The USSR-Finland: a Bridge Into the Future.. (1987)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Makhnach L.

Operators: Lovkov V.


About the official visit of Nikolay Ryzhkov (a Soviet Statesman) to Finland.

Foreign policy


Temporary description

The official visit of a member of the Politburo, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR NIRyzhkov in Finland.

Reel №1

Coastal, island in the sea.

Boulders on the beach.

City on the shore.


Airport to Helsinki.

Flags of the USSR and Finland.

Plane taxis.

By plane descends arrived at the invitation of the Government of Finland Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers Nikolai Ryzhkov.

Soviet guests are met: Finnish President Mauno Koivisto, the President of Parliament Erkki Pyustunen, Prime Minister Kalevi Sorsa.

The solemn ceremony.


The building of the Presidential Palace.

NI talks Ryzhkov M. Koivisto.


Mining and Processing Plant in Kostomuksha (USSR) (built with the participation of Finnish companies and Finnish workers).

Soviet and Finnish builders at work.

There is a conveyor with ore.

Moving trolley.

Appearance Metallurgical Plant "Rautaruukki", created with the participation of Soviet specialists in the Finnish city of Rage.

Nuclear power plants.

Power lines.

Finnish port.

Shipbuilders at work pass.

A person working.

Hands make notes on the chart.

Timber in the Saimaa Canal, reconstructed Soviet and Finnish workers.

Finnish and Soviet flags on the masts.

Another vessel in the channel.


Persons working.

The car leaves the shop.

A worker checks the car.

Mark and emblem of the car "Lada".

Helsinki from the sea.

Frozen Gulf of Finland.

On the highway in the woods is a column of vehicles.

NI Ryzhkov lays wreaths on the graves of Finnish statesmen JK Paasikivi and WK Kekkonen (at Hietaniemi cemetery).


Meeting JK Paasikivi and WK Kekkonen - talking in the office, out of the building, pass through the park.

Helsinki night.

Snow-covered city.

NI Ryzhkov and his entourage visiting the palace "Finland".

NI Ryzhkov looking photo album of the palace.

Hands leaf album.

Hall of the palace.


NI Ryzhkov says goodbye with the administration of the palace.

Reel №2

Snow-covered streets of Helsinki.


Electronic scoreboard on the streets.

Ice on the river.

Motor ships in the ice.

Passers-by on the streets.

Sculptural group "Three smith" in the square.

Snow-covered streets.

Shipyard "Wärtsilä" in Turku.

NI Ryzhkov and others.


Are working.

Running tap.

Unfinished Soviet ship "Transshelf."

Soviet flag.

Says Deputy Director General of concern "Vfrtsilya" Ludwig Lindros.

NI Ryzhkov and members of the Soviet delegation at the car factory.

Work at the controls.

Working in the shop, talk, at work.

Welders at work.

NI Ryzhkov in the factory shop-ferrous metals.

Shop factory.

Machines on a snow-covered street.

The building of the company "Raysion Tehtaat."

Stand with the finished product (processing plant production).

Shop factory.


Rolls finished feed.

The operator at the control panel.

Members of the Soviet delegation to the factory shop.

Powered packaging machine.

Finished products on the shelves.

Autocar drives the warehouse.

The Soviet delegation in the shop company for the production of shoes "Aura kenkyatehdas."

Cutting machine, the girls at work.

Stand with shoes.

Girls boots placed in the box.

Street of the city.

Shop factory electronic equipment "Nokia".

Girls at work.

Electronic engineering.

NI Ryzhkov factory, listens to explanations of the leaders of the firm.

Girl - picker at work.

Reel №3

Shop factory "Nokia".

Hands and faces of young workers.

Detail of machine-gun.

Electronic machine.

CEO says the company "Nokia" Kari Kairamo (in the office).

NI Ryzhkov et al.

In the shop; woman presents NI Ryzhkov flowers, greets him in the Finnish language.

Streets and squares Helsinki.

Members of the Soviet delegation to enter the hall Reception House of the State Council.

NI talks Ryzhkov and Kalevi Sorsa.

NI Ryzhkov and Kalevi Sorsa signed intergovernmental agreements, exchange documents.

Minister of Foreign Trade BI Aristov and Minister of Foreign Trade of Finland Lane - sign a protocol on mutual deliveries of goods.

Cars in the snow.

The building where he lived VI Lenin, the door opens.

Apartment Museum VI Lenin in Helsinki: kitchen, bathroom.

Monument (bust) VI Lenin in Turku.

Members of the Soviet delegation to lay flowers at the monument.

Photo: VI Lenin; VI Lenin and others.

Revolutionary leaders; document granting of Finland's independence.

City in the snow.

Hall press center.

NI Ryzhkov speaks at a press conference.

Journalists write.

Book NI Ryzhkov in Finnish.

Soviet and Finnish flags.

Seeing the Soviet delegation at the airport.