding.

A girl and a boy are performing an Uzbek dance.

A wave.

Children are passing by holding hands.

The Eternal Flame is burning at the Grave of the Unknown Soldier.

The children are laying the wreath on the grave.

Vietnamese children are passing by, Matvey is among them.

Roses are lying at the Eternal Flame.

Matvey is at the black board.

Children are listening (faces).

Dean Read is singing on the stage .

The applauding people, Matvey is among them.

The audience.

Black children are performing on the stage.

Dean Read surrounded by the children.

Matvey is talking to children; children.

A circus performance.

Trumpet-players on the arena.

The audience applauding.

The Soviet illusionist Kio is entering the circus ring.

An African girl is watching.

Tancha, then Matvey are entering the circus ring .

The audience.

A boy is jumping out of the box.

Tancha and Matvey leaving the arena.

The audience is applauding.

Reel №4

The illusionist Kio is showing tricks, a woman is entering the cage.

The cage is being covered with the carpet.

The carpet is being withdrawn from the cage, and a lion with tigers appear in it.

Carnival; girls acrobats are standing on their hands.

Children in bright costumes.

A girl is twirling a hula-hoop.

A girl is standing in a skull-cap.

A young boy is playing the mouth-organ.

Girls are standing.

A boy is playing the drum.

A panorama from the accordion to the girls in national costumes.

A boy in a fancy dress; a mask.


Girl acrobats are standing on their hands.

Artyom (Matvey’s brother) is washing the floor in the hall, Matvey is coming up.

Night view.

The building of the International Camp “Olimpiets” [“Olympian”] (dwelling house).

Children on the balconies.

Children’s faces.

A boy is taking picture.

Matvey is coming to the photographing children.

Matvey is greeting the one year old Aida.

Matvey with a camera; taking pictures of the pioneer brigades.

An African girl in a red beret.

Matvey is talking to Tancha; to another girl.

A photographer is taking pictures.

Matvey is being photographed with Tancha and his mates.

Matvey is standing.

The departure from the camp: children are saying goodbye to each other; crying.

Children are drawing, writing the addresses.

Girls are standing, embracing each other.

Panorama of Tancha saying goodbye to Matvey.

Tancha is waving her hand.

Matvey is coming up to the African girl, saying goodbye.

Matvey is running with a small bunch of flowers.

Children are performing bees.

Children are kissing Matvey, saying goodbye to him.

Children are embracing; saying goodbye to each other.

Matvey is coming up to the bus.

Matvey is talking to Tancha, saying goodbye to her.

Children at the bus.

A girl is looking out of the window.

Children are waving.

Tancha is waving her hand from the bus; Matvey is waving to Tancha.

The buses with children are leaving.

Matvey is crying.

Planes are flying by.

Lesson in the first grade.

The teacher.

Firstgrades are watching.

Matvey is at the black board.

He is showing how bees fly.

Children are running out of school performing bees.

Matvey is watching.