Kamal Jublat.. (1987)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Andreev A.

Operators: Kuznecov I.


About the chairman of the Progressive Socialist Party, the leader of national patriotic forces of Lebanon, a prize-winner of the International Lenin award "For strengthening of peace between peoples" Kamal Jublat.

Foreign policy

Temporary description

The film is dedicated leader and founder of the Progressive Socialist Party of Lebanon, the leader of the national-patriotic forces of Lebanon Kamal Jumblat. They talk about K. Jumblatt (simultaneously in English and Arabic) K. Chamoun (former President of Lebanon), prime minister of Lebanon R. Karami, son of K. Jumblatt - V. Jumblatt, Ghazi and others. Photos K. Jumblat for different years. The former residence of K. Jumblatt. Newsreels. K. Jumblatt next to a man in the car. Photos on the assassination of K. Jumblatt March 16, 1977. Newsreel. Funeral K. Jumblatt, there V. Jumblatt. The shattered car, a man fires a gun. Grave K. Jumblatt. Laying flowers. Reception W. Jumblatt. V. Jumblatt talks with a visitor. Attempted V. Jumblat: police are V. Jumblatt and his wife, burning cars. Landscapes of Lebanon: ocean surf, mountains, fog in the valley, cedar trees on the mountainside. Children put the cedars of Lebanon. Destroyed homes. Children play in the war. One of the episodes of the Civil War in Lebanon: burning machine, decomposed body, people are fleeing. Flying military aircraft. Aircraft carriers at sea. Museum. The fortress in Sidon. Obituaries in the walls of ruined houses. A man builds a house.

Reel №1

Plate on the grave of a prominent Lebanese politician, leader and founder of Progressive Socialist Party Kamal Jumblatt.

Photos K. Jumblatt different years.

Lebanese city.

A woman with a baby, standing in the street, tells K. Jumblatt.

Former Lebanese President Camille Chamoun in his office says K. Jumblatt.

The waves of the Mediterranean Sea splash on the rocks.

Snow-capped mountains, the cedars.

Fog in mountain valley.

Destroyed houses.

Children run with toy machine guns, run into the house of the stairs, play war.

The civil war in Lebanon: people are fleeing; burning car; passing cars, tanks with people.

People in cars.

Elderly man on the street tells K. Jumblatt.

The village in a mountain valley.

Country residence K. Jumblatt.

The house where he lived K. Jumblatt, on the hillside.


Desk, bust VI Lenin on the table.

Reel №2

Lebanese Prime Minister Rashid Karami in his office says K. Jumblatt.

Photos group of public figures.


Photo Walid Jumblatt, the son of K. Jumblatt.

V. Jumblatt tells about his father in his office in the city of Mukhtar.

Photos on the presence of K. Jumblatt in the USSR and the other about it.

Boat in the sea.

The mountains in the snow, the sun over the mountains.


The museum exhibits in Bucklin - guns on the wall.

Castle in Saida sea.

The consequences of war - decomposed corpses.

Said the young man, who lost in the Civil War his father and mother.

Ruined house, overgrown with poppies.

Obituaries on the wall.

Destruction in the city.

Eternal Flame.

Newsreel 18 March 1977 g .: K. Jumblatt goes with the old man, a Muslim; in the car.

Machine, broken after the assassination of K. Jumblatt, bullet marks on the glass.

Photo murdered K. Jumblatt.

Funeral K. Jumblatt: go and crying women in mourning. V. Jumblatt at the funeral of his father.

Carry the coffin; fire a gun.

Newspapers with obituary K. Jumblatt.

The soldier on the street says K. Jumblatt.

Reel №3

Classes on political training of young people holds the head of the youth movement Ghazi Saap, listening in the hall.

A young man with a rifle.

1982 American aircraft carriers at sea.

Fly military aircraft.

Aboard the battleship "New Jersey", from which bombed Lebanon.

Lebanese girls face.

Exploded shell.

Children stand in a stabilizer of the projectile.

Sheikh, sitting in the car, tells the story of K. Jumblatt.

Photo by K. Jumblatt.

Del, the chamber; Christian rite: the boys dressed in white carry candles.

People on the street.

Home, forest road on a hillside.

On the winter road going car.

Suburban Beirut builds a wall around the house.

Woman on the street says K. Jumblatt.

Mukhtar was: V. Jumblatt in his adopted talking with visitors; Visitors at the reception.

Attempt W. Jumblatt: car lights; Police are V. Jumblatt, his wife. V. Jumblatt said in his office.

Pass V. Jumblatt and sheikhs.

Men lay flowers on the grave of K. Jumblatt.

Cedars on the slope of a snow-covered mountains.

Children plant cedars on the mountain.

Face and hands of the Lebanese boy.