Ulof Palme. Why?.... (1986)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Skitovich V.

Script writers: Zubko M.

Operators: Kolobrodov A.


The film about the Prime Minister of Sweden Ulof Palme, the attempt to detect the reason of this politician's murder. He has always supported the idea of peace , equality of all people of the world.

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Temporary description

The film tells the Olaf Palme - Prime Minister of Sweden: the type of place where Olof Palme was killed, arrest the alleged murderer, an interview with Swedish television in Moscow, Rolf Hanesona (synchronously). Types of Stockholm, a monument of Olof Palme, Olof Palme's funeral. The film includes newsreels, captured by Olof Palme, socio-political movement in Sweden in the mid 60-ies, Olof Palme, a meeting with Kosygin, Willy Brandt.

Reel №1

Swedish newspaper with a photo of Prime Minister Olof Palme, Sweden - MS.

Photo: CU.ov on the pavement - CU.

Olof Palme murder scene - LS.

In the paper wrapped flowers - CU.

In place of the Olof Palme murder throw flowers - LS., Hitting.


Passing "ER» - CU.

The machine trays wounded - MS. PNRM.

Spend arrested - MS. PNRM.

Scene - LS., Departure.

Passes Olof Palme - MS., Various.


PNRM. with correspondents in the Olof Palme - MS.

Photo: Olof Palme smiles - CU., Departure.

Photo: Flowers in a pool CU.ovi Olof Palme (at the murder scene) - CU.

Rolf Hanson - Swedish television correspondent in Moscow in the editing - MS., LS., Hitting, speaks of the Olof Palme (synchronously in Swedish) - MS.


Rally and demonstration in Stockholm against the U.S. war in Vietnam - different.

American embassy in Sweden - LS.

Sneaked a poster - MS.

Olof Palme, the wives and mothers of American soldiers who were taken prisoner in Vietnam - different.

Acts Olof Palme (synchronously in Swedish) - MS.

Photo Olof Palme in the Swedish newspaper - MS., Departure.

Meetings Olof Palme (as prime minister) with the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR AN Kosygin, Federal Chancellor of Germany V. Grandtom, Federal Chancellor of Austria B. CU.ayskim - different., PNRM.

Photo: Olof Palme, greets people - CU.

Reel №2

Newsreel 80's.:

Demonstration at the barbed wire military base - commonly., Departure.

Killed - kr.

Acceleration demonstration - Society.

Wanted family photos - cf.

Posters - Misc.

Pass demonstrators - different.

Doll - kr.

Bear wounded - Wed

A demonstrator wearing a gas mask - cf.

Members founded in 1980, "Palme Commission, which dealt with issues of" security for all ", at the table - different.

Stockholm - Various.