The Solo of the Trumpet.. (1986)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Ivankin A.

Script writers: Roshal L.

Operators: Nikonov V.

Composers: Ledenev R.


The film about the old Bolsheviks (members of the Lenin fraction of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union) Fedotovs’ family, their son Lev, gifted in art and sciences.

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Temporary description

Leningrad. The old Bolshevik, R. L. Fedotov tells about his life, his family, his son Leo, died in the Great Patriotic War (synchronously). Drawings, paintings L. Fedotov. Photos of family members Fedotov. St. Isaac's Cathedral. Foucault pendulum is swinging. The film illustrates the film-documents and footage of the Central State Archive of Cinema and Photo Documents of the USSR (RGAKFD), Gosfilmofond for different years, focusing on different historical events. These include: personnel chronicles military and physical training parades, demonstrations, building and the auditorium of the Bolshoi Theater, the types of cities of Paris, New York, the dispersal of a demonstration by the police (United States), New Year party (USSR), HR Chronicle of the Second World War. Fragments of the feature film "Family Oppenheim.

Reel №1

The St.

Isaac Cathedral Museum: the Foucault pendulum is swinging.

A boy is examining a spoon.

The Communist Party member from 1917, 92-year old Fedotova in her room by the table, approaching to the cabinet, getting out the folder with the diaries of her son - Lyova Fedotov, the early died talented young man.

A hair ringlet in Fedotova's hands.

The panorama of the room furniture.

The panorama of Fedotova winding up the alarm clock.

Lyova Fedotov’s diary on the table.

Fedotov's painting with the image of a church on the wall.

Ladder, the panorama of the house on the Kadashevskaya Quay, where the Fedotovs used to live.

The panorama of the passageway along the stone wall.

The panorama of an ancient church in the center of Moscow.

The church entrance.

Frescos with the image of saints.

Inside the church, the door is being closed.


Multiwork: Lyova’s pictures about his trip to the church cellars together with his friends.

Newsreel of the 30-s:

Ancient buildings, cathedrals, a building in front of the hotel “Moskva” [“"Moscow"] is blowing up and falling.

The preparation for the May Day Parade (socialist and labor movement celebrations conducted on May 1), tankmen are going, the guard mount.

Demonstration: young musicians, a folk ensemble is passing by; a lorry is going by; the models are being carried by, the banners are being carried.

Swimmers are warming up at the edge of the open pool.

The panorama of the hotel "Natsional'" [“National”] building.

The panorama of people before and after the May Day demonstration.

Reel №2

Newsreel of the 30-s:

The Bolshoi Theatre building; a car is approaching; people in the foyer, the Theatre Hall.

Photographs of musicians, violinists, a drummer and others.

The opera "Aida" is being conducted by the USSR People's Artist Melik-Pashaev.

Spectators in the Hall.

A trumpeter, a violinist is playing.

Fedotovs’ room, the panorama of Lyova’s diary on the table.

The panorama of the score of the “Solemn march” from the opera "Aida", written down by Fedotov from memory.

Foucault pendulum is swinging in the Isakiev cathedral.

Fedotova is setting the table for tea, continuing the story about herself and the son, the panorama of the hands opening the box of candies; the panorama of Fedotova dining, drinking tea.

Newsreel of the XX century beginning:


The Tour d'Eiffel, the brass band is playing against its background.

The women’s hat salon, a lady is trying on a hat.

A girl is opening the balcony.


People are boating.


The painting exhibition in the street, people are looking, discussing pictures.

The night illuminated Paris.

Shop-windows, the theatre entrance.

Carriage, cars are running.

Dances on the danceground.

Streets of Paris, the market in the street.

Passers-by in the street.

A steamship is sailing by.

The Statue of Freedom.

New York.

New York streets.

Work at a car plant.

Demonstration dispersal.

Police are leading the arrested, putting them into the cars.

New York with the Statue of Freedom.

A prison inside the statue, arrested behind bars.

New York from the sea.

Reel №3

The panorama of Fedotova at the table, telling about her husband Fedotov.

In the house courtyard the snow is being thrown down from the roof.

F.K. Fedotov's photograph (in his youth), opened books on the table.

Fedotova is taking a medicine, sitting by the window.

The Hall in the St.

Isaac Cathedral, the pendulum is swinging.


Girls are hanging the stockings, ironing the linen.

The USA: the unemployed are going and sitting on the road.

Policemen with truncheons are dispersing the strikers.

Prisoners are working.

A steamship is sailing.

