Polesye - the Woodlands. Everyday Life of One Region.. (1987)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Ovcharenko G.

Script writers: Ovcharenko G.

Operators: Semin V.

Anouncers: Khukhlaev D.


About the problems and troubles of the Baranovichi District of the Brest Region (Byelorussia).

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Temporary description

The farm State farm complex "Mir" Baranovichi district, Brest region, poultry farm, pig, cattle-breeding complexes, apiary, Stud. Fodder. Processing and bottling kumis line state farm plant. Line for the production of meat stew in the shop canning factory farm "Zarya". Harvesting wheat harvesters in the fields of Baranovichi district. Harvest Festival. Kindergarten experimental base of the Free Chernikhov. Children eat, bathe in the pool. Opening a new school in the village of "Pearl. Students are standing with flowers. First-graders handed primers. Interview First Secretary of District Party Committee Baranovichi NV Dominican on specialization in livestock farming area, addressing the socio-cultural program in a residential district townships (synchronously). Interview Director of Experimental construction base Baranovichi District LA Oliferko on construction.

Reel №1

Panorama of a birch tree at the lake.

Panorama of a field landscape.

The First Secretary of the District Committee of the Communist Party of the Baranovichi District of the Brest region Nikolay Vladimirovich Domenikan is walking in the field.

A stork is standing on the rocky soil.

Domenikan is in the office, speaking.

Panorama of a field landscape.

Flax in the fields (in shocks).

A flock of sheep is pasturing in the field.

N.V. Domenikan and the Head of the Experimental Construction Base L.A. Oliferko are at the construction of the complex.

Panorama of N.V. Domenikan with the chairman of the collective farm is in the field.

A tractor is operating in the field.

Panorama of N.V. Domenikan and L.A. Oliferko at the complex “Mir” [“Peace”] in the cow-shed.

Panorama of a poultry farm.

Eggs on the production line.

Panorama of the pig-breeding complex (from the inside).

A sow with piglets.

Fodder conservation.

A bulldozer at the fodder conservation.

Buildings and facilities of the collective farm complex “Mir”.

The head of the combine state farm “Mir” A.N. Duduk is speaking.

Panorama of the state farm complex building.

An operator at the control panel of the complex.

Panorama of bull-calves at the farm.

Panorama of silage towers.

Panorama of the complex facilities.

Panorama of buckwheat fields with beehives.

Panorama of bees on the buckwheat flowers.

Panorama of the apiary.

Honey is flowing.

Panorama of a man gathering mushrooms in the forest.

Panorama of a basket full of mushrooms.

A man is cutting down a mushroom.

Tinned stewed meat production line at the canning plant.

A cart is going along the road.

Panorama of a horse-drawn mowing-machine.

The stud farm building.

Panorama of a dairymaid at the stud farm.

Panorama of koumys (a yogurt-like drink of horse milk) processing line.

Panorama of L.A. Oliferko with builders.

Panorama of the construction ground.

Oliferko is speaking.

Construction of the complex.

Panorama of silage towers.

A herd of cows at the pasture.


Flax –picking in the field.

Oliferko is speaking.

A field landscape.

N.V. Domenikan is in the car, speaking.

Panorama of combine harvesters at wheat harvesting.

Panorama of grains falling.

Panorama of a man holding ears of wheat.

Wheat field.

A road.

Panorama of a herd of cows in the pasture.

N.V. Domenikan is driving in the car.

Corn harvesting.

Reel №2

Panorama of a lake landscape.

Birches on the riverbank.

N.V. Domenikan is fishing.

Panorama of the lake.

Panorama of a field landscape.

A sheaf near the scene, harvest festival.

Panorama of a pie being offered to N.V. Domenikan.

Panorama of sheaves at the Harvest Festival.

Children are being treated with the festive round loaf.

Panorama of children’s faces at the Festival.

Autumn leaves on the branches of trees.

Panorama of the Communist Party District Committee workers at the construction of a nursery school.

Panorama of N.V. Domenikan during the subbotnik [a day of voluntary unpaid job], speaking.

Panorama of the nursery school building under construction.

Children in the pool.

Children are having dinner in the nursery school.

Panorama of pupils going to school.

Panorama of pupils standing with flowers.

Panorama of senior high school students giving ABC books to the kids.

First-grade pupils are standing.

Panorama of first-grade pupils being led to school.

N.V. Domenikan is speaking.

Panorama of first-grade pupils in the classroom.

Panorama of trees.

Streets of the small town “Zhemchuzhny” [“Pearl”].

Panorama of playing children.

A car driver.

N.V. Domenikan is in the car, speaking.

Streets of the village.

Panorama of a field landscape.

Panorama of a stork flying over the field.