And an Exciting Word of the Motherland is Heard. (1986)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Yurina T.

Script writers: Kramarskiy E.

Operators: Nikonov V.


About the need to know the past of Soviet country, its culture. D.S.Likhachev (a Soviet Academician) is sharing his reflections.

Culture and Arts

Temporary description

A film about traditions of Russian literature and the problem of preserving cultural values. In the movie sound clips from the works of F. Tyutchev, E. Baratynsky, M. Tsvetaeva, fragments of notes by M. Lomonosov, E. Dashkova, N. Rumyantsev. In the film, giving interviews (synchronous): academician DS Likhachev, a journalist EN Elshov, a resident of the village Kevrola AI Podrezova, a schoolboy from Yelabuga Ildar Haris and others. Children on the ruins of the old house. The boy gets out of the ruins of an ancient book. Portraits of M. Lomonosov, AN Rumyantsev. Icons. Masters restore old books. Personnel chronicles the 1920-1930, the city: the destruction of monuments and churches, the parade of athletes, people on the street. City of Moscow. Warehouse paper. Youth on the street.

Reel №1

A book is burning.

Panorama of schoolchildren opening the wooden gates.

Panorama of the frame of the old destroyed house.


The boy is holding a cast-iron kettle.

Panorama of the boys at the house ruins of a.

A child is putting a spoon into his pocket.

Panorama of the boy taking an old books from the ruins.

Panorama of an old icon.

Portraits by Russian artists.

Portrait of the great Russian scientists M. Lomonosov.

Panorama of the halls of N.P. Rumyantsev’s Estate Museum.

Panorama of a chandelier.

Books on the shelves.

Panorama of the portraits of N.P. Rumyantsev.

A ray of light is illuminating icons.

Panorama of the stairs.


Panorama of the restoration of old books.

Portrait of Nikolay Petrovich Rumyantsev (collector of ancient manuscripts, who did a lot for the Russian patriotic education).

Panorama of cast-iron fences.

Panorama of hands opening a book.

Panorama of an old woman turning over the pages of an ancient book; speaking.

An ancient book.

Newsreel of the 1930-s.

Panorama of a church dome being thrown down.

A temple is being exploded.


Athletes on the stadium.

Living pyramid.

People at the mass meeting.

Academician D.S. Likhachev is speaking.

Hands are holding glasses.

Panorama of the books covered by polyethylene in the depository.

A hand is wiping the show-case with the books of Balmont, F. Sologub and other writers of the beginning of the XX century.

Reel №2

Panorama of waste paper being unloaded from the truck.

Waste paper store-house.

Journalist E.N. Yelshov is speaking.

Panorama of sheaves of paper in the store-house.



The audience is applauding.

Typist is at work.

Waste paper store-house, paper on the moving conveyer.

Hands are typing.


A hand is pulling a sheet of paper from the printing machine.

Printer’s sheet.

Panorama of the young people singing in the street.

Panorama of the hands beating the rhythm on the drums.

A young man is singing.

People are standing and listening.

Hippies are standing and explaining slang expressions.

Panorama of a militia man among the young people.

Panorama of a young man speaking, a girl is smoking.

A hand is clearing the wall from the moss.

A boy is speaking about poetry and poets.

Panorama of hands lying on the desk.

Panorama of the memorial plaque on the house where the Russian poetess Marina

Tsvetayeva used to live.

A boy is standing and watching.

Children are going up the stairs.

Panorama of a landscape, a wooden church (summer).

Children are sitting on the roof.

Panorama of flying cranes.

Panorama of a summer landscape, a river and a field.