Zionism. Continuation of the Conversation.. (1986)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Andreev A.

Script writers: Sheynin B.

Operators: Kuznecov I.


On modern Zionism, the policies of Hitler, carried out against Jews during the war. His arguments are divided kinopublitsist from Germany Monika Maurer, an Israeli lawyer Filitsiya Langer, Hungarian writer Andras Mezei, and others.

Temporary description

The film tells about Zionism, the forms in which it appears. The film includes interviews synchronous people from different countries, including: a journalist from Germany Monika Maurer, an Israeli lawyer Falitsii Langer, Hungarian writer Andras Mezei and others. The film presents the following filming: meetings and general conversation DA Dragunsky - author of the book "Jews and Zionism" with the Italian philosopher Guido Balabrega (synchronously), the demonstration of the Zionists, the types of New York. The film features newsreels 1944: Terezin ghetto in Czechoslovakia.

Reel №1

Converse authors of the book "Jews and Zionism," published in Italy, the Soviet General David Dragunsky - a veteran of the struggle against Nazism, chairman of the anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet public and the Italian philosopher Guido Valabreg, who broke with Zionism and was forced to flee from Israel.


Says G. Valabreg.

Movie Camera.

Sit G. Valabreg and representatives of anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet public.

Says the chairman of the Jewish religious community in Prague Bohumil Geller.

Movie Camera.

The conversation with the leaders of the Federation of Jewish cultural societies of Argentina.

Said the head of the Federation Aaron Byrd, Chaim Cordon; writer Ruben Sinai; Rector of the Jewish Theological Academy in Budapest rabbi - Ёzhev Schweitzer.

They say Israeli lawyer Felicia Langer, the chairman of the Jewish religious community in Prague Bohumil Geller.

Progressive says kinopublitsist from Germany Monika Maurer.


Photos describing a policy of genocide in the Middle East.

The Middle East.

Collapsing houses.

Arab woman among destroyed houses.

Soldiers fired at the house.


Sky city.

Arabic child near the destroyed house.

German swastika.

Children's clothes.

Fences and barbed wire concentration camp.



Worth Hungarian writer Andras Mezei (one of 70,000 rescued Ghetto), the wall of the former Budapest ghetto. A. Mezei passes through the cemetery.

Torn barbed wire.

Says A. Mezei.


Budapest ghetto wall, window.

Monument to Soviet soldiers and a plaque.

Photos of the Nazis and their victims.

Camera for prisoners.

Closes the door.


Newsreel 1944 .: Terezin.

Running footballers.

People in the area.

Judge shaking hands.

Reel №2

Acces concentration camp "Theresienstadt."

Cemetery concentration camp.

Monument to victims of fascism, trees, and the river level.


The grille and the entrance to the camp.

Concentration camp.

The hole in the wall.

Hangman, a chair with a flower and a wall.

The book is in German.


Children's drawings from the concentration camp "Theresienstadt."

The girl's face.

Czechoslovak says actor Zdenok Ornest. (Of the 100 boys camp barrack 417 "Terezin" survived 6. Zdenok - one of them).


Woman sits another woman.

Faces of the children.

Demonstration of the Zionists.


Fascist says Rabbi Meir Kahane (from Israel).

The Zionist flag, Kahane.


Animation: fist.


Leaflets with a political platform Kahane.

Large photo girls.

Kahane book "Our challenge".


Said the rector of the Jewish Theological Academy in Budapest rabbi Ёzhev Schweitzer.

One of the leaders of the Federation of Jewish cultural societies of Argentina.

Says Argentine writer Ruben Sinai.

Aron says Byrd.

Posters; Demonstrators Zionists.

Meeting of the Zionists.

The Presidium comes a man in a hat (he vowed not to remove it until the Soviet Jews will not get "freedom").

Jews are fighting for the freedom of women (women are in their pajamas and with chains, and women behind the wire).


From Kiev says Isaac Fuchs, studying at the Jewish Theological Academy in Budapest.

Reel №3

USSR. Book.

Those men in the lobby; in the hall on the readers' conference book "White Paper" prepared by the Anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet Public conjunction with the Association of Soviet Lawyers in Moscow.

Says Arsene small (recently returned to his homeland).


Book, notepad.


Says the chairman of the Jewish religious community in Prague B. Geller.



USA. New York City.

The streets of the city.

Signs, shop, machine.

People on the street.


TV screen.

Says the man on the street.

Studios Jessica Savitch (American newscaster woman); D. Savic.

The streets of the city.


Banner, Kahane.

The speaker on the podium.

Demonstrators stand-Zionists.


Says Monica.


Photo on the table.

Says Israeli lawyer Felicia Langer, a member of the Communist Party of Israel, serving as the defender of Palestinian victims of the occupation in 1967


Demonstration of Sephardic and Falashas - black Jews in Israel.

Are female.

Israeli soldiers; disperse the crowd.


Says M. Kahane.

Protesters throw stones.


The child, a crowd of people.

Children throw and smash toy weapons (machine guns, tanks).

Broken toys.

Hands break a toy gun.

On the podium goes "man in the hat."