The Speeding-Up. LooKing For Reserves.. (1986)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Shorokhov V.

Script writers: Vedernikov U.

Operators: Frolenko V.


About the reconstruction within the economic experiment, which was carried out at the Moscow Electromechanical Factory named after V.I.Lenin. The self-supporting team of I.I. Matveyev is analyzed.


Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

View on the territory of the Moscow Electromechanical Plant named after Vladimir Lenin (ZIV).

Lenin monument in the courtyard of the factory.

Memorial plaque.

Across the yard passing truck.

Stand in front of the body.

A plaque on the wall.

Eternal flame.

Quality mark on the instruments.

Veteran conducts a tour for young people in the factory museum.

View of the hall from above.

Production processes, working with machines.

Manufacturing of parts on an automatic line.

View of the hall from the top, go down the aisle forklifts.

Working modify parts of electric motors.

Machining the workpiece on the machine.

The working machine operates.

Plant manager P.N.Skrinsky talking on the phone.

General plan of the plant.

A fragment of an interview with the director.

Construction of a new factory building, building site views.

The yard workers go on the truck.

Stand up to the territory of the plant.

Alternation: plant types, workflows, people with machines, machining of parts.

I.I.Matveeva self-supporting team working on the production site, shafts of electric motors.

Working with machines.

Says Deputy Director for Economics A.E.Frim.

Foreman talking with people.

Working with machines.

Opinion I.I.Matveeva foreman.

I.I.Matveev in the shop.

It works factory equipment.

Partgruporg V.V.Zotkin team.

Deputy Brigadier M.A.Znamenov.

Proforg V.I.Kiselev.

Alternation: people with machines, machining of parts, factory equipment.



Reel №2

A team at the meeting.

A trip to the factory recreation, work on the bus.

Winter forest.

Adults and children out of the body with skis in hand.



People come out of the sauna.

Tea Party.

Conversation in the lounge.

Adults with children playing on the machines.

Game of chess.

Workers talk to the foreman.

Production processes in the shops of the plant, people with machines.

A fragment of an interview with the director P.N.Skrinskim.

Operating toggle switches.

Says Brigadier I.I.Matveev.

Alternation: computer operators working with an automated control system, the output data, the readings.

Factory floor, moving parts on the suspension.

Alternation: Working with machines, machining of parts.

General view of the shop.


Moscow Moscow region