Passengers on the deck, having a rest, going in for sports in the gym.

A lonely birch by the village fence (winter).

The panorama of the children book “Pakhota” ["Tillage "] written by Fedotov, on the table.

Newspapers of the 30-s, the necrologue dedicated to the death of the Altaysky state grain farm political department chief.

The photograph of adult Fedotov on the table.

The book “Priklyucheniya Geklberry Finna” [“Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”] with an inscription, presented by Fedotov to his son Lyova.

Lyova’s diaries, school papers, writing-books, etc. with figures, diagrams.

The panorama of Fedotov's carpet and picture on the wall.

The Variety Theatre building.

The panorama of a chess-clock.

The newsreel of the 60-s:

The panorama of Grand Master Tal, at the checkerboard during the chess match.

Reel №4

The panorama of the Variety Theatre foyer.

The replacement of figures on the demonstration checkerboard.

A hand is moving figures on the checkerboard.

Windows of the “House on the Quay” [famous high-rise building on the Moskva River Quay].

Grand Masters Tal and Botwinnik at the checkerboard during the tournament.

Newsreel of 1941:

A New Year Party: people are choosing New Year Tree decorations in the shop; hands are wrapping up a bottle of champagne; sausage on the counter, buyers in the shop.

A tram is passing by.

Lyova Fedotov’s diaries, the panorama of ticket scraps.

The train “Krasnaya strela” [“Red Arrow”], wheels are rotating.

The road, the snow-covered fir-trees, a locomotive is rushing.

Scenes from the “Aida"” performance (or shots from the opera film “Aida”]

Newsreel of 1941:

The Neva River Quay in winter.

Leningrad at night.

A woman is setting a New Year table.

The announcer Levitan in the radio cabin by the control panel.

The New Year celebration: the clock is beating midnight, people with glasses, drinking; the Grandfather Frost is greeting the visitors; people are dancing, a pianist is playing.

A clockshop

People are entering the cinema, taking their seats in the Hall.

Fragments from a newsreel: USSR Foreign Minister Molotov in Berlin: a train is arriving in Berlin, the red carpet for Molotov, Molotov’s conversation with Hitler.

The Hall of St.

Isaac Cathedral, the pendulum is swinging.

The panorama of Fedotov’s room (Lyova Fedotov’s diary extracts of June 5, 1941, with predictions of the Great Patriotic War (Soviet People’s participation in World War II in 1941-1945) events).

Reel №5

Roza Lazarevna Fedotova.

The panorama of Lyova’s diaries on the table.

A painting by L.Fedotov on the wall; Lyova’s caricatures of Hitler.


Appearance of seamen, athletes on the stage (in a club or Culture Center), making a “living pyramid”.

Musicians behind the curtain.

The building of the cinema "Udarnik"[“Best Worker”]..

A fragment from the feature film “Semya Oppengeim” [“The Oppenheim Family”].


Festive demonstration: the USSR National Emblem model is being carried; the Red Square; war machines are going.

Newsreel of 1941-1945:

Moscow: soldiers are going; the masked Bolshoi Theatre building, sentry is standing; people by the newspaper stands in the Pushkin Square.

A street.

Women, children, young people are digging trenches, building barricades of sandbags.

Volunteers are receiving guns, grenades, and shells; rolling out the gun.

Hitler is reviewing the recruits’ formation, clapping a teenager on his shoulder.

Hitler-time military and political figure Himmler and others are examining the concentration camp.

Hitler-time German Propaganda Minister Goebbels is speaking on microphone.

A blown up house is falling during the seizure of Berlin.

The Soviet soldiers are dragging the gun along the Reichstag ladder.

The soldiers are throwing down a figure of the knight from the ladder.

A German is covering his face with his hands.

A volunteer unit is marching along the street, a tram is passing by.

House on the Quay, the panorama of the ladder.

A hand is pressing the elevator button.

The elevator is rising up.

The notice of the death of the Red Army rifleman Lev Fedotov; the panorama of his mother’s hands, lying on the table.


Children are teetering; a boy is washing himself, taking a vase from the table; the boys are gathering apples in the garden, taking a shower.

The panorama of Fedotova speaking about herself; her hands are thumbing the Communist Party member identity card other documents.

The photograph of the Fedotovs’ family.

Salute salvos.

The panorama of Fedotova and other women watching the festive salute.

The panorama of the quay illuminated by the Kremlin salute.

The panorama of the evening illuminated Moscow.

The photograph of little Lyova Fedotov illuminated with the salute.

The Foucault pendulum is swinging.